Profit Margin vs Markup: What’s the Difference

Profit Margin vs Markup

One must know the literal meaning of business terms to run their business smoothly. Having the know-how of business terms and strategy ensures a rapid boost to the business as well as rapid success in it. No matter whatever the nature and size of your business are, you have to deal with the cost price and selling price for the smooth transactions. Manual calculation of these terms is quite a time consuming and is loaded with extreme risk of error as well. It would be best if you used the markup calculator online to deal with regular operations quite smoothly and efficiently. How to calculate markup is not a monster anymore! Generating income by selling product is called revenue while the cost of goods sold reflects the expenses for product manufacturing.

Many of the people think that markup and profit margin are the same things. According to them, both of these can be used interchangeably. However, this is not true at all. Profit margin and markup are two different business terms having their specific meaning.

Profit Margin Calculation:

The term markup is related to the cost of goods sold. The markup formula is quite helpful in defining this term and also to make better comprehension about it. 

When it comes to the profit margin, then it is also known as gross margin. Deriving result for the gross margin is quite simple as it involves the difference in cost of good sold and sales. It can be entirely explained with the aid of example when a product is being sold in the market for $100 while the manufacturing cost of that peculiar product was of merely $70. Then, in this case, the profit margin would be only $30. You can easily calculate the percentage of profit margin with great ease by diving the resulting amount of profit margin with sales and then multiplying it with 100. In this case, the profit percentage margin would be 30%.

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Markup Calculation:

Let us figure out what is markup. Markup sets the selling price of the goods and tells about the possible gained profit. It may result in either profit or loss. Setting the wrong price for products due to wrong calculation of markup can even lead to loss as well. The markup calculator is the most significant and beneficial approach in this regard. Calculate markup and markup percentage with the use of an online tool. How to calculate markup percentage is no more a mystery now as you need to add on values in the given fields of markup percentage calculator and then click on the calculate button.

Retail markup calculation becomes massively more comfortable with the use of the percentage markup calculator. The concept of “what is a markup” becomes even more clear from the above given an example. From the above example, the markup can be calculated by dividing the amount of markup with the cost or product. It would be 42.9%. From the markup value, you can easily yield the selling price instantly.


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