Dior Chèrie Bow Make up Trend and Tutorial

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EN Last Monday morning I had an important appointment: a make-up session at Dior.
At first the make-up artist gave me her beauty tips about skin care and hydratation that were really useful to me since I am a fan of skin care.. Did you already know for example that we should never use make-up remover wipes?
After that we started with the make-up trying out all the products from the new Chèrie Bow’s collection, which definitely sets pink as make-up trend for this spring! We tried the same look Dior chose for its campaign: I could not imagine such a striking make-up could be worn by a normal girl for the everyday and I could not imagine it’s so easy to do either!
If you want to copy it you can do it in easy steps with the brief Tutorial:

– Apply a really light foundation (we used Dior’s new BB 01 tone)
– Choose a pink blush for your cheeks
– For the eyes do a smokey but in pink
-Apply also the black eyeliner and mascara
– Choose pink lipstick and water effect lipgloss

Let me know how your make-up looks and if you like it on me in these pictures!

IT Lunedì scorso avevo un appuntamento importante: una sessione di make-up da Dior.
Inizialmente la make-up artist mi ha dato i suoi consigli di bellezza riguardo alla cura della pelle e alla idratazione, che sono stati veramente utile per me essendo una fan della “pelle di porcellana”…
Per esempio lo sapevate che l’uso delle salviette struccanti è altamente sconsigliato?
Successivamente abbiamo iniziato con il trucco provando molti dei prodotti della nuova collezione Dior Chèrie Bow, che sicuramente definisce un nuovo trend tutto rosa nel make-up per questa primavera! Con Davide il secondo make-up artist abbiamo provato lo stesso look scelto da Dior per la sua campagna: non potevo davvero immaginarmi che un make-up così forte potesse essere perfetto per tutti i giorni su una ragazza normale come me e non potevo nemmeno immaginare che fosse così semplice da realizzare! 

Nel caso vorreste copiarlo vi lascio qui un piccolo Tutorial:
– Applicate un fondotinta molto chiaro (quello che indosso io è la nuova BB di Dior tonalità 01)
– Per gli occhi fate uno smokey ma in rosa
-Applicate l’eyeliner e mascara neri
-Scegliete un rossetto rosa e un lipgloss effetto bagnato
Fatemi sapere come sta il vostro make-up e se vi piace su di me nelle foto! 

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Chèrie Bow make-up (see it HERE)

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  1. Mia says:

    Davvero bello e perfettamente abbinato alla collana 😀

    Baci ♥

  2. anoddgirl says:

    Lovely photos! The make-up is gorgeous!
    How come we shouldn’t use make-up wipes? :)

  3. The make up looks really cool ! And your outfit is gorgeous ! Have a nice weekend !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog :: posting from Avignon and featuring my new DvF wallet

  4. styleinlove says:

    really nice make-up dear:) and your outfit looks so nice on you!!


  5. This should have been a great experience I guess!!

    Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

  6. duecitti says:

    Bel make-up! Ottimo l’abbinamento di colori con la collana! :-)

  7. Fabulous look i will have to give the pink smokey eye a try x

    Thanks for visiting my blog, id love your follow each other – i will do it now – follow me back.

    Great blog hun xx

    h x

  8. VOGUECITA says:

    Great post!! I love it
    kisses and have nice day

  9. You look really fabulous dear :)

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  10. I love how he blends any color of eyeshadow. It’s magnificent!

    PS. Please join in my giveaway and get a chance to win an $80 gift voucher from Msdressy :)

  11. Very pretty, I want to try a bold color like this. Also great photos they’re so clear and HD.

  12. This make up is fresh and elegant!! I love it! Have to buy this make up collection right now!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  13. mi ispira parecchio il gloss ma il trucco rosa proprio non lo saprei vedere su di me….

    lens & anything else

  14. jamie-lee says:

    The make up came out really lovely – You look stunning! xx

  15. belle le foto e anche il tuo make up!;)


  16. Great make up
    you look amazing !!
    great look ! ;D

  17. Bellisima!

    Thaks for visit my blog and leave a comment!! 😉

  18. You look great with so much pink make up, I especially like the pink eye shadow. Beautiful photos.

  19. so beautiful!!! i will try that for sure!! but why should we never use makeup remover wipes?

