Family Trip to Houston: 7 Ideal Sights to Go With Kids

Ideal Sights

Looking for great ideas for your vacation? Pick up minivan rental Houston and explore the best family-friendly and ideal sights to go with kids locations in Texas’ largest city. Houston has a ton of fun for everyone, and a rental car is the best way to enjoy it. 

Here you will find great ideal sights and entertainment and swimming centers, parks, playgrounds, zoos, as well as museums and other attractions. In general, your children won’t get bored! So, choose one of the following sights to ensure a successful family trip to Houston!

Zuma Fun Center South Houston 

Fun awaits those who decide to visit 15 passenger VAN rental Houston the ideal sight Zuma Fun Center South Houston. Young travelers will enjoy all kinds of entertainment – car rides, boating, carousels, rides, mini-golf, and arcade games

The entire territory of the park is full of beautiful animal figurines that will impress little visitors. Also, there’s a cafe with excellent food in case someone gets hungry.

Houston Zoo 

Don’t miss the Houston Zoo on your family trip, especially if you are traveling on ideal sight with small children. It’s located in the city center, so you can easily get there in a rental car. The Houston Zoo is a rainforest, African savannah, and a dozen other Earth ecosystems available in the heart of the metropolis. Over 6,000 animals live there. Gorillas and elephants, lions and golden tamarins, sea lions and tigers, and many other representatives of the planet’s fauna live in almost natural conditions. 

In addition to the aquarium and African forest pavilion, there’s the Bug House. A children’s petting zoo and an open area for feeding giraffes are also perfect local places. The zoo also hosts interesting master classes and lectures on animals. 

On the way out, you should definitely visit the souvenir shop and buy something to remember this amazing place.

Downtown Aquarium

Little travelers will like another amazing Houston travel destination. We’re talking about Downtown Aquarium. It’s not very large but will impress every visitor. 

The aquarium has five different sectors. The first, called the Louisiana Marshes, is home to animals from the swamps and riverbeds of the Gulf Coast, including alligators, turtles, crayfish, catfish, and frogs. The second sector is called “Shipwreck”. Here you find yourself inside the hull of a sunken Spanish galleon full of coral reefs and sea creatures. In the “Rainforest” section, you can enjoy such marine inhabitants as piranhas and stingrays. The fourth and fifth sectors are dedicated to numerous shark species. 

Stingray feeding is one of the unique shows you shouldn’t miss there. By the way, at the exit from the aquarium, you can find an open-air cage with white Bengal tigers.

Children’s Museum of Houston

Young travelers will be happy to frolic at the Children’s Museum of Houston, which is a true three-story paradise filled with children’s entertainment. Your kids can enjoy a variety of activities, including drawing, making crafts, trampolining, climbing, and shopping. 

The smallest visitors will feel at home in the TotSpot play area. At the same time, older children will be able to explore the 12-meter-high PowerPlay climbing tower and study the energy of water at the FlowWorks exhibition. 

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kidtropolis, where kids can earn money and work in a variety of professions.

Waterwall Park Houston

As one of Houston’s most unique and spectacular landmarks, Waterwall Park sits directly opposite the Williams Tower in the Uptown. The main attraction of the well-groomed park is a large-scale horseshoe-shaped fountain. 

Located on several levels, it’s a whole water city with canal streets, lanes, and lake squares. Locals and guests of the city come there to admire the majesty of the falling water and meditate on its incessant noise. 

It’s also a great idea to have a picnic on the lawns of the park or hide under the shade of one of the 118 oak trees surrounding the fountain. By the way, a visit to Waterwall Park and parking are completely free. So, this is one of the top destinations in Houston to travel with children.

Space Center Houston

The Space Center in Houston has been widely regarded as the brain of the American space mission for nearly 30 years. It’s a real city within a city with almost a hundred objects on an area of ​​over 650 hectares. As the Space Center is located within driving distance from the city, a rental car will be the best way to get there. 

The facility prepares astronauts for flight, manages their work on the ISS, studies space, and develops new models of spaceships and rockets. Today, the Space Center has an extensive educational and entertainment complex with interactive exhibits, scientific and space shows, and an exhibition of space complexes. Adults and children alike enjoy the Center, and for a while completely forget about other entertainment in Houston.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

This is one of the finest museums in the United States and a perfect spot to go with kids. Its collections illustrate the broadest spectrum of human knowledge, from paleontology and mineralogy to history and zoology. 

More than 2 million Americans and foreign travelers visit the museum annually. They come to see dinosaur skeletons and Egyptian mummies, watch the Foucault pendulum, admire the 2,000-carat blue topaz, and explore the solar system in a state-of-the-art planetarium. 

The special pride of the museum is the temporary exhibitions presenting the rarest items from the best museums in the world.

Well, as you can see Houston is an outstanding vacation getaway with great places to visit. Naturally, the list of its family-friendly attractions doesn’t end here. You can always find many more great spots to go, especially if you rent a car. A rental car will allow you to get where you want. Plus, it’s the most convenient way to travel around Houston with kids!


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