How Fast Does Hair Grow- Important Information to Know for Your Hair

How Fast Does Hair Grow

Want to know more about hair growth rates? Want to know How Fast Does Hair Grow?

It is no secret that many girls dream as soon as possible to grow long hair. So, What is the normal rate of hair growth on women’s heads? What can it depend on, and are there ways to accelerate hair growth?

All about the Fast Does Hair Grow

To learn more about the speed of hair growth, it is worth delving into what hair is and how it works. But, each hair grows from the hair bulb. From the outside of the hair is covered with adjacent scales of keratin. Each hair during the life of its life goes through several stages of growth. 

What the rate of hair growth depends on the life cycle of the hair

The rate of hair growth depends directly on the life cycle phase of each hair. Usually define three stages of hair growth:

AnagenAnagen is a growth phase that lasts from 2 to 7 years. At this time, the root and the hair itself are formed. Anagen is responsible for hair growth and its length in women and men. In a young and mature age, when up to 90% of hair is in this stage, they actively grow.

  1. Catagen

When the hair enters this stage, the hair follicle stops dividing. The catagen is a transitional stage and does not last long. According to some reports, about 10 days.

  1. Telogen

The telogen is considered a regression phase. At this stage, the hair falls out. As a rule, it is quickly and painlessly removed with mechanical influence. For example, when washing or combing. Usually, we don’t give it a value because the hair is updated daily. As a rule, the norm is the loss of up to 100 inches a day.

The rate of Fast Does Hair Grow on the head in men and women

The speed of hair growth and their length is affected by the passage time of all three phases. But, the longer the hair goes through these stages, the longer it can grow. If the growth cycle is short, it can be challenging to grow curls to the waist.

On average, the hair on the head goes through all phases of growth 25 times. Interestingly, the passage of hair growth phases in men is more likely. In healthy young women, hair grows much faster – the rate of hair growth can be up to 1 cm per month. Accordingly, women’s hair is more comfortable to grow.

What determines the rate of hair growth

In fact, how fast hair grows depends on many factors.

  1. From hair structure and heredity

Of course, the rate of hair growth depends on their structure. For example, it is believed that Asian hair can add up to 1.5 cm per month in length. This is the highest figure. Curly strands do not grow too well by nature. First, their growth is not apparent because the hairs are twisted. Secondly, more often curly hair breaks because of dryness, not growing to a certain length.

The structure of hair can be inherited from our next of kin, as well as the rate of growth of strands. So maybe if you have long hair in your family, you can grow it.

  1. The rate of hair growth depends on the season

Of course, the rate of hair growth depends on the season. In summer, strands can grow 20 or even 30% faster. The warm air helps to improve circulation, and as a result, growth accelerates. But, In winter, it’s the other way around. By the way, blood circulation worsens if you don’t wear a hat or smoke.

  1. From chemical effects: staining, perms or straightening

Colouring, discoloration, long-term and permanent perms or straightening slow down the rate of hair growth by about 50 mm per month.

Editor’s Tip: To strengthen dyed hair, try the Love Beauty and Planet “Blossoming Color” mask. A two-minute remedy with murumuru oil and a Bulgarian rose extract helps to deeply hydrate, restore and soften damaged strands.

  1. From stress, hormonal background, and the presence of chronic diseases

The physical and psycho-emotional state directly affects the rate of hair growth. So if you notice that growth has slowed or increased fallout, there is no point in postponing it. It is essential to consult a dermatologist or trichologist as soon as possible and identify the cause.

  1. The rate of hair growth depends on the lifestyle

Poor nutrition, dehydration, lack of vitamins and motor activity negatively affect the rate of hair growth. In addition, living in ecologically disadvantaged areas with polluted air and insufficient water can make the situation worse.

How to affect hair growth rate: 5 ways

Does it seem hair can not grow faster, no matter how hard you try? Why not try to strengthen their growth by proven methods.

  1. Proper nutrition

The enrichment of the diet, as well as the consumption of sufficient water, can work wonders. Do you know which products are most useful for speeding up hair growth?

As for vitamins and dietary supplements to strengthen hair growth, it is better to consult a trichologist before using them. In addition, if you sleep enough and get a good night’s sleep, your hair will also start to grow faster.

  1. Thermal Protection

Do you often style your hair without the use of thermal protection? This can slow their growth and increase the fallout due to brittleness.

Editor’s Tip:

 It is best to choose thermal protection for daily styling with a hairdryer or iron. Let’s say it could be a thermal-protective smoothing lotion for the hair of TRESemm’ Thermal Creations. It not only helps to protect curls from high temperatures but also facilitates the process of laying.

