Simple referral traffic strategies to amp up your New York SEO Performance

New York SEO Performance

Are you aware of how your website gains traffic? Well, there are three ways to measure. The first one is the direct traffic, the second one is the search engine traffic, and the third one is the referral traffic. While the first and second one is highly based on your website performance and people visiting your site directly, the third one is controllable to some extent and a great source for web traffic generation. Even professionals from some of the most reputed New York SEO Performance agencies prefer referral traffic and can help you to increase the same. In this blog, you will know Simple referral traffic strategies to amp up your New York SEO Performance.

So, here is what you need to know about amping up your SEO with brilliant referral traffic generation strategies. Have a look.

What is referral traffic?

Before you move further, you will need to know a bit more about referral traffic. It is a valuable technique of online marketing. It helps you draw readers and high-quality potential customers to your site from various domains. Referral traffic is gained either through inbound links or by maintaining social activities. It helps you send positive signals to the search engine about your website, which further improves your SEO potential.

Top 5 strategies to leverage your site’s referral traffic

As you now know what referral traffic is, let’s talk about some proven strategies to gain it. So, here are some simple yet effective strategies to gain healthy traffic to your website through referrals.

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is undoubtedly one of the best ideas to gain traffic through referrals. Switching to guest posting on other related sites implies that your content will get introduced to a wide base of relevant audiences. It will further offer good quality referral traffic that has the potential to turn into your regular users.  For guest posting, you will further need to create explicitly high-quality content that can attract a huge new reader base. Also, it is important to follow the essential content guidelines set by the site you are posting at.

  • Doing press releases

Press releases are great in creating a buzz about your content. It works as a quick and easy way to earn fresh and impressive referral traffic. If you are hosting any kind of event or announcing any new changes, milestone achievements, earning release, product launch, new service introduction, or acquisition release through your website, a PR will work the best. You can spend your budget on press releases whenever a new client comes to your business. It improves your chances of getting more referrals.

  • Using Pinterest

Apart from being just a photo-sharing platform, Pinterest is something more. Businesses in New York rely upon Pinterest to get potential referral traffic. Moreover, it has the potential to drive more referrals than any other platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Pinning your images or posts on Pinterest gives you better visibility in front of your traffic, which further benefits your SEO and lets you gain a brilliant SERP performance.

  • Social Networking- New York SEO Performance

Apart from chit-chatting, social networking sites also have huge SEO benefits. Social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and others can work as natural contenders to bring quality referral traffic. Creating posts with catchy captions and referral links can entice your readers and draw them effectively to your site. Sharing your latest blog posts, comments, new events, or page links can boost your strategy to earn more referral traffic, improving your SEO game. So, you can reach out to any reckoned New York SEO firm to make your referral traffic generation easier with social networking.

  • Social bookmarking- New York SEO Performance

Gaining your referral traffic through social bookmarking is another proven method. Social bookmarking sites let you bookmark or tag your online resources. Sites like Reddit are highly in demand on the web to gain referral traffic. If you are great at creating good quality, engaging, and interesting content, social bookmarking can do wonders for your site. Feel confident about sharing your creations with links to get some quality referrals.


Gaining traffic to your content is not a child’s play. It may take time, but success is guaranteed when you know how to do it strategically. Opting for referral traffic generation techniques can help you better in making your SERP game stronger. Hence, implement the above-mentioned strategies to get in hand success.


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