Selecting the Wall Prints to Add Life to Your Living Spaces

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Selecting the Wall Prints to Add Life to Your Living Spaces,With their potential to transform any space, wall prints are an excellent choice for home décor. Apart from pulling the space together, they add charm and character to your interior design. The process of selecting the right prints may be slightly overwhelming, though. 

You have a wide range of choices in colour, size, style, or frames of the prints. The idea is to choose a perfect combination that works wonders for your walls. Let’s see how:

Work on a Theme

Before choosing a wall art print, decide a unique theme for your room. Whether you want a tropical style or a minimalistic décor, there are prints to suit every theme. Also, you can change the prints according to seasons or occasions. For example, when the fall season comes, swap the beach print with a warm and earthy landscape picture. 

Consider the Size

You will always find something lacking if the size of the canvas is not right for the wall. Choose the prints that are neither too small nor too big. Here, you may pick wall art prints that take up not more than 75 per cent of the available space. 

No matter if you want to decorate a wall in an empty hallway or above your bed, fill the space with a print that creates stunning effects within the available dimensions. And if you don’t want one big painting, create a gallery wall with a group of synchronised smaller pieces. 

Always leave some breathing space by placing the prints at least 6-12 inches above the furniture. 

Complement the Room Décor

Whatever wall art prints you choose, they should match the style and décor of the space. For example, if your room has a modern feel, you may choose an abstract art or a bold piece. Similarly, warm and earthy tones or landscape shots look fabulous in a home with rustic or bohemian décor. 

Match Your Style

Not every wall art is similar. You may always find an ideal print that goes with your personality and embodies it beautifully. Hence, avoid choosing cookie-cutter styles in wall prints and pick custom pictures instead. You can also go for a mix and match style by choosing different frames and canvas prints for creating a collage on the wall. 

Experiment with Colours

When it comes to selecting the best colours for wall art prints, the sky is the limit. The general rule is to choose the piece that matches your room’s mood without clashing with other design elements. But, you may experiment to your heart’s content. Choose bold pieces if you want to recreate a bland space. Or, you may stick to a single colour theme that matches the existing palette in the room. 

Take references from the colour wheel to choose complementary shades or go for a similar colour scheme in varied shades. Whatever you want, make sure that the colours of wall prints are equally proportionate to other decorations.

Look at the latest design trends to get an idea of what’s in and what’s out in the interior design market. With the right selection, you can add a new dimension and character to the flat and dull walls in your home.

Author Bio: Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content


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