How Nature Can Inspire a Positive Mindset

Nature Can Inspire

Have you ever noticed that your mood lifts when you spend time outdoors? It is not just your imagination; medical and psychological studies show that going out into nature has benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Would you like to know more about how Nature Can Inspire your attitude and outlook? Keep reading to learn some of the smart reasons why you and your loved ones should strap on your hiking boots, hop on your comfort bikes, or paddle out in your kayaks to get up close and personal with the natural surroundings.

The Physical 

Let’s go back to those health benefits. Sure, riding a stationary bike at the gym is good for you, but does it compare to women’s or mens cruiser bikes tooling along the beach or through a park in your town? Research studies indicate that exercising outdoors can lower your body mass index and your heart rate while strengthening your immune system, giving you extra illness-fighting powers. With fresh air and sunlight to boot, your body gets the bonus of better oxygenation and essential vitamin D.

The Mental

Your body needs exercise to function well, but the gains go beyond skin and bones. Getting out into nature is an easy way to turn your mood around, especially if you are prone to anxiety and depression. When working up a sweat or taking an easy stroll, your brain and body work together with each deep breath to lower cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for that stress reaction behind anxiety.

Studies indicate that Nature Can Inspire and enhance memory and help with focus and problem-solving. In addition, your brain must process the change in surfaces and terrain and help your body adapt and react accordingly. You may find that you are more creative after spending time in the great outdoors as well, and those mental benefits can continue long after you come back inside.

The Spiritual

Spirituality is about more than identifying with religion; it is a sense of connection and awareness both to other living things and the natural world around you. As you walk along the edge of a body of water or ride a men’s or womens hybrid bike on a trail through fields or mountains, you may notice your senses heightened. Feeling the breeze or sun on your skin, smelling the fresh flowers or dirt after the rain, listening to the birds chirping or water bubbling – these sensations bring about mindfulness and vitality. In turn, you may feel grateful for being a part of the world in which you live and for the ability and good fortune to experience it.

If you usually spend more of your time indoors, make an effort to step out of your home, office, or comfort zone to get in touch with your natural side. Any change of scenery is better than the same thing day in and day out, and with the many benefits you can have, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate nature into your way of life? You may find that with your newfound motivation, positivity, and creativity, you may want to stay outside as often as and for as long as you can.


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