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Vingo the latest Online running app is making headlines across the fitness world and it is here to transform our fitness regime. The app is an amazing mixture of technology and tradition and the developers have looked into a lot of details to give us an amazing experience in it. Let us show you how it works.

Vingo is a Versatile App for Fitness

Vingo works with Virtual Reality at its core. The whole point of the app is to change your regular Indoor running time into an online adventure. It does this by taking you into a virtual reality complete with its own maps, sceneries and communities. You can engage in any regular exercise like, running, jogging or cycling, inside it and watch the app change your reality while you exercise.

It is enabled with some of the latest technological developments too. One example is the use of ANT+ sensors in it. This sensor will seamlessly monitor your movements while you exercise and helps the app give you valuable feedback. The app is also compatible with any of your treadmills, be it old or new. As for the app’s build, it is very versatile.

Get Virtual Reality for Your Exercise

The Virtual Reality we were talking about earlier, comes with the use of detailed images inside the app. The developers have used real locations from around the world to create maps in the app. You can select any of the locations and almost instantly, the app will bring the location to you. All you need is a big screen placed before your treadmill and the virtual experience is unbeatable, except of course for the VR headset version of Vingo. Your regular, boring treadmill time will now become a virtual Online running adventure.

The change of perspective from an intense workout to an interesting trip of exploration makes it an fun activity to do.

Get Expert Support & Community Support

You can also socialise with people in the app. The chat feature in the app allows you to talk to the different users sharing your location inside the app. You can find a lot of people from around the world, getting into Vingo every day. Athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders and more, all share the space with one goal in their mind, to get better. You can talk to them through the app and ask them to guide you, and to support you.

You can also join and create communities within Vingo. These are unlike your regular social media communities. Here, the goal is to have fun while you exercise and not just scroll through your feed.

Open a Free Account Now & Get 1 Year Subscription

To make it special, the app is now open for all and you can create your own free account in it. With this account you can access all the premium features in the app for the whole year. All the maps and locations are open to account holders and you can invite upto 8 people to join you in this new cycling app.


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