5 Tips for Buying Indian Bangles

Indian Bangles

Do you want to wear Indian bangles? Throughout the years, bangles have remained popular when it comes to accessorizing. They are able to add some sparkle and interest to an outfit, as well as make you feel good. What’s more, there are some women that believe wearing gold bangles can improve blood circulation and have healing properties.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to wear Indian bangles, you can find it overwhelming when it comes to the choice you have on the internet. Here are five tips that are going to help you narrow down your search and find the best bangles for you.

Choose High Karat Gold

If there is one precious metal that India loves, it is gold. This is a very popular material when it comes to bangles, which is something that you will want to embrace. Indeed, wearing gold is a sign of prosperity and wealth. What’s more, it can show that you are power and self-assured. So, there is a lot of meaning behind wearing gold and this is something that you might like.

In addition, you will want to select an Indian bangle that has a high karat number when it comes to gold. This is going to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. Indeed, high karat gold is an investment, as well as being a beautiful piece of jewelry. For example, if you are going for open cuff style bangles, it is best to select one that is 22-karat gold. This is going to have a lovely shiny and yellow color, as well as still be durable for everyday wear.

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Know the Size

The next thing you want to consider is the size of the Indian bangle. After all, you want to be able to get it on and off without a problem. But, you also do not want it to fall off, as this is how you can lose your jewelry and not realize it. So, ensure that you read the description of the bangles you are looking at. Some will give you a size, whereas others will give you a measurement.

You should always measure your wrist before you buy a bangle. This is going to make sure that it will fit and take no risks. There is nothing worse than loving a design but having to send it back because you did not check the size.

Look at the Closure

Many people assume that bangles simply slip over your wrist, and this is how they go on and off. Yes, this is a popular design, and you will find a lot of Indian bangles do have this all-round style with no closure. It can be a good thing since it is easy to slip on and off but still fits your wrist.

However, there are some bangles that do have closures, which is something you might want to consider. For example, there might be a ball clasp lock. This might feel more secure on your wrist. Indeed, it will be done to personal preference of what you want to try.

Love the Design

While this can seem like an obvious tip, it is still an important one. You want to make sure that you love the design of your Indian bangle. After all, if it is made from a high percentage of gold, it is not going to be cheap. So, you may wish to purchase a design that you love and that you can wear every day.

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Thankfully, there are so many different designs available when it comes to Indian bangles. You can add some color and sparkle, as well as go for something subtle and elegant. There is something that everyone will love. You just have to take the time and find it for yourself so that you will feel happy wearing it.

Consider Stacking

Something that you can consider with bangles is stacking. This is popular and a good way to accessorize. But, you will have to select the bangles carefully since some are going to look better for stacking than others.

In particular, you can stack around three to four bangles, depending on the style. For example, you can have a centerpiece and work from there. Alternatively, you can choose simple styles and stack them together. This is definitely a way to play around with your jewelry and have some fun.


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