5 Things That May Go Wrong During the Move

5 Things That May Go Wrong During the Move

Moving is a big challenge and the most stressful event in an individual’s life — regardless if it is your first time or you’ve done it several times before. There are more than one possible ways in which things may go wrong. Therefore, it is essential that you should prepare for some of the most prevalent moving problems, so as to maximize the odds of avoiding them. That is why we need to choose a professional mover like Delco Removals – local removalists. Here are five common things that may go wrong during the move to a new home:-

1.  Hiring an Unreliable Mover

One of the common problems that you may confront when moving is hiring an unreliable removalist. Their team shows up late even when the time was pre-decided. They have rude & unprofessional behavior, and clearly have no idea how to safely pack and load & unload your belongings. So, to avoid hiring a moving agency that is sloppy and unreliable, it is imperative to research.

Determine the market reputation of your removalist before you finalise them. Ask questions, such as

  • How do they guarantee that your items will safely reach the destination?
  • How many years have they been in the industry?
  • Do they have a moving license & insurance?

Get free estimates from three or four moving companies, compare them to hire the right one. Visit https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/removals/removalists-sydney/ and request a quote to hire extra help.

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2. Furniture Not Getting Through the Door

A house relocation involves numerous difficulties, and one such problem includes furniture items not fitting through the main door.

And, in the worst-case scenario, you force the furniture through the narrow hallways or small doors.

So, what do you need to do?

You should measure your large furniture items, then compare it with the hallways and doorways to know whether the furniture can easily pass through or not.

Disassemble the large furniture into smaller items, so that they can be carried around easily. It would be best if you get the furniture dolly and seek professional help to prevent property damage.

You can even go that extra mile in removing the door from the hinges if the furniture doesn’t fit through.

3. Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries

You need to remember that some house relocation problems are serious, like personal injuries. Personal injury to you and your family is possible because you are unaware of what steps & measures need to be done to ensure 100% safety during the chaotic & unpredictable day.

Some common personal injuries include

  • Back injuries, like strains, herniated disks, pinched nerves, etc.
  • Muscle injuries, like cramps, strains, contusions, etc.
  • Injuries to toes, fingers, and hands

Here are some steps to prevent personal injuries:

  • You must clear all the objectives along the intended exit path
  • Keep your pet and kids away during the moving day
  • Wear proper shoes with a non-slip sole
  • Know your physical limits, don’t rush
  • Think twice before you lift heavy objects
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4. Overpacking

At glance, overpacking doesn’t seem like a big moving problem. Overpacking could be problematic because of the following reasons:

  • Packing & moving more items would lead to higher moving costs because of the overall shipment weight.
  • Packing more stuff would mean wasting more time, including more time spent during the packing and unpacking.
  • Packing unnecessary items means you’ll have to find extra space in your new home. here is NYC movers.

The solution to this problem is to be sensible and pack what you need. Don’t waste your time, efforts, and money by bringing old and degraded items into your new home.

Instead, a home move is a perfect decluttering opportunity to start afresh. You can give away stuff you don’t need to your friends and relatives, and donate some items.

5. Damaged Items

Damaged Items

When moving your house, it is imperative to keep in mind that improper packaging could lead to damage to your valuable belongings, especially those which are fragile. You probably don’t wish to open the boxes in your new house, only to find your heirloom vase broken into pieces or your favorite painting deformed.

The solution is to tick the below boxes:

  • Hire a professional to pack the items carefully
  • Use moving boxes, which are in good condition with no pre-existing sign of damage
  • Reinforce the strength of the moving boxes with quality packing tape
  • Label boxes appropriately

In the end, to stay clear of many of the moving problems, spanning from packing damages to personal injuries, hire credible removalists who have a good market reputation based on excellent client experience.


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