How Much Home Renovations Could Add to Your Home’s Value

Your Home’s Value

When it comes to home renovation projects, the money you invest in them can’t always be fully recouped when the sale time comes. Naturally, you’d want to get the best for your home’s value for your dollar when doing the renovations, but there are important considerations to bear in mind. 

Before you start any remodel, you need to consider the cost versus the value, and evaluate if the project is a worthy investment. Ultimately, your goal is to improve your home, increase its comfort and value, and when the time comes to sell, you can demand a higher price.  The following home renovation ideas could help you add more to your home’s value.

Increase curb appeal- Your Home’s Value

The curb appeal of your home is extremely important to make a good sale. The first impression always counts as potential buyers come and see your home. A great first impression is believed to add five percent to your home’s value. 

Make sure the exterior paint and details are in great condition. Your lawn needs to be well-maintained and the driveway paved properly with no cracks or blotches. You might consider drought-tolerant plants if you aren’t a keen gardener. If you have a porch, add a cute bench, stylish flower pots with scented plants and updated front porch lighting. 

Update outdoor living space

Everyone loves the idea of entertaining outdoors. Having an outdoor living space turns your backyard into a relaxing retreat for get-togethers and it also adds a lot of value. Regardless of your budget, there are lots of different updates you can incorporate to improve your backyards, such as adding a patio or a smaller deck.

Research shows that for the money you spend to add a deck to your home, you will get more than 80% returns at sale time. If you choose to build a deck, carefully plan its shape and size, use high-quality materials to increase its lifespan, and incorporate some unique features such as built-in benches with storage, a screen for shade and privacy, or a fire pit for cozy late-night entertainment.

Improve energy-efficiency

Without proper insulation installed, the cost of living in an unmodified home can be an enormous burden. Most potential buyers look for this home improvement in their future purchases. One way to ensure your house has high-quality insulation is with the right masonry. 

When done right, energy-efficient home improvements not only offer a 60%-90% return on investment, but they reduce energy bills as well! When you swap your old windows or doors with new, energy-efficient models, you might even get a tax credit from the government (depending on the country of residence, of course).

Renovate your bathroom

A renovated bathroom is a huge selling point for any home. When updating, incorporate sleek surfaces to ensure a high-end look and an easy clean. Also, update the vanity, add a new modern mirror and make sure you choose high-quality tapware to complete the look. According to realtors’ reports, homeowners can expect a 57% ROI after a bathroom renovation if they sell their home.

If you have only one bathroom or one and a half bathrooms, consider adding a shower to a half bath (space providing), or adding a half bath to your guest bedroom – this will immediately improve the estimated value of your home. For limited space bathrooms, contact your local shower screen installation company  to get the best option for your bathroom needs.

Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen being the hub of the home is another crucial aspect of a home renovation project. Its functionality makes it a top priority. Remodeling a kitchen is a fun and exciting project mostly because you do it so it meets your specific needs and desires. According to realtors’ estimates, you can recover up to 52% of the cost of a kitchen upgrade. 

At first, upgrading your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances might seem insignificant, but it’s an absolute must. Currently, there’s a great variety of kitchen features, such as wine refrigerators, commercial-style ranges, bold splashbacks, fitting “handle-less” kitchen cabinets, and appliances concealed inside cabinetry.

Update Your Light Fixtures

Speaking of some of the simpler home upgrades that you can do, but which still provide added value to your home, is lighting. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of well-placed pools of warm light on the inviting and user-friendly atmosphere in your home. Take into consideration both the design and function when choosing the right light fixtures for your home.

Updated interior and exterior light fixtures can provide the massive wow-factor most homes would otherwise lack. Great lighting increases the flow and enhances the natural light, and it can make the space appear not just brighter, but also more spacious and sophisticated.

There are many different projects that you can do around the home to add more value. Hopefully, the ideas listed here will give you a good starting point, but you do need to plan your project carefully and thoughtfully, keeping your end goal in mind and making sure you don’t overspend. 


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