Creativity lessons from the Artists: How can you use it at work and in personal life

Creativity lessons

Creativity lessons-

  • Different elements: You can’t just draw one aspect and claim that you’ve created something completely different. For example, if you’re removing a car, you need to include the windows, windows wipers, and even some people inside.

    Why is Creative thinking important at work?

    Creativity is a very important aspect of work. It helps you to get through the monotony and boredom of everyday life. Not to mention that it also makes you more productive at work. Here are some things that creativity can help with at work:

    •Problem-solving: Creative thinking will play a huge role in helping you with problem-solving. This is because most of the problems you face at work can be solved in many ways, and with creative thinking, you’ll always know what the best one is.

    •Brainstorming: If a presentation needs to be given or your company requires you to come up with ideas that benefit the business, then creative thinking will be your best friend. Brainstorming sessions are fun and highly effective, and with innovative thinking, everyone in the group can participate and take their ideas further.

    •Don’t just copy: One of the biggest mistakes people make at work is copying what others have done before them. It’s good to reference or draw inspiration from another artist, but copying their work will never give you the satisfaction that true creativity does.

    How can creativity be helpful in personal life?

    When we talk about personal life, we’re talking about the things that happen outside of work. Here are some ways in which creativity can be helpful in your personal life:

    •Your mood: If you want to change the perspective of someone feeling down, try and cheer them up with a creative idea or solution. You can do this by making a small piece of art that they could keep and remind themselves that there’s always something beautiful waiting for them.

    •Your home: If you want to give your room a makeover, then all it takes is some creativity and motivation. There are many ways to decorate or revamp your space without spending too much.

    •Your wardrobe: If you want to revamp your wardrobe but don’t have the money to spend, creativity is the way to go. You can create unique clothing or accessories by just using whatever material you may find lying around the house. It would help if you got rid of anything old and useless before putting in anything new.

    •Money: This is not referring to the amount of money you make, but it’s about how you choose to spend what you have. With creativity, there are countless ways in which you can save money.

    How can you improve creativity from Creativity lessons:

    1. Brain training

    The first method is to train your brain. There are several things that you can do to improve the creativity of your mind—for example, writing your thoughts out on a piece of paper.

    2. Hobbies, Art, and science

    The second method is to improve creativity by trying out as many new hobbies as possible. From cooking to crafting, there are endless ways to use your creativity.

    3. Hormone balance

    Another way you can improve creativity is by use of HGH supplements. There are several benefits of using these supplements: an improved mood, memory and other cognitive functions by balancing hormones. If you have proven Growth hormone deficiency and looking HGH for sale in the US note that it’s possible only with official prescription and requires other important physical tests.

    4. Sport and Diet

    You can also improve creativity by being active on Sport and eating a healthy diet. Sports keep your mind and body busy. Fitness in itself is a stress reliever and will, in turn, provide you with the energy needed to improve creativity. A healthy diet will provide your body with nutrients to function properly.

    5. Rest and meditation

    Another to improve creativity is by having a good rest and meditation. Stress can hurt creativity, so you must take out some time to clear your head and be at peace with the world.

    Five Creativity lessons from the creative approach of artists:

    •Strategy – creative thinking can help you to be strategic in your approach.
    •Risk – creative thinking allows you to take risks that seem almost impossible and bring them to possibility.
    •Self-awareness – having a creative mindset allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Also, it will enable you to understand your goals in life.
    •Environment – creative thinking can help artists in a new domain to come up with new ideas that relate to their environment.
    •Stress management – artists can use creative thinking to help them deal with their stress in life. It allows you to release your anger and sadness positively.


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