Santorini Mini Guide

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Santorini Mini Guide


 Where to stay?
Santorini is full of beautiful hotels with infinity pools and jacuzzis with a view, but nothing beats the experience I lived thanks to my partners Sheradill and Hip Hotels. How does the Sheradill site work? Well, it’s real simple. You just got to sign up HERE to access all the Sheradill offers for some of the most beautiful hotels around the world. But that is not it: Sheradill is a very “social” site. The more an offer gets shared on social medias, the more its price will lower. When you are about to get a good deal, there are also some extra actions you can do on your socials to get even a lower price (example: like Sheradill Facebook page). Thanks to Sheradill I was able to stay at the Perivolas, one of the most beautiful five stars hotels in Santorini and definitely the one with the best view in Oia. Designed to embrace the surrounding landscape, Perivolas is the ultimate destination for travel lovers with a passion for design, food and serenity. Make sure to check out my gallery for some pictures of the hotel! 😀

What to see?
Even though I could have spent the next few months in Santorini, a few days were just enough to explore the whole island. Oia is the most suggestive town of them all: the white architecture and the blue domes, the stunning views, the small shops and the luxury boutiques. You can’t get bored of it. The main and biggest town in the island is Thira (or Fira), which we visited for a day and enjoyed at its fullest. The best way to explore the town is to get on top of a donkey and let them do the tour for you. Imerovigli and Akrotiri are your next small town to visit. Santorini is a vulcanic island, which translates into unique landscapes and even more unique stones beaches. The White, Black and Red beach are the must sees of the island. Walking on the Black beach at sunset was pure magic, but nothing beats for me the experience of reaching the Red beach climbing a hill to look down on the bay… Check out my picture in the gallery to know what I’m talking about. Ok. Santorini left us speechless and wanting to head back there already! 🙂

Where to eat? 
Ok, so this must be my favorite part of this Santorini mini guide… We had the best food ever in Greece! Where should I start? From my favorite restaurant of course. It’s called Anemoloos and is located in Exo Gonia, Fira. We had the worst time finding the place but the car trip was totally worth it. What the restaurant offers is basically a fusion of greek tradition and a contemporary cousine. You’ll love it! Next is a restaurant in Kamari beach, called Captain’s Corner, which I randomly found one morning when desperately looking for a coffee at 7 am. The owner of the place is an old adorable guy which is also extremely friendly with foreigners and his guests. What to eat? Fresh, delicious fish is the strength of this place. The portions are huge and the prices are very, very affordable! The next place I fell in love with is the breathtaking Oia. If you are looking for a true greek tavern, Roka is the place for you.

Extra tips Your trip to Santorini will be one of the most memorable of your life, trust me! If you plan your trip well, you can visit all the island in 3-4 days. Rent a car directly at your hotel and organize the transfer from the airport with the hotel / house owner in advance to avoid the airport taxis which will charge you almost double the price. Santorini is really expensive… If you are traveling on a budget you can get your meals at a local bakery to have a beach picnic. Do not forget your sunglasses if you don’t want to miss out the beautiful views Santorini has to offer, the light and the reflections on the white walls will make your eyes suffer a lot. If you want some tips about what to wear in Greece, make sure to check out my previous article. Hope you enjoyed my Santorini mini guide! Xoxo, Irene

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