5 Things About Me

  ·  Outfits

Zara black turtleneck sweater

H&M jeans
Daisy Earrings thanks to Evita Peroni (check out their Sales HERE)
Metal toe cap boots from Asos.com
EN 5 things (you probably don’t know) about me:
1- I am unpredictable… That’s why the other day I was bored, I went out and came back home with this hair color. Anyways…My hair are a work in progress for now, so feel free to tell me how ugly is this nuance.
2- I am kind of a geeky person. I like studying, I like playing video-games especially if I can discuss about them with my boyfriend and lately I started liking japanese anime a lot.
3- I’ve always had a B plan for my life: my secret dream is to open a chiringuito on the beach of a carribean island and spend my days in front of the ocean.
4- I cry too easily… Luckily for me I’ve never had many serious reasons to cry, but that does not mean I don’t. A movie, a song, a poem… I try to hide it but anything can put tears in my eyes.
5- I love changing. Renovating is something I can’t live without. I literally throw in the garbage everything that’s old and no longer useful. I also don’t think that keeping objects related to our memories helps keeping those memories alive. In few words: I like living in the present and I believe that life is a process in which we should be always trying to improve ourselves.

IT 5 cose (che probabilmente non sapete) su di me:
1- Sono imprevedibile… Ecco perchè l’altro giorno ero a casa annoiata, sono uscita, e poi sono tornata a casa con questo nuova tinta. In ogni caso non vi preoccupate, i miei capelli sono in “work in progress” per ora, quindi sentitevi liberi di dirmi che questa nuance è bruttissima.
2- Sono un po’ “geeky”. Mi piace studiare, mi piace giocare ai videogiochi, specialmente se posso discuterne con il mio ragazzo, e ultimamente mi sto appassionando agli anime giapponesi.
3- Ho sempre avuto un piano B per la mia vita: il mio sogno segreto è sempre stato quello di aprire un chiringuito sulla spiaggia di un’isola caraibica e passare le mie giornate di fronte all’oceano.
4- Piango facilmente… Fortunatamente non ho mai avuto molte ragioni serie per cui piangere, ma questo non significa che io non lo faccia. Un film, una poesia, una canzone… Cerco di nasconderlo, ma parecchie cose mi mettono le lacrime agli occhi.
5- Adoro i cambiamenti. Rinnovare è la parola chiave. Butto via letteralmente tutto ciò che è vecchio e non più utile. Allo stesso modo non credo che conservare oggetti legati a dei ricordi ci aiuti a mantenere le nostre memorie vive. In poche parole: mi piace vivere nel presente e credo che la vita sia un processo durante il quale dobbiamo essere sempre concentrati nel migliorare noi stessi.

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  1. Wonderful post. I cry very easily too. I think it’s great to be able to show emotion when a good movie or song hits you. Love this bag!


    1. milano mode says:

      love the parka – something that I wanna wear, too!

      GET IT HERE: http://www.themilanomode.com/

  2. mary rec says:

    tu pelo se ve estupendo, no te preocupes y tu llok me gusta mucho, gracias por contarnos cosas sobre ti.


  3. Carol says:

    nice personal review!! totally love to read this :)


  4. Borjana says:

    You rock,honey!Keep up the good work!
    Have a happy Sunday;-)

  5. Rory says:

    I like this post :).

  6. Mi piace questo colore! Belli anche gli stivaletti e il parka!


  7. You look wonderful! Those boots are amazing 😀 I saw them few times around, always wondered are they comfortable? Anyways, your new hair is really pretty and suits you well :)

    I love your first and fifth facts, just the same applies to me :)


    1. Thank you dear! Well, this specific model is not that comfortable… But they are stunning :)

  8. Vera says:

    Hi thank you for your lovely coment :) you have amazing blog so I follow you on GFC so follow my back :)

  9. Pamela Panek says:

    I follow you now ! you have amazing photos ! :*

  10. Sabina K says:

    Wow amzing photos! You’ve got very nice style i like it! :) And i cry easily too 😀 i followed you :)

  11. the baG girl says:

    bellissimo post, bellissime parole e mi piace anche l’outfit!
    the baG girl

  12. Sabina K says:

    And if you want you can give me your fb i can add you :)

  13. Great pictures and thoughts!!!

  14. Annette K. says:

    Perfect:) Especially the SHOES♥

  15. Bessana Blue says:

    I got the same thing with crying! And I also have my own plan B 😉 Your hair looks great and the outfit is really nice, love it!

    P.S. What camera do you use? This is such a good quality!

    Love, B

  16. Giulia says:

    Mi piace l’idea di avere sempre un piano B di riserva :-) E il colore ti sta davvero bene!

