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Hardik Pandya price is a popular cricketer who is part of the India national team and also plays for the Baroda club. Hadrik was born on 10/11/1993 in the Indian city of Surat. His father, Himanshu, ran a small car sales business. When the boy was 5 years old, his parents closed the family business and moved to the larger city of Vadodara. Here, children had more opportunities to develop their sports career. The boys were trained at the Kiran Mor cricket academy.

Hadrik proved to be one of the best players in the junior league, thanks to which he was the winner in many matches. But, due to the fact that the boy had a complex expressive character and could not restrain his excessive emotionality, he was expelled from the team. In 2013, the guy became a player in the Baroda team.

Domestic career

In 2013, the guy became a player in the Baroda team.  It was thanks to him that the club became the winner of the championship, and the guy himself received the award of the best player of the season. Before the IPL 2022 auction, the athlete left the club in Mumbai and became a member of the Gujarat Titans, where he received the captain’s position. With his participation, the club received the IPL title for the first time.

Hardik Pandya

International career


On January 27, 2016, the first match of the 22-year-old Pandya was held as part of the Indian national team in the Twenty20 International Cup. The young athlete won 2 wickets against the Australian team.

During the game for the Asian Cup, Hadrik broke 31 goals, thanks to which the Indian team was able to significantly outpace the Bangladesh team. And in the duel with Pakistan, the guy showed his best result – 3 out of 8, thereby helping his country win the coveted victory. Pandya showed his personal best in the 3rd and final tournament of the Twenty20 International against Great Britain in 2018. Composition rates 4 out of 38 in bowling.

In 2021, Hadrick joined India’s squad for the upcoming ICC World Championship. But the athlete could not meet the expectations of the coaches and his many fans. In the duel with Pakistan, he scored only 11 points, India lost by 10 wickets. And although in the next match with New Zealand he had 23 successful serves, the team was eliminated from the World Cup. The victory over the outsiders (Afghanistan, Scotland, Namibia) did not improve the team’s position in the tournament ladder. Due to such unsatisfactory results, Pandya dropped out of the T20I.

In 2022, the man became the captain of the Indian national team, which was to face Ireland. On July 7, 2022, Hadrick received his first half-century at the T20 International Championship against Great Britain. In this match, Pandya took 4 wickets, scored 51 runs with 33 balls. Such performance allowed him to become the first Indian player to take 4 wickets in a single international match.

ODI career

On 10/16/2016, the first match of Padya in One Day International took place. It was a duel between India and New Zealand. In this match, he scored 36 runs with 32 balls. In the final of the championship in June 2017, Hadrik hit 43 goals, and thus led his team to the coveted victory.

In 2017, he was honored to participate in Cricinfo at ODI. In 2019, he participated in the Cricket World Cup as part of the Indian national team. The match against the West Indies, which took place in June 2019, was the 50th ODI in the player’s career.

Test career

In 2016, Hadrick became a member of India’s test team for home games against Great Britain. But due to an injury in training, he could not defend the honor of the country. Later, the man was included in the team that made the train around Sri Lanka. In these matches, Pandya set his personal best as the first Indian batsman to win a Test century. This century was his first in international cricket.


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