Zadig & Voltaire Parfums


Two new frangraces by Zadig & Voltaire parfums: this is her! This is him!

Virginia Buffa Photography

Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! and This is Him! fragrances

THIS IS HER! THIS IS HIM! They are the new fragrances by Zadig & Voltaire parfums, black for him, white for her. Imagine an empty apartment in Paris, the balcony window is open and the white curtain is flying through the wind. She just left, you can tell by her scent. This is her! She’s on the back seat of a motorcycle, he’s driving, you can tell by his scent. This is him! Zadig & Voltaire new fragrances are rock’n’roll, casually elegant, french chic, our new favorites. That’s all I know. Xoxo, Irene


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