    1. Heyy thank you :3
      We shouldn’t because they ruin the skin and close our pores.. they induce the skin to expel impurity..that means..we get pimples XD
      that’s what I got :)

    2. oh no we don’t want that :) thanks!! very good tip!!

  20. A & J says:

    Amazing look, I love it! A.

  21. giulia says:

    bellissimo questo trucco..il rosa non sta bene a tutti però;-(
    tu stai benissimo!
    un bacio

  22. Chahrazad says:

    Wauw!! Amazing picture dear. Totally love it.


  23. molto belle queste foto, l’ombretto poi ti sta benissimo… non so se sia propio rosso, ma è uno dei colori che amo di più per gli occhi..

  24. bellissimo make up che ti è stato fatto per questo shooting…super…
    kiss e buon week end

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    the simple life of rich people blog
    instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
    twitter @simpleliferichP

  25. You look really nice :)

  26. You look so pretty and this is such an interesting post! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. Delia. says:

    great post! I have J`adore parfume too and I`m in love with it

  28. Glorieta says:

    Hola preciosa!!
    Me encanta el outfit la combinación de prendas es perfecta.
    Te invito a que visites mi blog y tengas la oportunidad de ganar un estilismo completo valorado en 60 €.
    Un beso y feliz día

  29. María C. says:

    Un maquillaje precioso para el look!!

    Un besito y feliz finde :)

    La moda muere joven

  30. mary rec says:

    I love Dior. Are you beautiful.
    Amazing look.


  31. GUSIAK says:

    the make-up is beautiful:)

  32. Fantastic photos, and you look radiant with Dior Make Up!

  33. Diane says:

    your eyes look stunning! i don’t know if i would be bold enough to try pink eyes…but i LOVE the way they look!!!

  34. Natasha V says:

    I love the look. Why shouldn’t you use make-up remover wipes?

  35. great make up! beautiful :)

  36. The makeup is quite lovely on you and that coat is gorgeous!

  37. Suzanne says:

    I never thought about pink eyeshadow but this is really cute!

  38. Shei BP says:


    Muchas gracias por comentar en mi blog!!!! ya te sigo… espero que tú también!

    Tengo el collar que llevas en este oufit! de H&M, lo he publicado en mi instagram hace unos días!

    El abrigo me encanta!

    Un besito y feliz viernes!


  39. Elena says:

    Davvero bello questo make up!

    Baci, Elly

  40. you look amazing! 😉

  41. Buon weekend (: Reb, xoxo.

    * Nuovo post sul mio blog (;

  42. Inga says:

    i love your outfit, but sincerely i don’t think this make-up suits you. You’re very beautiful, but with this pink eye shadow you look said with your eye shape. Love your usual make up much more than this one!

  43. Gafitas says:

    Que suerte chica!!! Que maravilla poder ponerse en manos de un profesional y recibir de primera mano sus instrucciones. Queda muy alegre y juvenil el look creado, te queda fenomenal!!!

  44. Adorable make-up!
    You look such stunning! :)

  45. Adeline Yang says:

    it turns out great on you! :)

  46. Marti says:

    Well, it looks great! But probably as you said- preparing it every day can be hard 😉
    Btw, I’d never thought that makeup removing wipes aren’t good for skin! What best should we use, then?


  47. How simply gorgeous!!! I love this on you! And the outfit pairing is amazing!!! I could see rocking this look everyday now that I’ve seen it on you. It’s so pretty and vibrate.
    And I was seriously considering switching to make-up remover wipes! Good to know that my routine is better lol.

    Happy Friday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  48. Loved the post and your blog!

