Why Custom Stickers Are Useful for Marketing

Custom Stickers Marketing

Have you been looking for a new method to advertise your business? If so, why not try custom stickers? They have been around for a while but have lost popularity because of other marketing methods. Here is Why Custom Stickers Are Useful for Marketing.

Printing and distributing stickers is quite easy. Besides, when you consider how many you can get in bulks and how much it costs, the investment is worth it.

Take politics, for example. Even if you are not an avid fan of political parties, you should still be aware of how politicians use stickers to promote their campaigns. It may not seem like enough, but these little marketing pieces can make a difference, especially in the long run.


Do not think of stickers in the form of a single shape. Circles, rectangles, and even square-cut stickers are just a few examples of how you can create different shapes and sizes to match your design.

There are some printing services that can create huge decals to cover an entire wall and create stickers that are similar to posters.

Talk with your marketing campaign manager and discuss what sticker shapes and sizes would be the most effective for your advertising strategy.

Identity and Brand Awareness

Identity and Brand Awareness

Promotional stickers are great for micro-marketing and identity development. Brands that have already established themselves will have few problems getting recognized. However, if your business is still relatively new, you will need to spend time on promotion.

Knowing your market is one of the keys to determine your promotional campaigns. Take selling on Amazon, for example. Roughly 57% among 26 to 35-year-olds in US order from Amazon once or twice every week. The platform’s popularity makes it a desired target for many brands.

Developing your stickers and including them as complimentary gifts would be a neat addition appreciated by customers. A sticker on a package would also work since the person opening the package would notice your brand’s elements on a sticker and start to associate them with your business.

Of course, there is no need to limit these ideas to just Amazon. If you notice that stickers are making a significant difference in boosting your marketing results, try them in as many opportunities as you can.

Despite seeming insignificant, if custom stickers can help with raising brand awareness and finding your identity as a business, they will be a solid investment.

Exposure by Fans

Before the time of Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms, stickers were the go-to method to achieve viral marketing. People would post stickers on random locations without having intentions to promote a brand, but they still ended up doing so.

Sure, the low-cost exposure that comes from your fans is not that easy to accomplish. On the other hand, every bit helps when a brand is looking to promote itself.

Take laptop owners, for example. Have you ever noticed how some of them put stickers on the back of their laptops? Well, your sticker could end up on a number of laptops as well. Besides, having a sticker sticking out for everyone to see is a sign of someone liking a brand. After all, you would not put a sticker on your laptop if it represented a company you disliked, right?

Cheap Price

Cheap Price

The price depends on where you get your stickers and what kind of deal you can get. Some printing companies would likely be in favor of giving discounts to their regular customers, especially if they order in bulk. It is something to consider.

Overall, though, affordability is a big plus. Other marketing strategies are effective as well, but you may not have enough money to invest in a solid SEO campaign or afford enough to launch an email marketing campaign.


The only limit is one’s imagination when you are looking to create stickers. Sure, it is no secret that many brands stick to simple designs, like putting their logos or slogans with a small touch here and there. Distancing a sticker from recognizable brand elements too much would have the opposite effect.

On the other hand, if you have the resources to test different options, then go for it. Also, keep in mind that it is not just how the sticker looks, but the material you can print it on.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Building strong relationships with customers should be a priority if a business is looking to become successful and sustainable.

It just so happens that handing out stickers creates opportunities to communicate with your customers directly and thanking them for support. You could ask them to help you hand out the stickers as well. Involvement would make fans even more invested in your business.

Moreover, if someone has not heard about your brand, handing them out a sticker at random ought to pique their interest as well.


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