8 Ways To Decorate Large Walls

Decorate Large Walls

The interior decor of any house is what makes it truly unique. The furniture, colours, types of wall art all are a reflection of the resident’s personality. Not only does it offer you space to truly express yourself, but it also shows any guests an important part of you. To create the most relaxing atmosphere for yourself that really feels like home and also make a great impression on any visitors, staying at the top of your interior designing game is a must. As wall decor plays one of the most important roles in the overall look, it’s best to start off by picking out some wall art like photographs, paintings, etc., that works best. So, here’s a quick guide to the ten best ways you can decorate walls:

  1. Wallpaper: This is one of the easiest ways to add life to any room. Cover the one dominant wall of any room with some fun printed or textured wallpapers. This is a popular option as you can change your wallpapers for new ones whenever you’d like without too much trouble.

2. Paintings: Another widely loved wall decor idea is occupying space with a fun painting. Paintings these days are very inexpensive, and you can get some fun options online at great prices. Put up some small paintings around your TV or play around with ideas like placing a large painting over your bed headrest.

3. Photograph Wall: Photographs are the perfect way to personalise your walls but to make it look fancier, dedicating one wall to just photographs works great. Instead of having them haphazardly strewn over different rooms, this way, you can have all your memories in one place.

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4. Murals: Murals very easily add colour and depth to any room, so don’t be afraid to stray from the solid, boring walls to some scenic murals. You could opt for natural beauty, symbolic murals or go for some DIY options like handprints, geometric shapes, etc.

5. Mirrors: Mirrors are much more interesting when placed on different walls instead of just the usual wardrobe dresser. Play around with unique shapes, framed mirrors, metal mirrors and more.

6. Shelves: Shelves are very functional and also look great on walls. Install some dark, hardwood shelves on light coloured walls and display your books, succulents, vases, clocks, etc., in a fancy way.

7. Multi Panel Wall Art: As this consists of one painting divided into different panels, it creates a naturally enchanting element with any wall art you choose. Instead of putting up regular art, you can use this in your living room for a more interesting option.

8. Sconce Lighting: These are wall light fixtures that have a sombre, calming light usually pointed downwards. You can install these over photographs, other wall art or leave them all by themselves to illuminate your wall.

All of these popular wall decor ideas are perfect for modernising your home in functional ways. These are the ideal ideas you need to completely transform your home from a boring space to a lively one. Start looking for the best wall art, paintings and more on online stores such as Myntra and create the best space for yourself!


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