Fallout 4 Best Weapons

fallout 4 best weapons

Introduction of Fallout 4 Best Weapons

While playingFallout 4 Best Weaponsyou will see a lot of cool features. But the weapons, as well as their cool names, are a significant perk of this game. Many weapons can give you an edge, but others feel like they are just for show. This game has plenty of weapons for players to choose from, but these picks have got the rest beat in terms of strength and destructive capability fallout 4 best weapons. 

Some of the fallout 4 best weapons are brutal and destructive in combat. But choosing the right gun is very tough for a newbie. Because there are so many picks that anyone can get confused. However, we have gathered a guide for your good where we tried to cover some of the best fallout 4 weapons in the game. Also, we will show you how their performance can affect your gameplay for the better.

Fallout 4 Best Weapons

What is the point of playing a first-person shooter game if there are no good weapons? When there comes a question to shoot or not shoot, the answer is always to shoot when the game is Fallout series. And to keep shooting in combat, you will need the fallout 4 best weapons. There are so many free weapons that are brutal. Hence, we will now discuss the thirteen best weapons. 

13. The Striker

The Striker gun is not a regular weapon by any means. The Fat Man personal nuke launcher is the most iconic weapon in the Fallout series. The ability to rain nuclear fire can bring a swift resolution to nearly any problematic situation, but it has a few key drawbacks. Specifically, mini-nukes are hard to find, and it is not much good in close quarters except you are willing to go kamikaze. 


The Striker gun is a revised Fat Man that launches bowling balls. However, it has atomic power with more competitive rounds, and the capability to knock off heads doesn’t matter wherever you fire from. You can get the striker gun in the Beaver Creek Lanes bowling alley to the southeast of the starting town in Far Harbor.

12. Ashmaker

Why would you use just a minigun when you can use a gun that sets enemies on fire? We can now answer that question if players complete the quest The Big Dig and receive the Ashmaker as a prize. Those miniguns might lack in damage, make up for their fire rate, and the Ashmaker makes that damage per second count goes up with its fire damage.


Ashmakere might be a heavy gun, but it’s worth having. You can give it to a follower to free up some inventory space while still using the Ashmaker. You can do that if you need some space. The Big Dig quest will have a few different endings, but all of these will give you a way to get the Ashmaker. So you don’t need to bother about missing this based on dialogue options.

11. Kremvh’s Tooth 

This wicked-looking sacrificial blade is an excellent reference to the horror author H.P. Lovecraft has frequently written about cults worshiping powerful cosmic monstrosities. The weapon is found beneath Dunwich Borers, a reference to his short story The Dunwich Horror.


The dagger deals an impressive 49 damage and causes bleed and poison effects on opponents. Dark-minded players will get thrilled sneaking up on opponents, shivering them in the back with this wicked weapon, and watch as their enemy slowly dies and their souls are sent to the void where things wriggle in the darkness.

10. Protectron’s Gaze

You will need a bit of effort to get this weapon sometimes because this weapon is pretty powerful. Protectron’s Gaze is a kind of laser rifle that is available in the Automatron DLC. One of this DLC’s best features is that players must find and defeat a Mechanist character. He has the only version of Protectron’s Gaze in the game.


When you reach the Mechanist in her nest, she can either kill you to get this weapon, or she will spare you. But the Mechanist can offer the gun for players to buy if you give her a more powerful weapon. For those people who like brutal weapons, the trade can be worth it because this gun does quite a bit of damage. It also reloads and fires faster than other weapons.

9. Final Judgement

The final Judgement gun apparently looks like a weapon that is straight out of the Terminator series and acts like it. This is a Gatling laser weapon dealing with 26 damage levels. This gun also has a ridiculous fire rate. There are few feelings greater in this game than punching laser beam after laser beam into a death claw and watching it melt. 


There is a negative side of this gun: it requires the valuable Fusion Cores to power it. You will have to pay extra to enjoy this feature, and you will be debating between using this gun or your power armor. But for the people with the funds or the stash of Cores, this is a fun gun.

8. Kiloton Radium Rifle

The Kiloton Radium Rifle is quite similar to the Spray N. Pray weapon, but it is way superior. This gun’s physical damage level is 36, but it can also deal with 50 radiation damage over time. And the Spray N Pray gun can bullets explode on impact dealing 15 AOE damage.


Kiloton Radium Rifle is a semi-automatic radiation gun that is excellent for firing a couple of rounds. It doesn’t matter the distance of opponents, and you can watch their health drains away before they can catch you. If you want to grab this excellent gun, you will have to visit the Children of Atom at the Nucleus.

7. Gamma Gun

This terrifying weapon doesn’t look super powerful, but it can destroy a whole squad with a punch against human enemies. The Gamma Gun emits lots of radioactive air that damages enemies. Also, this gamma gun has a reasonably big area of impact compared to most other guns.