  17. Nika says:

    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I´m following you for sure, your blog is gorgeous and I like your fashion style. I would appreciate if you follow me back.

    Greetings from Czech republic,
    Nika :)

  18. I love your blog! Wonderful pictures!


  19. Anche io adoro gli anime giapponesi, ho (quasi) sempre un piano B e ho le lacrime agli occhi per una lettera, una canzone, un film. :)



  20. Jonnessa says:

    Love shiny blazer. :)
    I’m following you now, please visit my blog and follow back. :)

  21. Janine says:

    You look lovely, I like the new hair.

    Janine xx

  22. feH says:

    Adoro le scarpe 😀

    P.S. Anche io piango facilmente 😛


  23. welovefur says:

    Ah ah ah! Seem to be twin sisters

  24. FG says:

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it so much! I followed you :) Big kiss from Portugal

    Check out my blog and follow me back if you want: http://walk-with-confidence.blogspot.pt/

  25. I follow you now !
    Love your blog!

  26. Jessica R says:

    Lovely post!! You take lovely pictures! I followed you, please follow back? :)


  27. bel post tesoro!!!! chissà perchè però ti ci vedevo un po’ geek 😉

  28. Hi, i like your style, photos, outfit and blog. :) I can follow your blog and if you like my blog you can too :))

  29. I love changing to! And too much! some times I throw out some stuff I still need! By the way, I love your cap toe boots!!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  30. Caprichossa says:

    love your outfit! nice!

  31. Ronie says:

    Okey, lets follow eatch other. :)

  32. Isa says:

    I cry easily too and it’s kind of irritating – I always cry when I watch the news.

    And I think your hair looks lovely!


  33. Scribbler says:

    I’m glad you like my blog. I follow you, you’re great!
    Your outfit is so beautiful! ♥

  34. Sabrina says:

    Thank you so much :)

  35. Me encanta tus looks! Ya te seguía guapa :)


  36. anche io piango spesso.. e per cose inutili.. ma nulla.. siamo solo molto sensibili!

    passa da me se ti va!

  37. 4girls says:

    Queste 5 cose su di te sono affascinanti!
    Sul cambiamento sono d’accordo con te, rinnovare è la parola magica!:)

  38. Iwona says:

    Jacket is beutiful :)
    I follow your blog;)

  39. A & J says:

    Great look,I really like it:) A.

  40. QueenLina says:

    Υοur shoes are great! :*


  41. Vera says:

    Lovely post and beautiful hair… I also cry with anything!! For example, every time I’m listening my favorite love songs. Kisses!!

    Vera http://mymakeupcandy.blogspot.com.es/

  42. Rachelle says:

    girl I’m in love with your bag.That jacket sure is pretty.


  43. ShoesManiac says:

    I have the same boots :) xoxo

  44. A me il colore e il taglio piacciono moltissimo. sono natuali e stanno benissimo sulla tua pelle, complimenti a te e al parrucchiere 😉

  45. Linda says:

    I love changing things too! It’s such a great feeling when you finished something you’ve been working on for a while :)

  46. Little Rus says:

    Nice to learn a bit more about you. :) x

  47. Omg so beautiful jacket <3 I love you and your blog :)


  48. Natasha V says:

    Your new hair colour looks great!

  49. I love your outfit!

  50. Jona says:

    your hair looks great, good choice to change them, maybe being bored isnt so bad if you have good ideas like this :)
    i’d like to follow you, so i’ll do so sin a few seconds
    <3 Jona

  51. Crystal says:

    absolutely love your hair style!!:)

  52. Pilar says:

    Me encanta tu pelo! se ve precioso con tu nuevo color.Las dos chaquetas están fenomenal.Bsinss:)

  53. Adeline Yang says:

    agreed! let’s follow each other. followed you on blogger already :)
    love your pictures they’re amazing! and your new hair colour is so niceee! i like! :)

  54. Hanny says:

    Love this little post. I’m a huge tech avid. I’ve started to play video games but still learning to work the controller, though I’m a huge fan of fight video games. Marvel vs Capcom?! heck yes.

  55. amazing look, dear! and I love your new hair color as well :)


  56. I love your hair color, and I have to confess that I kinda a geeky girl too! :) It’s cool being oneself, isn’t it? Un beso,

  57. love it!!!!!!!!!! every piece is great!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  58. Valentina says:

    nuovo colore stra approvato!

  59. Antal Tímea says:

    Hi girl :)

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    You are super cute and so professional!

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  60. This post is sooo cute. I love reading about you- I am such a geek too! Love your hair color. Just fab.