  1. Scalp massage

Scalp massage is a reasonably good way to increase circulation, and therefore to accelerate hair growth. By the way, for the same purpose will suit and peeling the scalp.

  1. Homemade masks and rinses with herbs

Salon procedures, of course, are reasonable. However, nothing beats regular home hair treatments. These include masks and rinses with decoctions of herbs. However, before using unfamiliar natural ingredients for hair it is best to consult a dermatologist or trichologist.

It has long been noted that hair growth and their strength are positively influenced by vegetable oils. For example, video blogger Natasha Naffy can tell about their benefits:

Editor’s Advice: 

For example, you can try “Pure Line” brand “Pure Line” “Repei Oil.” The product helps to stimulate hair growth, strengthen the curls along the entire length and give them shine.

  1. How to increase the rate of hair growth? Don’t cut off the oxygen!

What does that mean? The rate at which hair grows is affected by circulation. That nothing tightens the scalp, do not wear tight hairstyles and pressing hairpins. It is best to do free hairstyles before going to bed and regularly comb your hair properly. 

Does hair grow faster after cutting?

Does haircut affect the rate of hair growth? We’re working together! 

For the hair to be well-groomed and grow well, we spare no time, no effort, no means. The truth is that often our hair care interferes with beauty myths. Today we will find out whether the hair grows faster after the haircut and analyze home ways of stimulating growth. 

Do your hair grow faster after a haircut: destroy the myth

Unfortunately, the frequency of haircuts does not affect the rate of hair growth. The haircut ends do not affect the follicles on which hair growth depends. But with its help, it can only eliminate the problem of split ends, which increase the brittleness of hair and deprive them of a neat look. By the way, it is not superfluous to understand the causes of the hair section.

If you visit the hairdresser in time and do not let the hair cut further, you can avoid a more global haircut and grow the length faster. On average, hairdressers advise you to trim the tips every 3-5 months.

Preventing the section will help care for dry and damaged hair: caring shampoos and conditioners, home and salon care. Moreover, it is recommended to use hot styling devices as rarely as possible.

Editor’s Tip: 

Start with primary care. For example, Dove’s anti-split tips shampoo and conditioner reduce the area of the section and prevent further damage. We recommend using the products together to achieve maximum effect.

Also, try an indelible hair tips product, such as Dove Progressive Recovery with a complex of keratins and red algae extract. The nutritional, but not a fatty formula of the product helps to strengthen brittle strands, restore them along the entire length and prevent the appearance of split ends.

So we found out that the answer to the question “does your hair grow faster after a haircut” is negative. Haircut hair does not affect their growth, structure and thickness. These parameters depend, first of all, on heredity and hormonal background. Equally important is lifestyle and diet. 

How to grow your hair faster: simple tips

Unfortunately, a haircut alone will not help to grow hair faster. But compliance with these simple recommendations can:

Hairs are 85 to 90% composed of keratin. Keratin is a protein. If you want your hair to grow faster and be stronger and more elastic, add more protein to your diet. Remember that hair loves the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, greens, fish, olive oil. However, in any case, it is not necessary to drastically change the diet without consulting a doctor.

Say goodbye to iron, flats and tongs. And if you do a festive styling, do not forget about heat protection. 

Eat your hair outside. Make oil masks and wraps. If you want your hair to grow faster, make root masks. For example, growth stimulates turnip and castor oil. The excellent show will be if you heat the oil in a water bath and add to it a little lemon juice, 2 yolks and a spoonful of sour cream. Sour cream can be replaced with honey or a tablespoon of cognac. You can also add a pinch of pepper if you wish, but be careful. 

Editor’s Tip: 

The excellent basis of any oil mask will be the turnip oil “5 in 1” brand Pure Line with chamomile extract.

Give a head massage. After consultation with a trichologist, you can try a course of mesotherapy.

Buy or wear a silk pillowcase. Cotton or flax fibres are, unfortunately, quite abrasive. Silk damages hair much less, which means that they will be less strained and confused. 

How much is the rate of hair loss per day?

The question “What is the rate of hair loss per day?” really excites many women who are used to the fact that hair always stays on clothes, in the shower and on the comb.

And the answer is that the fallout on average about a hundred hairs a day is considered the norm. Sometimes technologists call a more comprehensive range – from 50 to 150 inch. This may be due to the fact that one day you wash or intensively comb your hair, and in the other, you do not. Thus, the loss of a certain amount of hair in women is part of the natural regeneration process.



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