5 Tips for Selling Your Old Clothes

Your Old Clothes

Is your budget feeling a little tight? Do you need a little more cash in your wallet? Then, it’s time to take a look at your closet and Your Old Clothes. You could have a treasure trove sitting in there.

An Easy Way to Get Cash

Selling your old clothes is a quick and simple way to put some extra funds into your checking account. You can use those funds to pad out your budget, pay down your debt or fill out an emergency fund so that you don’t have to panic when a surprise expense comes your way.   

If this surprise expense happens before you make a sale, don’t worry — you can try to cover it with your credit card or an online loan. When applying for an online loan, check whether it’s available in your home state. For instance, you’ll want to apply for loans in New Mexico if you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe. You wouldn’t want to fill out an application for a loan that isn’t even accessible to New Mexico.

Using a credit card or an online loan lets you use borrowed funds to cover a surprise expense quickly. Once the expense is taken care of, you can start the steady repayment process. Selling your clothes can help you tackle these repayments faster.

How Can You Sell Your Clothes?

Now that you’re interested in selling your clothes, how can you do it? Here are five tips that will help you get started.

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1. Spruce Up Your Clothes

You can’t just pull the clothes from your closet and sell them. You have to make sure they’re in top shape first. These are some ways to spruce up your clothes:

  • Wash them.
  • Iron out any wrinkles.
  • Starch limp shirt collars.
  • De-pill wool sweaters
  • Do small repairs like unsticking zippers and sewing on missing buttons. 

2. Find the Right Store

Now that your clothes are ready to sell, you have to figure out where to sell them. 

A consignment store will take a lot of the work of selling clothes off your hands. The store will appraise the items, set the prices and sell them for a portion of the profits. 

If you don’t have any consignment stores nearby, you can always use online consignment stores to sell your old clothing and accessories. Sites will specialize in certain types of clothing, like vintage pieces, luxury brands or mainstream labels. Find the right picks for your wardrobe.

Sites like eBay, Etsy and Facebook marketplace are also options.

3. Take Good Photos

Don’t post one dark, grainy photo. You should have several photos in good lighting that show off the item at multiple angles.

4. Give Details

Your listings should include lots of details: the brand, the measurements, the fabric type, the color, etc. Writing “blue jeans” isn’t enough. You want to give buyers as much information as possible. 

5. Research the Price 

If you’re setting the prices for your online listings, you should do some research first. Find out what items are highly coveted by buyers and what similar items cost on the website. You should also check whether any of your items have increased in value. You’d be surprised by some of the resale value of designer bags at the moment — your bags could be worth more than their original selling price. This information should help you set the right prices.

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Following these tips will help you sell your clothes and pocket some cash. So, start emptying your closet!

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