Trendy Oris Line of Watches to Consider


The Swiss watch brand Oris has been one of the few independent watchmakers worldwide for more than a hundred years. Oris manufactures only mechanical watches based in the German-speaking village of Hölstein in the northwest of Switzerland. The standard of Oris watches continues to astonish the watch world for decades.

“Things must make sense” the Oris philosophy, which they remain true since their inception. As the brand continues to travel, new collectors continue to be attracted right and left. It is a brand today that has proved itself to be a solid, consistent industry player. Despite that, they have an incredible trendy line everyone can consider.

Basic Oris Divers Watch

The Sixty-Five Oris Divers are stimulated by the first diver’s wristwatches of the Oris’s brand, modernization of their 1965 divers watch model. It uses state-of-the-art engineering and production methods for its retro aesthetics. Oris initially launched the first Divers 65 watches influenced by the back catalog only in 2015, but it created a fuss.

The 65 Divers are equipped with water-resistant up to 100 meters, much like their inspiration or 10 bar. The automatic motion 733 is also used. This caliber is made from the SW 200-1, which has an approximately 38-hour date display and power supply. A brand new Sixty-Five watch from Oris Divers costs unbelievably less than $1.500.

Classy Oris Aquis Watches

The Aquis line of Oris’s are high-performance timepieces with excellent fit and finish. The classy Aquis collection is compact in all sizes, such as steel, titanium, and even solid gold. There are actual model dates, day-date complexities, a three-card chronograph, a regulator, and even a model that has mechanical depth gages for the ultimate analog scuba experience.

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Oris offers this line like a limited edition. They usually come and go to the market. Yet, income from every launch is used to support ocean health through associated charities. That fact encourages many divers to watch out for the Aquis Depth Gauge in recent years. Also, this model has automatic motion 733 is also used, but its accuracy is not at stake.

Professional Oris ProDiver Watches

The ProDivers watches from Oris’s are giant, readable, tough, light in titanium, and with a 60-minute chronograph timer. In addition to the timing stops, the Chronograph improves a secondary timing feature, and the GMT shows clear advantages for various time zone trips. It also comes with a unique RSS bezel locking mechanism patented by Oris.

Oris brings its technology with each release to a new level, as predicted. The Oris ProDiver case is on point, so its array goes far beyond the Aquis scope. This Oris’s watch line has a water resistance of 100 bar compared to the other dive watch. However, the Oris’s Dive Control Limited Edition is the highlight of the set and makes it something to consider.

Oris’s Aviation Big Crown Watches

The aviation sector was at its height when Oris started producing pilot watches in 1910. Oris boasts a visionary series extensively respected by industry professionals. The Oris Big Crown is one of their most popular aviation watches in the brand, launched in 1938. Today, the aviation watch is a steady player up against luxury brands.

For many decades, the Oris’s Big Crown has offered vibes and up-to-date mechanical technology and specifics for old-school aviation. The specific dates models provide you with a deliciously retro style with a complete view of the month around the dial. Many find it a helpful way to gain a sense of time, making it something for everyone to consider buying.

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Oris Hybrid Propilot and Propliot X

Oris has unveiled Oris Big Crown Propilot and Oris’s Big Crown Propilot X, building on Big Crown’s technology. These collections feature modern-style watches and contemporary technology. Although some are indeed close to some of its watches’ classical aesthetic, they are indeed all-new.

Take the Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter, for example. In 2014, Oris’s introduced the timepiece as his first mechanically integrated automatic watch. This watch is undoubtedly significant, with a diameter of 47mm, and altitudes of 0 to 4,500 m shown or 14,500 feet. Thus, worth considering buying.

The Oris Big Crown Propilot X Caliber 115 Skeleton is the ideal watch for pilot watchmakers of the next decade since it operates on the in-house superlative motion of Oris’s Calibre 115. It has a skeleton dial too, which proudly shows its technical ability, thus worth considering buying.


Oris has been focusing on industrial clockmaking since 1904, and they continue to expand with engineering and manufacturing in mind until today. They are proud of their mechanical technology. The line of watches shared is proof that Oris’s embrace rather than surrender to new technologies. So, when you are up for trendy watches, look for Oris’s watches, too.

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