Top 10 Instagram Video Editing Tools 

Instagram Video Editing Tools 

Initially, Instagram started with photos. When the active users of Instagram began to increase steadily, the platform has undergone many changes. Today, you have Instagram stories, videos, IGTV, and Instagram reels. Videos are more engaging, more eye-catching, and more informative. More than 500 million users watch Instagram videos every day. If you want to make sure that you utilise the benefits of a vast audience, your videos should be of the best quality. Using the best Instagram video editing tools is highly recommended to create the best videos. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Instagram video editing tools –

1. InVideo: 

InVideo is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to create videos in minutes for your Instagram post. You can use this tool in three different ways. 

  • There are more than 2000 templates. You can select one and create a video in an instant.
  • You can use the text to video option in which you can upload your media files and script.
  • If you don’t want to use readymade templates, you can start from scratch. 

Its most unique feature is IVA or Intelligent Video Assistant that is the first-ever in the world. It checks colour, speed, text alignment, and many more and gives suggestions for improvement. 

The best thing about InVideo is its ‘Free plan’ scheme. It gives you access to all features, and you are allowed to export up to InVideo-watermarked videos. The users can try all the tool features and create numerous videos before deciding if they want to go for paid plans. 

2. Adobe Premiere Rush: 

It is an all-in-one powerful video editing tool that helps to create a professional-looking video. The drag and drop option makes it easier to arrange videos, graphics, audios, and photos. You have many editing options like adding music, enhancing colour, adding stickers, adjusting speed, creating zoom effects, etc. You can enjoy the creative flexibility as you can add multiple video tracks as much as you want with picture-in-picture and split-view options. 

It is tailor-made for sharing in social media as it can be resized by changing aspect ratios. You can use it for free unless you want to use additional premium features and the premium content library. 

3. Animoto: 

It is easy to use that you don’t need expertise, knowledge, and experience to create videos using this tool. It is a drag-and-drop video maker that helps to create professional custom videos with intuitive templates. It is recommended to have several videos or photos and make an Instagram video with them. There are hundreds of slideshow styles to choose from. You can add text and music and post it. Videos for up to 10 minutes are free. However, free video creation is available only for Instagram feeds and not for IGTV and stories. 

4. Wondershare Filmora:

It is a good option if you want a simple video or if you are a starter. Video editing is made easier with Wondershare Filmora. It has all features like audio, text, emoji, filters, special effects, and backgrounds. Making videos can be fun with this tool. You have a keyframe tool to make adjustments in speed, direction, and orientation. You have many colour filters to choose from to make your video stand out. 

There are thousands of music beats to choose from. You can add one of them or use your own. There is a huge variety of fonts and text styles. You can make your videos funny with the help of emojis and stickers. Videos created are smooth with no pauses and lags.

5. WeVideo:

It is a cloud-based video editing tool that has over a million pieces of videos, images, and soundtracks. It is an easy-to-use basic video editing tool with lots of features. It has an excellently intuitive interface. The layering of extra video, images, sound, and text is effortless with WeVideo. It has both free and paid plans. The free version comes with a watermark. Its primary disadvantage is the cloud storage of 10 GB is not enough for creating multiple videos. 

6. Wave:

It is also a cloud-based video editing tool. It is for making square videos for Instagram. So it is a popular video editor tool among Instagram users. You can choose a video from the stock of millions of videos available on all topics or use your video. It has a text overlay function that makes sure your message is delivered even if the viewers mute the music. You can create stunning videos easily with Wave for Instagram and increase your reach and engagement. 

7. Foodie:

Do you want to make short one-minute food videos for Instagram? Then Foodie is an ideal tool. It has several live filters, including BBQ, Tropical, Yum, Crispy, Sweet, Fresh, etc. This tool makes your food look delectable. It makes your videos come alive. It is one of the best for people who post food videos and market beverages and food products. The videos are of high quality, and the filters give a natural look to food. 

8. Clipomatic:

It is a smart video editing tool that transcribes whatever you say. Just hit the record button and start talking clearly. All that you say will appear as captions in your recording. Then you can edit your video and create overwhelmingly impressive videos. When you upload the videos on Instagram, you can easily capture the attention of viewers. It is the ideal option for travel videos, tutorials, festival greetings, and vlogs, etc. Speech recognition is supported for more than 40 languages. 

9. InShot:

It is an HD status video editing tool designed to improve the final results of the videos that you want to post on Instagram. It has several features, including video cutting, splitting, and merging. You can zoom in and out videos and crop them in any ratio that you want. It helps to remove any unwanted parts of videos. It allows rotating and flipping of videos. 

10. Movie Maker:

It is a free tool that is available without watermarks. There is an exciting collection of videos, images, and music to create and edit videos. Video creation for Instagram is easy and can be completed in three easy steps. Add videos from various devices like tablets, android phones, iPhone, iPad, and PC. Then add music and effects. The last step is to hit the ‘make’ button. Now your video is ready to upload. 



Video builds trust, boosts conversion, and is a great tool for social media marketing. Video making and editing have never been easier. There is a wide array of video editing tools available. Find the right one to suit your needs. Make your Instagram videos mind-blowing with the right tools. 



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