Tips On Preserving Jewellery For A Longer Time

Preserving Jewellery

Buying jewellery is always a fun shenanigan, but the excitement is overtaken by dread when the same jewellery starts corroding. While many may not know this, it happens under poor storage circumstances. Learn to Preserving Jewellery 

It’s always a shame when any piece of delicate jewellery wears away. Sometimes leaving the jewellery out in the open is a harming factor, while other times, being a little careless does the trick.

You must provide extra care to the delicate jewellery that supports silver or gold polishes. Those are the easiest to tarnish. Besides, a rusty piece of jewellery can cause severe skin irritation. Hence, here are a few effective tips to preserve the stunning pieces of jewellery you buy from the best jewellers in Berwick.

Always Clean Your Jewellery 

The primary element for storing any wearable is cleaning off all the sweat and dirt it carries throughout the day. Most people recoil at whether it will take longer and regard the idea as absurd. But disinfecting jewellery before storing it inside the jewellery box has multiple benefits. 

It can save your skin from becoming a victim to countless infections and bacteria that persists in dirt and sweat. It will also keep your jewellery box clean and save you from the dread of buying new jewellery boxes now and then. 

Store In Separate Compartments- Preserving Jewellery 

Never use a single jewellery box to store multiple pieces of jewellery. It can trigger scratching and corrosion, making all your jewellery lose its shine and colour. Some of the details might intertwine and showcase a combination of various tints of colour. 

Storing jewellery in different compartments will help you locate any piece you want to wear in a shorter period. Doing that will make you more organised and save more space for additional articles you might want to buy. 

Alright boxes, Zip locks, And Anti-tarnish Papers 

Another great hack for storing jewellery is using at right boxes or zip locks that can help preserve the polish of your bijouterie for a long time. Ziplocks don’t allow air within the compartment and save the necklaces and rings from corrosion through oxidation in the open air. 

In addition, you must always use anti-tarnish papers for wrapping your jewellery before storing it in the box. That or an eyeglass cloth is mandatory wrapping material to maintain the shine and colour of any trinkets. 

Things Not To Do When Wearing Jewellery 

You shouldn’t be doing this when supporting some delicate jewellery pieces. 

  • Avoid cooking or being in a very overheated environment. 
  • Don’t go to the gym or take a dip when you’re wearing jewellery that might be sensitive to water or sweat. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to jewellery with heat or light. 
  • Jewellery should be the last wearing entity when you’re dressing up. Never let any trinket be in contact with cosmetic products. 
  • Never clean your jewellery with cold water. Use warm water, mild liquid soap, soft brushes, and a glass bowl to perform the cleansing process. 
  • Don’t use any cloth other than a metal polishing cloth for removing tarnish


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