Cost To Install Vinyl Plank Per Square Foot 2021

Cost To Install Vinyl Plank

If you are looking for a flooring material that is cheap, durable, and easy to install, vinyl may be the best material for your project. The colors, styles, and patterns cost to install vinyl plank flooring vary greatly. So, it is waterproof and can be placed in any space of the house together with the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. It may float on the concrete or stick to the substrate of your choice.

The price of vinyl flooring varies greatly. National prices range from $600 to $2,000, with most of them paying around $1,400 for 200 square feet. High-grade vinyl flooring panels for professional use. The very cheap price of this project is around 200 square feet ($400). The best price is $2,800 for 200 square feet. Background of vinyl tiles.

Cost to install vinyl plank flooring

Installation costs of vinyl flooring

National average cost $1,400

Average range $600-$2,000

Minimum spending $ 400

Maximum fee $2,800

Cost to install vinyl plank flooring (per square foot)

The thickness, finish, style, shape, and installation methods of vinyl flooring are extremely wide. Therefore, prices vary greatly. The price of a vinyl sheet is very cheap, at $1 per square foot, and in the best case, you will notice that the price of a luxury vinyl sheet is $12 per square foot. After installation, the price is expected to be between 2 and 14 US dollars per square foot.

Average price per square foot of floor size (materials only)

100 square feet $100-$1,200

200 square feet $200-$2,400

300 square feet $300-$3,600

500 square feet $500-$6,000

1,000 square feet $ 1,000-$ 12,000

cost to install vinyl plank flooring classification

There are many varieties of vinyl flooring, which will affect its appearance and placement. This will collectively affect the price of your project in terms of materials and installation. In each type, you will notice many changes in thickness, quality, and style:

Type average price (material only)

Thin plate $1- $2/sq.ft.

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) $3- $5/square foot

Plank $3- $7/sqft

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) $5-$10/sqft

LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) $5-$12/sqft

The value of vinyl flooring

This flooring is one of the least expensive materials in all flooring. Vinyl tissue can be rolled or divided into six or 12-inch comprehensive pre-cut paper. Considering the type, it should be wholly pasted, or only the edges should be rounded. It is seamless, so it is your most suitable choice in wet areas (such as toilets). The price is between 1-2 dollars per square foot.

Vinyl tile floor prices

VCT has many layers and is designed to be strong. Vinyl tiles can be pasted with adhesive, or some designs can be click-locked to be fixed on the floating floor. Vinyl tiles come in many sizes, patterns, and thicknesses. So, it is more durable and has a longer service life than the agent tiles and more expensive tiles. Also, Expect to pay 3 to 5 dollars per square foot.

Vinyl plank flooring cost

Like vinyl tiles, vinyl boards have various thicknesses. So, thicker materials are more expensive but easier to insert. Also, the plank is designed to click on the very floating floor. So, the skinny plank is challenging to put in this way to increase your installation price significantly. Also, the plank is waterproof, can float on the concrete, and can look natural. So, their prices range from 3 to 7 dollars per square foot.

The price of luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles or LVT may be high-quality vinyl flooring. So, it is thicker than traditional vinyl, has decorative patterns, and many realistic stone or wood appearances. Also, high-grade vinyl usually has a thicker wear layer on higher ester products. For ordinary vinyl flooring, your floor can still look taller after prolonging its service life for many years. So, the price of high-end vinyl tiles ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot, depending on their size and style.

Luxury Cost to install vinyl plank flooring

Luxurious vinyl planks are better quality vinyl flooring materials. So, this is usually a thicker plank with a usable coating on it. A lot of realistic wood-grain appearances may make your floor look like natural hardwood. So, it will lock during installation and may float on any substrate. Also, Depending on the color, style, and size of the board, the price ranges from 5 to 12 dollars per square foot.

The average cost of various types of vinyl flooring

All sheet vinyl materials include a backing, which changes the installation method. There are some main types of backing: felt and covering material. They create a beautiful and sturdy floor, but no matter what floor you place, you can modify it, and you can get rid of it.

So, the cost of felt backing and covering material backing vinyl flooring.

Base price per square foot

Feels $1-$1.50/sqft

Fiberglass $1-$2/sqft

Felt vinyl flooring

Felt is an older type with many ancient backings. To put it in, the adhesive must be applied to the entire back of the sheet. Then roll it into place with the air mass to eliminate any gaps. Installation is more complex and takes a long time, but it is more difficult and expensive to get rid of it. Also, vinyl adhesives will become stronger with age and the longer the time. So, the harder it is to urge to keep copies. Due to adhesives, it is not recommended to use them below the floor, such as in the basement. So, its price is about $1 to $1.50 per square foot.

Fiberglass Adhesive Floor

Vinyl backed by fiberglass is relatively new, readily available, and easy to insert. Paste it only around the edges, leaving it in the middle. So, could you put it in and remove it faster? Due to the lack of adhesive, it is easy to bend in the center, but it can be used anywhere in the basement without problems. Also, the estimated price is US$1 to US$2 per square foot.

