7 Hydration Must Haves


Hydration Must Haves Irene Buffa Fashion Blogger

LET’S TALK HYDRATION Hey girls, welcome back! Today I want to share with you 7 of my favorite hydration must haves. Staying hydrated is my number one priority when talking about beauty, so here’s a few products I want to recommend you and why. Let’s go!

Eisenberg Biphasic Hydrating Water a great spray product for global hydration, to use on your hair, body and face.
Skinius Micellar Water my favorite micellar water to clean up my skin after a long day.
Clinique Pep Start Lip Mask
 a night mask to give an extra moisture to your lips.
Eisenberg Calming Serum
 a quick fix for puffy eyes or a tired look.
Clinique Pep Start Hydro Blurr the perfect hydrating base for your make up, I have already talked about it HERE.
♥ Eisenberg Wrinkles Cream an hydrating product to prevent wrinkles.
Coconut Oil a natural antioxidant and moisturizer, plus a very affordable option. Xoxo, Irene

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