The gamma gun can also appear with legendary effects on it for even more damages. This legendary effect is the plus point for this gun. Because most of the gun doesn’t have any legendary effect, the various options to mod the Gamma Gun will make it even more powerful for any difficulty or any player’s skill level. The gamma gun plays a significant role in fallout 4 best weapons guide. A few shots from this gamma gun can even take out large, heavily-armored bosses — as long as they’re humans since most creatures and robots in the Wasteland aren’t too adversely affected by radiation.

6. Atom’s Judgement

When there is speaking of the Children of Atom, this monstrous Atom’s Judgement first comes to mind. It is another weapon in their possession. It is a huge sledgehammer dealing with a terrifying damage level of 315 with 787 radiation damage over time. We think that this is possible because of the cracked fusion cores. It is the cultists strapped to the head of the hammer.


A few strokes should kill an enemy with just a few shots. Around anyone and whatever manages to survive will quickly die because of the radiation. The atom’s judgment can flow radioactive air. It can be flowing through the enemy’s body. Moreover, if you don’t plan on using this hammer yourself, having a companion like Strong wield this weapon makes for a terrifying ally.

5. Cito’s Shiny Slugger

You can get this unique baseball bat in the Nuka-World DLC. After you help to rescue the family of a character named Cito, you can obtain this. He will give you this unique bat as a reward for your efforts.


In this fallout 4 best weapons guide we placed Cito’s Shiny Slugger in five because it can damage by the level of 94. This weapon also has a Relentless effect on it, causing Critical Hits to refill the player’s AP. So you can do more targeted damage even quicker. There are lots of different upgrades that players can put on this bat as well, and the Nuka-World DLC also allows players to paint the bat and make it weighted, which does even more damage.

4. Admiral’s Friend

The DLC Far Harbor has introduced a number of unique concepts and harpoon guns like Admiral’s Friend. This gun is by far the most exciting weapon because it can deal with a whopping of 300 damage. To increase the damage, you have to use a perk. The perk will double the damage to 600 if the opponent is in total health.


Admittedly the fire rate is poor. But for stealthy characters taking that 600 damage and adding in a stealth multiplier on top can deal astronomical damage levels; if anyone doesn’t die after that first hit, they almost deserve to live.

3. Splattercannon

In fallout 4 best weapons guide, Splattercannon, is in position three because this deceptively named weapon is great for mid-range encounters. You can find this gun in Nuka-World. Splattercannon can deal with 49 damage and has an excellent fire rate. The perk increases the damage level after each consecutive hit on the same target. It really makes this shine.


If you can make every hit count, then your damage output will skyrocket very quickly. As stronger and stronger bullets will hit your enemies.

2. The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver weapon is relative to the Splattercannon gun but with a much better range at the cost of initial damage. The gun can deal 21 damage at the first shot, but it needs a perk boosting the damage level by 15% for each consecutive hit. Players can get some far-range shots at the enemy because it is a ranged weapon. 


When the enemies get close, you will get a weapon capable of impressive damage, assuming your shots hit the target brutally. Hence, many players prefer the slower fire rate because there is less chance of one of the bullets missing and resetting the damage stack.

1. Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in the fallout 4 game is the Nuka-Nuke Launcher. This weapon is on top in fallout 4 best weapons article. You can get this gun in Nuka-World. It is basically a Fat Man that has been transformed to throw modified mini-nukes. It is also known as Nuka-Nukes at foes. These Nuka-Nukes can damage 833 at a modest range from the enemy. But this thing is completely worthless in close range. 


But for mid-range enemies, Nuka-Nuke Launcher will eliminate them on the fissionable level. In a world overwhelmed by the nuclear disaster and radioactive fallout, it’s only befitting that a mini-nuke launcher will be the strongest weapon in the wastes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of fallout 4 best weapons

What is the strongest rifle in Fallout 4?

According to some players, the overseer’s guardian is the strongest rifle in the Fallout 4 game. You can find this weapon in the southeast of Oberland station or the northwest of Diamond City. 

Can you make alien blaster ammo?

If your level is four of the science perk, you can modify the alien weapons to use more common fusion cells as ammo. So, yes, you can make alien blaster ammo. 

What is the rarest gun in Fallout 4?

Final Judgement is the rarest gun in fallout 4. This gun can deal with 26 hits of damages in the game. 

What is the most expensive item in Fallout 4?

The most expensive item in Fallout 4 is the Legendary Marine Combat Armor. This is the most costly item in fallout 4. 

Our Verdict of fallout 4 best weapons

Picking up the best Fallout 4 weapons is not easy enough. Because there are various types of weapons with different abilities, so anyone new in this game will confuse picking up the best gun. But we tried to cover your back by giving the thirteen Fallout 4 best weapons. So, we hope that you can now enjoy the game peacefully. 


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