    XO Jenna

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  66. Shannon says:

    LOVE your jacket! And what a cute post. I’m geeky too. :)

  67. Nerdy Asian says:

    I’m quite different to you in that I’m someone who finds it hard to change. I like to keep things from the past because I feel like I’m throwing away memory if I do, though I seldom take the time to have a look at the stuff I have from the past. I’m with you in that I cry pretty easily as well haha!

  68. you have a verygood style.. you must have so many fabulous items on your wardrobe.
    good photography too.

  69. Wow those shoes look amazing on you!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Sure I would love to follow each other =) I’m following you now lovely =)


  70. GlamourDrama says:

    questo outfit è stupendo e ti sta divinamente… mi sono innamorata degli stivaletti!!!! se ti va possiamo seguirci, a me farebbe davvero tantissimo piacere :) baci


  71. Jenniya says:

    Very cute earring.


  72. I love your new hair color – it looks great on you! I’m a geek too, and proud of it. And my secret plan B is to sell shade on the beach somewhere in Mexico. ;o)

  73. Great outfit. Also, I love what your wrote about yourself. We should all live in the present more often. And thank you for stopping by my blog too! I am now following..hope you do the same :)


  74. Dorota says:

    I love play games and japanese anime also ! Which one is your favourite ? I also get tears easy but never beside people. 😛 Awesome shoes and jeans ! Greetings and invite you on my blog (maybe follow ?): http://dorota-nevergiveup.blogspot.com/

  75. i love your 1,2&4. i like reading comic & playing game like sims or barbie~ and i easy to cry when watching movie, video or comic! 😀

    btw thank you so much for giveaway~
    you made my birthday from bad day ever to happy day :’)

    btw for everyone i have first giveaway on RimsDaily

  76. awesome pictures! love your blog 😉

    I start to follow you!

  77. 3- I’ve always had a B plan for my life: my secret dream is to open a chiringuito on the beach of a carribean island and spend my days in front of the ocean.

    Same here hahahah

  78. Hi.
    of course, we can follow each other.
    I follow you in facebook and in GFC!
    Have a nice day, my dear!

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    thanks for the comments 😉 followed

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  81. Marta says:

    sei bilancia per caso?? un pò mi rispecchio in quello che sei e che fai, almeno da quanto scrivi :)

    scarpe ottime, io le ho prese simili ma cap-toe argento di H&M… ancora da indossare ma spero di farlo presto!!

    un saluto,

    http://www.dreambigiotteria.it – dreamfashionjewelry.polyvore.com

    1. Noo 😀 Sono Cancro!!
      Ma il mio ragazzo è bilancia e mi ritrovo molto nella sua personalità 😀
      Comunque mi sa che ho capito quali sono le scarpe di H&M…stupende!!!!
      Grazie per il commento! Un bacione

  82. awesome!!!love the sequence!!

  83. Just followed back!
    We will be glad to see you around!

  84. Carolyne O' says:

    Bello il nuovo colore di capelli, ti sta molto bene!
    Mi piacciono tantissimo le scarpe <3 e concordo in pieno con il punto 5!
    Un bacio cara


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  85. Fede says:

    non stai affatto male con questo colore!!!
    bella l’idea di aprire un chiringuito

  86. Hi!! Thank you for your comment in my blog!! Yes I would like to follow each other. I am your new follower on GFC, Bloglovin and facebook (as Bastanist Tuneu). See you

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    Beauty photo ♥

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    Great post!!

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    We too have the same 5 things LOL… I reallu cry easily and I love change and other thing you say you did, the only item I don’t find myself is the item about have a plan B, my life is a mess in this point. .-.

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    I think your hair looks so pretty this color! Love your boots…they are to die for!! Great post and lovely photos. it was nice learning more about you.

    XO, Gina

  96. Ti seguo! Anche su facebook! Baci!!

  97. Barbara says:

    el pelo te queda muy bien. yo también soy bastante llorona y a veces me da vergüenza pero es que soy una sentimental.

  98. I can relate to almost every one of these! and I love your outfit!!

  99. DTMakeUpGirl says:

    thank you for the comment sweetie! Of course I would like us to follow each other, I’m already following you! Feel free to do the same!

    Kisses and keep in touch :)


  100. Penelope says:

    Stai bene con questa tinta Ire, anche io amo i cambiamenti e condivido con te anche il punto 4, piango facilmente anche io!! 😉
    Bel post, rifallo qualche volta, è interessante conoscerci meglio!



