Fashion in 2022: What Should Be In Your Wardrobe?


It seems that after a long lockdown and isolation, fashion designers have decided to diversify the trends with bright colors and bold solutions. If comfort and moderation in style were topical in previous seasons, then this autumn can be called the season of individuality and expressiveness.

Leading fashion designers are offering us radically new trends. They have resurfaced from the depths of the past you will think that you have already seen these combinations. But this season has its twist: this time luxury and expressive textures are in vogue. So, what should you get for autumn 2022 from luxury clothing?

Wide-Leg Jeans

Thigh-high bell bottoms and baggy styles are on trend. Colors range from classic navy blue to the bold jersey. Relevant as well as monochrome solutions, that is black or white jeans.

Autumn combinations include oversized jumpers, oversized shirts and jackets with broad shoulders. These jeans could also be layered, so would be a must-have for autumn.


A velvet floor-length dress is a great option for an evening look. Midi-dress with an accent on the waist is suitable for cocktail parties. For everyday looks, you can use short and medium-length skirts made of velvet.

As for the color scheme, velvet things should be chosen in deep shades, such as blue, burgundy, emerald and black.


Leather and autumn are practically inseparable. But for the new season, it’s worth opting for a total look and dressing in leather from head to toe. The creative directors of fashion brands decided to make it easy for you and showed on the catwalk stylish suits with skirts, trousers and shorts, which are easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

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Vibrant solutions in the form of patent leather and animalistic colors are also on trend. You could go for trousers in these designs but opt for a loose fit. So you won’t look gaudy and your outfit won’t be blatant.

Total Black

Good news for black lovers! It’s in fashion, and it may not be diluted with bright or pastel elements. Get a black crop top and wide trousers in color and top it off with a straight-cut jacket from emerging designer clothing. You can accentuate the look with a wide leather belt, especially if the jacket model has wide shoulders.

Satin black dress pleases us not for the first year. You can safely wear it this autumn, but be sure to complement it with a black knitted over-size jumper or cardigan.


Oversized knits are in fashion, and they apply to any wardrobe piece, whether it’s a dress or a jumper. The main trends are oversize models, open shoulders and voluminous sleeves.

If you have knitwear in your bow, be sure to mix it up! For example, a wine jumper would be perfect with jeans or light-colored trousers, and a white loose dress can be emphasized with a corset or a belt.


Sweatshirts are a true wardrobe masthead. This wardrobe piece is basic, it helps you to build looks in different styles.

In 2022, the actual sweatshirt models are:

  • With intricate prints;
  • With flounces on the elbows and shoulders;
  • Sport-chic;
  • Elongated sweatshirt-dress;
  • With big brand logos and inscriptions;
  • Ethno-inspired by emerging designer clothing.

The sweatshirt can be used as an independent top as well as to create complex layered bows with it. For example, you can see an elongated lace T-shirt from beneath the sweatshirt’s bottom or shirt cuffs from the sleeves.

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Embroidered Lace Dresses

It’s hard to imagine luxury clothing without a dress adorned with lace and embroidery. Loose silhouettes are trendy, but shouldn’t look baggy. You can accentuate the waist with a leather or textile belt. It is important to choose an accessory with high-quality expensive accessories, so it would not cheapen the noble lace. The same requirement applies to buttons and any other fittings.

Lace on its looks expensive and spectacular – of course, if we are talking about the material of high quality. But embroidery on top of the pattern makes the texture even more intricate and rich. Such dresses are the hottest hit of the 2022 autumn.


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