8 must-have items for your next dinner date

8 must-have items for your next dinner date

Dinner dates are excellent if you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner. During your initial days as a couple, it is best to hang out in social and public places as it is just easier to break the ice then. With more people involved, there is a lesser chance of feeling awkward. By the time you are on date number four or five, you should make an effort and head to expensive restaurants for some one-on-one time. 

Lunch and dinner dates both have advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh. When it comes to supper, you almost always limit yourself to Friday and Saturday nights. Lunch, on the other hand, may work almost every day of the week, boosting the chances of finding a time when you’re both available. Choosing a lunch date during the week may also be a smart move that allows you to maintain control while providing an easy escape – just in case.

Dinner is the more popular option for a variety of reasons, but don’t forget that a little forethought goes a long way. Make a reservation ahead of time and, if possible, select a later sitting time. Dinner dates can be pretty tough to plan and execute, so let us simplify some things and help you plan your next dinner date with ease and comfort. Here are 8 must-have times that you will need for a good date night with your significant other. 

  • A Stellar Outfit

What is a date without a stellar outfit that makes you look and feel like a queen? A good outfit just makes you feel more beautiful and confident, so why are you refraining from wearing a pretty outfit for date night? Whether you choose to stay in or head out, we highly suggest you make an effort into what you wear, how you wear it, and if it is appropriate for the setting you are in. If you are staying home, keep it casual and flirty with a flowing dress or a casual pair of jeans and a tee. If you are spending a day in town, keep it comfy and relaxed in a pair of jeans styled with a simple tee and a jacket on top. Blazers and women’s leather jackets work particularly well in this regard. If you are going out together to a formal dinner, dress up in your most elegant dress. Dresses are the best for formal settings. If not a dress, try your luck with skirts or pantsuits. 

  • Good Music

If there is one thing that sets the mood, it is some good music. If you want to feel pumped and excited, play some upbeat music. If you want the air around you to feel super cozy and romantic, play soothing music to slow dance to; you can find the right kind of music for all occasions. If you are getting ready for date night at home, have a playlist ready. Carefully select your favorite romantic songs. Be sure to keep a good mix of upbeat tracks and some quintessential slower jams. If your music is good, everything else will automatically fall into place and appear more put together. If you are going out, make sure to pick out a restaurant that is elegant and chic. If you want to play something special for your SO, you can always request the staff to play it for you and your date to groove. 

  • Make a passionate toast to your significant other.

A drink before dinner will add a splash of colour to your evening, and there are so many alternatives to select from that you will be able to find the cocktail of your dreams. Alcohol is traditionally thought of as a digestive, however consuming it as an aperitif helps to break the ice and replenish energy. In addition to being a fantastic occasion to toast! Because toasting on a special occasion is a graceful deed and a gesture with those who join us throughout the evening.

A difficult skill to perfect, to be sure, but with a decent mental strategy ahead of time, anyone can express oneself beautifully during a toast. We recommend that you be succinct, that you select the right moment, and that you be motivated by a personal tale to which you both have a connection.

  • An Indulgent Cheese and Wine Board

Nothing quite as chic and classy as some cheese and wine. Whether you are heading out to a good restaurant or having a party of two at home, cheese and wine always hit the spot. They scream fancy and expensive, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to impress their date with a cheese board and wine? Nothing quite compares to a good bottle of wine and a fine selection of cheese. If you are concerned about it going over budget, you can always DIY it at home. A cheeseboard is not hard to curate. Look up videos online for ideas about cheese selection, setup, and more. Videos are very educational, especially when it comes to cheese and wine pairings. 

  • Opulent Candles and Romantic Flowers

What could possibly be more romantic than flowers and candles? There is a reason why a candlelit dinner is so hyped by everyone. It is something about the opulent and soft lighting that makes everything appear prettier. Flowers can make anyone feel special and cared for. Flowers are gorgeous to look at and thus look excellent as table décor. Every good restaurant has a flower set up on its tables. If you are hosting your SO at home, be sure to impress them with some lovely flowers. If you know their favorites, even better. Remember to keep it minimal yet impactful. Refraining from going overboard can be pretty challenging so just remind yourself to not overdo it. Elegant, chic, and supremely romantic, flowers and candles make all the difference in the world when it comes to dinner date experiences.

  • Delectable Dinner

What is a dinner date without dinner? In fact, what is any meeting with a special someone without food? Food is the way to literally anyone’s heart, so you have to put in the effort to make your SO’s meal special. If you are taking them out, maybe try making a reservation at their favorite restaurant or take them out to your favorite eatery. Restaurants, although convenient, can be loud, rushed, and frankly, expensive. The next best bet is home. If you are hosting at home, you can get takeout, but takeout is boring. If you are really looking to have a good time, we recommend cooking for your beloved. You may choose to do everything alone or together with your SO to have the experience of your life. We suggest the latter as there is nothing quite as fun or romantic as preparing a meal together. It allows people to feel more comfortable around one another and makes them feel closer. Moreover, it just feels nice to make something yourselves and then enjoy it together, regardless of how it turns out. If nothing, just do it for some good laughs. 

  • Exciting Games

Nothing breaks the ice between two people like a good game. Games are engaging, interactive, and fun; how can anyone complain about that? Put your phones aside and go old school. Pull out your favorite board games, cards, or puzzles and play together. Games lighten up the mood and get people more involved with one another. 

  • Some Fun Movies

An excellent date idea is to watch a movie together. Movies are engaging, interactive, and they allow two people to have fun individually. If you want to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate,  there is nothing like a good brainless film to watch together. You can choose to go to the cinema or set up your own mini cinema at home. Tuck into your couch with your favorite snacks and get rolling. Movies never disappoint, even the bad ones. In fact, if you are want to laugh and just hang out with your SO, watch the trashiest movie you can find. We promise you; you will not be disappointed. 

  • Delicious Dessert

No meal is complete with a good dessert. If you want to impress your date, feed them some dessert. Dessert always makes people feel instantly happier. Make sure to pick out something delicious and simple. End the night on a sweet note (pun intended). 

  • As a keepsake, take a photo of the moment.

When we travel, we snap photographs to remember every minute of our trip… why not do the same for a romantic date? This way, you’ll have a wonderful recollection of this event for the rest of your life.

Remembering an image for the rest of our lives is simple these days, thanks to the fact that we all carry a semi-professional camera in our pockets, our smartphones. Simply say “cheese” to unlock it.

  • Conclusion

Dinner dates are super fun and excellent if you are looking for a breather. While they are quite awkward for some, there are so many ways in which you can loosen up around one another. In our opinion, it is best to keep it simple and minimal as it is easy to execute and always works without failure. Make sure to follow our list of essential items you need for your next dinner date to have the best time of your life. 






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