    Follow me on IL FILO DI PENELOPE

  101. Priya says:

    Hi Irene! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! This is such a fun post, I love getting to read random new things about people. I’ve started to cry a lot easier…I hope that’s me maturing and becoming more in touch with my emotions and not just becoming a mess! Also love renovation, that’s one of my resolutions for the year!! Downsizing! Also, fabulous outfit! Those booties are amazing and I love the sparkly jacket. Have a great day!

    perfectly priya

  102. Really nice!! I love it!!!

  103. Being inpredictable is kind of good! I love if people are like that :)
    Loving the pictures! :)

  104. Hi sweetie!
    Thanks for your comment!
    Great post!
    Sure, we can follow each other on bloglovin!

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    So you watching Bleach , One piece or Naruto ? My favourite is Wolf’s Rain and Kuroshitsuji. ^^ If you get time you really need watch them.^^ Sure I follow you too ! Thank you~

  106. amazing outfit ! You look great, i love your sequined Blazer

    Love Storm

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    Por cierto, me encanta tu pelo!

  111. Me acabo de enamorar de tu blog! Tienes unas fotos preciosas y un estilo increible!!

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    Great post. I’m also very sensitive.

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  115. I love the photos! And your hair flipping!

  116. You’ra beautiful! Amazing Jacket 😉

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  120. il piumino verde è delizioso… hai proprio scelto il colore giusto per questo inverno 😀

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella’s Blog

  121. that sequin jacket is just fabulous!

  122. Interesting facts! I get bored easy too! You always take amazing photos! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog again, I have made some more recent posts as I post about 5 times a week :):)


  123. Little says:

    Mi piace molto il tuo colore di capelli!



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    amazing pics, you look like a model


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    I am one of your followers. 😉

  126. Me ha encantado conocerte un poquito más, me gusta mucho tu blog y tus imagenes.

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  129. Hey there! I really really love your blog! Wish you all the best and hope you will write more inspiring posts in your blog


  130. Monika says:

    nice shoes :) i am a keeper…i believe all things will be useful some day…i hate to throw away things i once loved but sometimes its necessary

  131. Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi! Your blog is super lovely! And yes I’m following you back now! :)
    Wish I was as brave as you and can go out to change my hair like you! Also, I really like your earrings in this post! Very cute and colourful and it’s a nice touch! x

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    Lovely post, lovely look and style you have. I’m a geek too! 😉


  136. I love the 5 things about you, your cool woman no matter what anyone says! I cry easily too, I think maybe cause I’m sensitive!

    Love your outfit!

    xoxo Akinyi


  137. 6° che sei molto carina!! Bello il tuo outfit!!

  138. Carla says:

    Loving that sequined jacket. Like yourself I like video games and anime and cry easily, too… even from happiness! – Carla

  139. This is such a great post! I love finding out new stuff about bloggers. i also love changing and renovating. :) Anyway I love your hair and sequin blazer!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  140. A gorgeous look and some great photos!
    I’m still here!
    Kisses from Barcelona! ^^

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    xx Katja

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    yo también soy muy de llorar, soy demasiado sensible,:(
    me gusta tu color de pelo!!
    por cierto tu abrigo es lo más!estoy deseando tener uno parecido!!

    pd: unas fotos preciosas

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    Emma! <3 xo

    waterloo eye exam

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  159. Ellie says:

    We seem very similar!! I too came home with a new hair color the other day, and I’m all about nerding out :)

    Great post!


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    you look stunnnnnning!!!! and thanx for your comment!:) and my answer to your question is absolutelly yes! :3 i don’t have bloglovin but with Google Friend Connect yes:) and facebook: don’t have fb about blog but about taking pictures – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Baru-Za%C5%A5kov%C3%A1-photography/195434013863893 -, so if you’re interestted.. ? :)
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    B xx

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    nice jacket 😉

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    gorgeous pictures! I love your 5 facts!

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    Nike O.

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  172. Street Lily says:

    oh girl i LOVE the boots! and super cute jacket. love the blog girl! totally following


  173. sucha lovely post; it’s great to be reminded there’s an actual HUMAN behind this blog 😀

    XO Sahra

  174. Complimenti per il blog, una vera fonte di ispirazione per chi è alle prime armi come me.


  175. Chi Tomi says:

    Fierce outfit and beautiful photography! I am already following you, dear. Here’s mine:


    Thanks love <3

  176. lawyerdoll says:

    That jacket is divine!

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  180. Sofia Clara says:

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    And yes, of course I would love to follow each other via GFC!
    I am following you now.

  181. Nice post… Love the new colour, glad to meet u!

  182. Ármodi says:

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  184. May Jordans says:

    I love your “Sequined biker jacket” !!!

  185. Love this outfit, especially the wonderful green parka. The color is just yummy :) and I love when people do these X things you didn’t know about me. There are so many interesting and cool people out there :)

  186. patricia says:

    Me encanta tu color de pelo,las fotos son espectaculares,me gusta mucho tu estilo,un besazo enorme.

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