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Selling a car not on the go on your own is very difficult. Car owners of such cars should prepare in advance for difficulties. However, you can make everything much simpler, easier and faster (and you will not have to read our article further) – contact Junkcarsus! Our company provides various services and offers many services. From buying cars to selling them in parts. We offer the best service in Florida. Given that our offices are located in all states, our representative office is also in Miami.

When you live in a sunny state, you don’t want to do boring things like selling a car on your own. At the same time, you need to take into account, if your car is broken, hit or does not start at all, you need to think about how to find a buyer. Nowadays, people are very picky and notice every little detail. We suggest not to think about the sale, independently look for customers, repair the car or place an announcement on the sites. The only option is if you sell to friends or relatives, but would anyone want to take a broken down car?

At this time, our specialists in Miami, Florida will make an urgent redemption of cars after accidents, serious breakdowns, prolonged inactivity, including spare parts. In connection with the rise in price of car maintenance, the demand for high-quality original spare parts and consumables has increased significantly. Even a faulty car in critical condition can bring its owner a monetary benefit. The main thing is a qualified assessment and the correct selection of potential buyers. Taking into account all the nuances of the sale, we advise you to contact the professionals, so we are sure that you will choose the best junkyards in Miami.


Services we offer:


  • Urgent redemption of any cars, regardless of technical condition. Even if the car is not able to go, it does not start, it looks like car trash it can be sold.
  • Honest expert evaluation of the vehicle with free visit to the client.
  • Official provision of services on the basis of a contract.
  • Removal of the client’s vehicle free of charge by tow truck, if it is not able to move.
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Buying out faulty cars is a wide niche where there is always a regular demand. Cars are often sold because of problems with the engine or gearbox, especially automatic. Repair in these cases is often 30-60% of the cost of the vehicle. Often this is not profitable for the owner. Redemption of a car with faulty electrics. Another well-known case is electrical problems. They are sometimes irreversible even in the official service, so they get rid of the car. In addition, there is a demand for original spare parts from old cars. Buying a car off the bat through Junkcarsus is a bargain that will preserve your economic interests.  

We are engaged in the redemption of any cars, including cars broken, faulty and emergency. We consider all cars in any condition and with any damage. To sell a broken car, leave a request on the site and attach a few photos. After a preliminary assessment, our manager will contact you for a detailed inspection and determination of the cost. So that we can contact you as soon as possible, fill out the application form. 


Advantages of buying out broken cars


  • Speed – we save your time on inspection, paperwork and money: we will look at the car online, our expert will arrive at a convenient time for you. 
  • Honesty – we work openly, conduct transactions legally cleanly, in accordance with the law.
  • Adequacy of assessment – do not find fault with trifles. We perform an assessment in your favor, we always try to help. After buying your car, even if hidden defects are revealed, we never have any complaints.
  • A real opportunity to sell transport. Due to the oversaturation of the car market, there are very few potential buyers on the “cue ball”, even at a discount. 
  • Therefore, services from our specialists are a good, financially profitable chance to sell a vehicle without unnecessary hassle and nerves.


Urgent redemption of broken cars through the company “Junkcarsus” is reliable and guarantees that the transaction will be made, and the client will remain at his best interests. Finding a buyer for your strength is always a waste of time, an uncertain wait, the risk of being left without a car and money. Entrusting the redemption of the car to professionals, you thereby achieve the result faster and bypass many difficulties in this area. Any car owner may encounter a situation where it is necessary to sell a car profitably. Moreover, often the redemption of a used car should be carried out as quickly as possible. Do not forget that, despite the seeming simplicity of this operation, a person who independently decided to quickly sell a car needs to be extremely attentive and careful – buying used cars and urgent redemption of cars in Miami is a favorite area of activity of dealers and scammers of all kinds, trying in every way to deceive the owner of the car for ransom. More than one hundred methods of deception have been invented, ranging from banal fake banknotes or fictitious contracts to all sorts of ways to underestimate the real price of buying out a car – everything goes into the course up to dummy appraisers or even car services. For more than 5 years, we have been buying out cars affected by accidents. Call us and you will be able to sell your car on the same day! We know all the subtleties of selling emergency cars, which allows us to act quickly and efficiently. We will help to collect the necessary documents, reissue them. Just call us and exchange the keys for money, we will do the rest ourselves! 

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If you need to urgently get money for your faulty or damaged car, you can take it to the dismantling of the network in Florida. The company’s specialists will help you fill out a questionnaire, make a preliminary assessment of the cost of a damaged car in any condition, and in case of your positive decision to sell, they will help to conclude a deal.



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