How To Decorate Your Mantelpiece And Make A Statement In Your Home


Does your mantel appear uninspiring or vacant? Christmas is approaching, and we have to admit that the holiday decorations like the garland, stockings and twinkle lights look outstanding on the mantel. But what to do with it during the rest of the year?

Well, it turns out that today is the ideal opportunity to redesign home decor and experiment with new looks. Additionally, this is the perfect time to appreciate simplicity in less.

The mantel is a good spot to start since it frequently serves as the room’s focal point. However, mantel decoration is challenging since it calls for a large statement to be made on a little surface.

Are you thinking about building a new home and the mantelpiece is one of the crucial things that you want to incorporate into it? Check out the Truoba contemporary house designs and get the design that you have in mind. Then use the tips below to decorate it in a stunning way. 

A focal piece

Not only do fireplaces catch people’s attention, but the wall above them as well. This is the ideal area to hang a huge artwork, tapestry, or photograph because an empty wall over a mantel can appear particularly dull and boring.

As a central focus for their mantel, some people prefer beautiful platters or mirrors, while others may choose a framed quote or another type of wall hanging. Make sure it’s big enough to highlight your fireplace, whatever you decide. A piece that is too small or enormous will look awkward or out of place in the space, respectively.

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A secondary focal piece

Use a big vase filled with blooms or other greenery for an excellent secondary focal point that isn’t overly attention-grabbing. A lantern or a tiny framed photograph or image that perfectly accents your major feature are other alternatives.

Massive, captivating decorations

The easiest way to avoid the mantel feeling cluttered is to utilize big ornamental items. To fill a mantel, just a few substantial objects are required. Small objects provide a congested appearance. You’ll realize that only 3-5 things residing directly on the mantel will be more than enough.

Avoid arranging items in a line

The most typical mistake is forming a lineup. Cluster your design items and spread them across the depth of the mantel rather than placing them in a straight line. The mantel isn’t particularly deep, but if you choose decorations with a depth or diameter that is less than half as deep as the mantel, you will have some flexibility in where you can place objects.

Bear in mind the vertical space

The vertical space above the mantel, not the mantel itself, is the most crucial area to decorate. The first step is to select a focus item that is the right size. Second, the mantel’s decorations need to fill the space between the big focal piece that hangs (or leans) above the wide horizontal shelf.

You require a few tall decor items that reach toward the top of the primary piece but are never taller than it.

Maintain a consistent theme

Have all of your components relate to one another in some way for a cohesive appearance. Your mantel decorations could have a quaint, aged appearance, or you could stick to a color scheme that complements the rest of the room’s decor.

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Utilize your imagination when decorating your mantel and keep these suggestions in mind. Enjoy it and allow your personality to come through.

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