Tips On Choosing Your Bridesmaids Robes 


You’ll be spending a lot of time getting ready with your bridesmaids on the big day. You’ll want to feel comfortable and confident when getting your hair and makeup done, especially before going down the aisle. Choosing the proper getting-ready outfit is the second most essential thing to have ready (after your wedding gown!). You’ll want to remember these memories forever, and dressing up with your girls will make you feel extra special!

Bridesmaid robes are more than just something to wear. Finding a coordinated wedding getting-ready outfit results in amazing photos, you will cherish for years. In terms of functionality, they will aid in preserving everyone’s freshly done wedding makeup and hair. One of your favorite wedding day purchases will be a bridesmaid robe, loungewear, and bridesmaid’s outfits for you and your girlfriends!

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to ensure that you and the girls look and feel your best.

Consider your style and theme.

In searching for the perfect bridesmaid robes, you will come across the following basic styles: spa, wrap, and kimono.

Spa robes are frequently the winners in bridal receptions, owing to their looser, more comfortable fit. These robes are normally made of cotton and are one size fits all.

Wrap robes are customized more than spa robes. They are frequently composed of a thinner and lighter material, such as polyester.

However, when it comes to wrap robes, remember that those made of acetate and rayon may require dry cleaning and wrinkle quickly – not ideal for Instagram-worthy pre-wedding prep shots.

Kimono robes are a good compromise between wrap and bath robes. They often fall past the knee, with loose sleeves that fall a few inches below the elbow.

All these designs have advantages, so it all comes down to what you and your ladies will feel comfortable and secure in.

Choose a unique color.

It’s customary to match the bride’s and bridesmaids’ robes to the wedding theme, but selecting a color, the ladies may wear for years after the wedding is more practical. Of course, the hue should look well in photographs as well.

You may also have distinct, complementing colors for the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and other special guests. The choice is mainly determined by what you believe is appropriate for the big day.

Tip: Whatever color you pick for your wedding party, remember to save a different hue for yourself! This will help you stand out among the other girls in the shot.

Consider the length of the bridesmaid robes.

Nobody wants bridal party robes that are overly long and drag on the ground or barely cover the backside.

Those that are longer than those that are shorter may be preferable, as may those that shorten when wrapped around the torso and tied with a belt. Make sure the length fits every one of your girls comfortably.

Tip: If possible, attempt to gather a list of your bridesmaids’ sizes before ordering their robes! That way, you may be certain of buying the right fit!

Don’t forget to order a robe for mom.

Don’t forget about your mother when ordering robes for yourself and your friends! It’s not uncommon for mothers to get their hair and makeup done alongside their baby girl, and you don’t want to leave her out.

Along with your bespoke bridesmaid robes, consider getting a beautiful, ready-made mother-of-the-bride kimono robe. While getting one for your mother, you may purchase one for your soon-to-be mother-in-law as well!

There are also ready-made kimono gowns for the mother of the groom. These lovely robes are available in several sizes and colors, so you can ensure that your sweet mothers look and feel gorgeous while getting ready.

A personalized present, like a robe, for your mother and mother-in-law on your wedding day is a meaningful gesture. It’s a terrific way to show them how much you value their presence on your wedding day.

Remember to bring Kleenex to your bridal photoshoot! You will be in tears when you pose for photographs in matching robes with your mother.

Choose comfort over style.

Although the beauty of wedding robes is essential on the big day, it is also important to consider the convenience and comfort it gives users. The key to this is to select the best fabric for optimal comfort.

Choose ones made of cotton since this fabric is recognized for its capacity to give great comfort while also being sturdy. Satin, silk, and nylon are some of the various fabrics available.

Choose the fabric you believe will provide the comfort you and the girls deserve.

When selecting the proper robe for your wedding party, remember the season and weather. If your wedding is in the winter, you may want to consider purchasing heavier bridesmaid robes to provide extra warmth.

Choose a monogram

Having embroidery on the bride and bridesmaid robes is optional, but the monogram adds significance and personalization. You may have your initials or just your first name as a monogram.

You can even embroider the bridesmaids’ names on the robes, giving them bespoke and personalized bridesmaid robes. Again, the robes are designed for long-term usage and the big day.

When wrapping the robes for gifting, don’t forget to highlight the customized accents. Incorporate your wedding colors into the robe wrapping paper—it will make the bridesmaid’s present appear more coordinated and picture-perfect!

Don’t forget the accessories.

This is the most enjoyable aspect of selecting the bride and bridesmaid gowns. Slippers or sandals that match the robes may be the best accessories to add.

Slippers and sandals, like bathrobes, are great to wear regularly, not only on the wedding day.

Hair ties and clips, jewelry, temporary glitter tattoos, and even complementing nail polish are lovely additions. You don’t have to worry about accessories, but they add a little more to the overall appearance.

Tip: If you’re thinking of giving your bridesmaids some accessories, put them in a convenient small pouch or makeup bag.



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