April Moodboard: La Dolce Vita

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La Dolce Vita

“La Dolce Vita”… A state of mind, a lifestyle… My moodboard right now cause’ we are getting inspired to design something special!

ITALIAN FLAVOUR Among all the things we have been working hard on these days, one of the most exciting is probably the design of a piece for a brand, a cool project that I gotta keep a little bit secret for now. All I can tell you is that we are going to come up with a really stunning statement piece for this summer. It’s so hard to keep my lips sealed! I can only share with you my first little moodboard for now… Which basically also expresses how I am feeling lately, happy like a clam about enjoying finally this warm weather here in Italy again. The cities transform, the sky’s always blue, trees are green again, the sun kissing your skin all day long…All you can think about is beach life and what we call “La Dolce Vita“, the sweet life, enjoying every moment of it and being a little lazier than usual of course. There’s a whole thing behind saying “La Dolce Vita”. It’s almost a lifestyle, it’s about what you wear, what you eat, where you go. When I hear those words I think right away of Sorrento… Lemons, a red vespa, the blues of the sea and the sky as well as those striped beach umbrellas on the seaside.

La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita La Dolce Vita credits: Dolce e Gabbana Couture, Vogue Italia, Marie Claire France, L’officiel Ukraine, WhoWhatWear, Vanity Fair Italia, Elle Italia, Vogue China, Elle Russia

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