5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume Last Longer

A perfume is sometimes the best and most elegant accessory that you can wear. It leaves an impression whenever you decide to show up. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right type of fragrance that definitely suits you. However, there’s something even more important: making sure that your perfume stays long enough, so you won’t have to reapply it. So here are some simple tricks that will help you make that happen.

1. Don’t just spritz it around

Many perfume wearers make a classic mistake. They spritz it all around them, in hope it will linger behind them as they walk. Even though that certainly happens for a while, it’s essential to point out that spraying the perfume aimlessly isn’t going to make it stick. This is because when you spritz it in the air, it tends to evaporate more quickly. Plus, you’re also wasting a perfectly good fragrance. Learning to apply perfume strategically is the sure way to make it last longer.

2. Make sure to apply a cream beforehand

A scent-free cream or any type of a body moisturizer is the great way to make your fragrance last longer on your skin. When there’s some greasy support on your skin, the fragrance tends to increase. As long as the skin is nourished and properly hydrated, you can bet that it is going to last longer. Just make sure to wear a non-scented body lotion or cream, so there won’t be any scents mixing. 

3. Wear the perfume that definitely works 

Not all perfumes are made to be equal, so make sure to find a fragrance that has enough potency and power. If you check out 4711 Acqua Colonia Saffron & Iris Perfume Review you can see that its notes such as nutmeg, cedarwood, musk and patchouli are strong enough to withstand an active and busy day. Therefore, make sure to check it notes before you decide to purchase it, as that will largely determine the durability of all the scents that are inside.

4. Apply it on pulse points

Pulse points are where the heartbeat is the strongest and can be felt by touch. This is where you should apply it, since the skin is the warmest and it will remain the most noticeable. Typically, these body parts are: the back of your knees, inner elbows, your wrists, and your lower neck. This is the smartest trick you should know about if you want perfume to be long-lasting. This will ensure it lasts long even many hours after you apply it.

5. Make sure you’re fresh and clean

Your body needs to be clean as much as that’s possible. First, if you apply the perfume on a dirty or sweaty skin, the natural smells of sweat and your skin will mix in with the perfume, which is something you want to avoid. Applying perfume after showering will ensure that the perfume will be the true star. In fact, the best moment to apply perfume is as you’re getting out of the shower. That is the time when your pores are the most open, meaning that the perfume will seep into the skin better and make you smell amazing.


Applying perfume is an art that requires some mastering. But once you learn to do it, your perfume will last longer. These tips will help you do it right way. As long as you pick the perfect perfume that works for you, and apply it properly, you’ll be able to enjoy a long lasting smell that will follow you no matter where you go. 


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