6 Salon Marketing Ideas You Need to Get Right to Attract New Clients

Salon Marketing Ideas

Starting a small business is risky, especially because it can take up to 2-3 years to make a profit and become truly successful. Even worse, roughly 20% of businesses fail in their first year, mainly because the owners don’t know how to implement an effective marketing strategy that can make their business flourish. Have a look at the salon marketing ideas you need.

Unfortunately, many talented business owners struggle to grow their salon business and attract more loyal customers and clients. In today’s world, it’s impossible to rely on referrals, which is why it’s essential to embrace new ideas and take advantage of marketing trends that will help you beat your competitors. So if you want to see new clients in your salon chairs, stay tuned because we’re here to show you how to take your business to the next level.

Create a business website

Building a user-friendly small business website is one of the easiest ways to promote your services online. Without a website, many potential clients may question your credibility and choose to consider other business owners who know how to promote their work with style. Additionally, building a portfolio website allows you to showcase your work and convince clients that you’re the best stylist in town.

To attract more clients, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and don’t forget to update your website frequently. You can create a section for customer reviews so that new clients can learn about other people’s experiences. It’s safe to say that customer reviews have created a new field in digital marketing because being social and accessible allows your potential clients to determine whether your services and products are worth their investment.

Your website should be the place where people can find out about your services and pricing details. Combine that with an online booking platform, and your business will flourish.

Promote your business on social media

Social media marketing strategies can help you promote the name of your brand and meet your marketing goals. To become visible on social media, all you have to do is choose the right platforms, create business social media accounts and post content that attracts your target audience. For example, Instagram is best for sharing pictures of your best work, while Facebook is ideal for those who want to promote events and share useful tips with their clients.

When trying to promote your brand on social media, it’s necessary to understand how social media marketing works. For example, if you make Instagram your primary social media platform, you should learn how to use hashtags and create engaging content that will inspire your target audience to visit your salon.

Once you’ve reached your marketing goals, you can hire a social media manager who will update your social media profile and interact with the clients. For now, hiring a social media manager shouldn’t be on top of your list of priorities, but if you’re serious about growing your business, they will make your job a lot easier.

Get your salon visible on Google

We hate to inform you that being active on social media is not enough to grow your business rapidly. To turn your ideas into reality, you have to become visible on the Search Result Page as well. Of course, most clients will follow you on social media, but what happens with people who have never heard of your salon before but are in need of your services?

If potential clients can’t find you when they’re searching for your type of salon, it’s impossible to increase your online visibility and grow your business. To beat your competitors and make more profits, you can set up a Google My Business account and become visible on the most popular search engine in the world. That way, when people type ‘salon near me’ on Google, they will see your name on the screen.

Offer referral discounts

Another beneficial marketing strategy for attracting clients is to work with local businesses to give each other referrals. That is to say, if the boutique store next door has a customer that is looking for beauty services, they can let them know that if they use your salon, you will give them discount. This is a win- win deal for both sides and you will be satisfied with your agreement result. So, try to make a long-lasting and successful business partnership with local businesses.

Create a memorable client experience

Digital marketing strategies will help you attract new clients, but you have to work hard and create a memorable client experience for people who step into your salon. Luckily, there are various ways to keep your clients happy and willing to return to your salon.

Nowadays, people expect business owners to offer multiple services or products that can satisfy their needs. For example, it’s easier to get your hair and nails done in the same salon instead of investing time and effort to make different appointments. If you want to create a memorable client experience, it’s advisable to hire trained professionals and offer a wide range of services to your clients.

So, if you want to open a nail salon, you can also learn how to perform facial treatments, remove hair and become the master of micro-pigmentation. In addition, beauty standards are evolving, but it’s safe to say that long and fuller lashes will always be attractive. Therefore, by attending a Russian lash course, you will gain certification to do lash extensions in your salon. Offering these services may not be your priority, but you should consider this opportunity to learn new skills and give your clients a truly memorable salon experience.

Create a salon tour video for your website and social media profile

When developing content you want to post on social media or website, it’s essential to include a salon tour video. Video advertisements are an integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy because they can easily help your clients understand your services. In addition, video is the most popular format on social media platforms, and it encourages your target audience to visit your social media profile or website.

A video of your work environment is a powerful marketing tool that can turn every website visitor into a potential client. Once you upload the salon tour video On your YouTube account, you can embed it on your website and share it occasionally on social media. In addition, you can connect with your audience through stories by sharing before and after videos of your work. That way, your followers will be able to determine whether you’re a reliable and trustworthy service provider.


Developing an effective marketing strategy isn’t always easy, which is why it’s advisable to explore the latest marketing trends before investing in your marketing campaign. More importantly, be sure to understand your clients and what type of content they want to see on your website or social media profile.

Once you become aware of your customers’ needs, it will be easier for you to develop a perfect marketing plan that will boost your sales and help you spread the word about your new business. So, take your time to learn how to promote your services, and new clients will come your way.


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