Vinyl floor value (according to production method)

The color or pattern on the vinyl floor is formed in two ways. It can be written or decorated with the highest coating of tiles. Each provides a realistic appearance, high-quality style, but you want to master some changes to ensure you get the right floor.

Printed vinyl flooring

The colors and patterns of the printed vinyl floor are written on paper. Incorporate the paper into the top layer of vinyl below the facing surface layer. Printing has various ranging quality levels, some of which provide patterns and a more realistic appearance. Its price is 1 to 5 dollars per square foot.

Inlaid vinyl flooring

Vinyl inlaid flooring is formed by passing colored particles through the highest layer of vinyl. Compared with admired floors, this method provides a lot of detail, depth, and texture to the ground. This is usually the fabric in LVT and luxury wood flooring. In addition, it can accurately reproduce patterns such as wood or stone.

The cost of vinyl flooring, in full

There are some brands and manufacturers of vinyl flooring. Some are specific to one type, while others are more well-known for specific patterns or fashions. Your installer may argue that the brand is better than other brands, mainly to make the installation cleaner. Here are the typical prices per square foot for some of the most popular fashion brands.

Brand cost to install vinyl plank flooring

Shaw $1-$6/sqft

Armstrong $1-$12/sqft

Tarkett $1- $13/sqft

Stainmaster $1- $15/sqft

Mohawk $2- $5/sqft

Karndean $2- $6/sqft

COREtec $3- $5/sqft

Mannington $4- $10/sqft

The cost of Shaw vinyl flooring

Shaw may be a wise manufacturer of basic but sturdy vinyl flooring. They specialize in VCT, but they are making some planks. Their cost is relatively cheap, and their quality is very consistent across all products. Their average price is between $1 and $6 per square foot.

Armstrong vinyl floor cost to install vinyl plank flooring

Whether you want to use basic vinyl flooring or advanced LVT, Armstrong can meet your needs. They need a wide variety of goods, as well as several colors, sizes, styles and varieties of vinyl records. Their price range reflects this, with basic tiles starting at $1, while LVT costs as high as $12 per square foot.

Tarkett vinyl floor cost

Tarkett combines various cost to install vinyl plank flooring products. They need a lot of VCT and LVT as well as several other wood panels and luxury wood panels. These include thicker planks and tiles for better guidance and easy insertion. The price of their materials is between $1 and $13 per square foot, depending on the price you observe.

Vinyl wood flooring installation price

Vinyl wood flooring is easy to insert. Also, it is designed to lock together without adhesives or fasteners, so it can be dropped quickly. The thicker the fabric, the better the effect of putting it in because the media material must be pressed tightly. For wood floors 4 mm or thicker, you are expected to pay 1-2 US dollars per square foot, and for floors below 4 mm, you will have to pay 3 to 5 US dollars per square foot.

Cost placed in VCT Tile

It is one of the most common types of vinyl flooring. It may come with adhesive backing, which means it can be glued to the substrate and rolled, or it can be click-locked as a floating floor, depending on the manufacturer. Most VCTs are easy to install, although if you choose proxy tiles and build floating floors, the installation price will be higher. Otherwise, the basic installation cost is US$1 to US$2 per square foot, and agency tiles or tiles that are pasted but without adhesive should be US$3 to US$5 per square foot.

Click lock placement cost to install vinyl plank flooring

The price of single-click vinyl flooring is between US$2 and US$5 per square foot. This vinyl floor is made of wood panels, which are interlocked and high at the edges and then flush with the ground.

Generally, it is one of all the better floors, because it usually does not require adhesives, but requires a smooth floor. It hovered above the surface of a specific subfloor rather than connected to it.

Just tear off the unhealthy or broken planks and replace them instead of tearing off the entire floor and removing the adhesive. The vinyl card lock floor is very strong and can withstand important wear and tear even in areas with heavy traffic.

FAQ about the cost to install vinyl plank flooring

What is the difference between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring?

The main difference between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring is the appearance of the fabric. Vinyl flooring is made of organic compounds from PVC, which is a by-product of the crude oil trade. Laminates are made from wood by-products and fiberboard.

Do you want a vinyl floor lining?

Essentially not. Some vinyls come with two carpet pads already built-in, so you don’t need extras. Carpet pads will help reduce noise.

Is vinyl flooring durable?

It is a sturdy product but has a shorter use time than other flooring varieties.

What is the honest thickness of vinyl flooring?

The wear layer advocated by professionals should reach at least 12 million, but if you have pets or young children, the wear layer with a thickness of 20 mm will be very attractive.

Cost to install vinyl plank flooring ending

Although concrete may look solid, it is indeed porous and easy to wet. Therefore, if you want to design an installation on a concrete floor in a place with high humidity, then a moisture-proof layer under the floor is also wise. You will want to pay anything between US$0.15 and US$0.40 per square foot for moisture-proof materials. If it is not a moisture barrier, you will encounter adhesion problems, causing the floor to bend, lift or foam. Although moisture does not damage vinyl, it can damage the adhesive enough to make the wood useless in the presence of excessive moisture.


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