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GUCCI OBSESSION It’s Gucci mania! Our Gucci obsession started since Alessandro Michele’s first collection in 2015. Since that moment Gucci has been growing in sales and gaining popularity as well as a loyal cult following. Don’t be surprised if you often see us featuring the brand along our shopping and inspiration posts: Gucci is creating must have accessories and statement garments, which although are not exactly the most affordable, they are definitely the unique pieces you want to invest on. Gucci’s style is respecting the italian tradition, focusing on the mix and match of colors and prints, which combined with sequins applications and handmade embroideries are leading to something never seen before in fashion. Gucci’s new collections live in the present yearning for the past and when we watch them on the catwalk we can’t stop feeling a quiet, sweet sense of melancholia. Alessandro Michele was also able to revamp the most iconic accessories of the brand, just have a look at their Marmont collection or at their leather loafers, or at who like me started wearing again an old Gucci logo belt which I bought more than 10 years ago. So, what do you guys think? Are you Gucci obsessed? Xoxo, Irene

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