    Following you via gfc, follow me back??

    Much Love,


  49. Your make-up is amazing-LVE the necklace as well dear
    Looks like you had a wonderful time <3
    much love

  50. pi i says:

    I love how it looks that make up on you,
    pink & eye liner, I wanna try myself
    To me the best make up removel
    my all time favourites! It’s a product that I’ve used for years
    BIODERMA Happy weekend

  51. Scatter Girl says:

    Love your necklace, and your makeup is stunning! xx


  52. Carmen says:

    You look great, I really like your makeup and your outfit is amazing, too!

  53. Michelle says:

    I love your blog! I would love to follow each other! I’m following you now :)

  54. You look great honey and the make up is very well done! And your outfit is really cool, too.

    Say thanks to the make up artist 😉

    And thank you for showing it!



  55. Alex Terner says:

    my congrats!!!
    you’re very beautiful!!


  56. Viola says:

    Such amazing makeup!! I love Dior!


  57. Britt Whit says:

    wow love how you re-did this look! stunning

    love from San Francisco,

  58. El resultado es espectacular y estás radiante. Un beso.

  59. che bellissima esperienza :) e come sei bella ^^

  60. Dear, you look amazing with that makeup!
    Thanks for your comment!
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  61. che fortuna essere truccata da loro!
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  62. Mrs C says:

    I am seriously not a make-up girl.. mascara, some lipstick and off I go! You look beautiful, sweetie!

    Greetings from Dubai!

  63. loving all the neon pink!

    XO Sahra

  64. che belle queste foto attraverso il quale ci racconti di questa bellissima esperienza e tu stai molto bene :) io adoro tantissimo l’universo Dior make up :) vabbè chi non?
    New post is up on my blog

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    Hey! I really like your blog and your style! Thanks for your comment in my blog!
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  66. Soooo much pink! I dunno if I’m on board

    xo Ashley

  67. This make-up look so beautiful! I may try this put a darker pink for my skin tone! I love how you did the tutorial such a good post!

    xoxo Akinyi


  68. Karina Novia says:

    I like your blog! you look beautiful
    followed yours via GFC
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  74. Mara says:

    All those photos, so beautiful and magical ! Thank you for that great post !

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  76. alchi yonjen says:

    awesome captures!! you are beautiful love:)


  77. N says:

    I use Miss Dior Cherry and I love it :)

  78. Iwona says:

    Beautiful session:) I greet:)

  79. I really love this make-up on you!
    We like trying new things too!
    Thank you for your comment on chic-aholics.blogspot.com
    P.S. The L.V. Artsy M.M. Leather handbag is amazing!

  80. Bellissima la nuova collezione di Dior! :)
    Anche io spesso mi regalo una sessione di trucco con i make up artist di varie case di cosmesi, è sempre bello dedicare un pò di tempo a queste cose :)


  81. Very beautiful pictures… and the bow on the campaign is really fantastic… have a great weekend…

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  82. Claudia says:

    Anche io voglio essere truccata da lui!!!!!!

  83. Nico says:

    Ti sta davvero bene questo trucco! Il make-up artist l’ho visto spesso in Tv, che bravo!


  84. C H I A R A says:

    Che magnifica esperienza essere truccata da un make up artist Dior!!!

  85. Nerdy Asian says:

    The make up looks great on you! I like the hot pink smoky eye affect 😀

  86. Me gusta mucho el collar que llevas!
    Una experiencia q me encantaria hacer sin duda :)

  87. Marta says:

    Nice post! Very very nice outfit and you have such lovely necklace!


  88. Laura Llacer says:

    Me gusta el look!! y tu estás guapísima, que suerte has tenido con la sesión de Dior!!
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    Gracias por comentar en mi blog!!


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    wow your ever so pretty loved looking through all the photos very nice and the make-up looks amazing x


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    sei davvero fortunata! bellissime le foto! anche io adoro la “pelle di porcellana” ^^

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    Guau, guapísima :)
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