Benjamin Moore Hale Navy : The Best Navy Blue Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Paint colors are complicated, and it’s the quantity one topic I buy requested regarding the foremost right here at the weblog. So, as a result, I believed I’d start today’s collection to highlight the most nicely favored paint colors, sharing my very personal non-public tips, and showing global region examples I’ve observed at some point of blog land. In recent times, I’m starting the collection off with Benjamin Moore hale navy, that in my opinion, the quality blue paint color is accessible.

Benjamin Moore Hale navy

Their square degree this sort of massive quantity of times once the correct blue paint coloration will be handy. So whether or no longer you’re trying to function AN accent wall, paint your room cabinets or piece of furnishings, or perhaps paint the outdoor of your property, Benjamin Moore Hale navy may be a conventional opportunity that may be beaten. It’s dateless and versatile – as you will be able to see in these rooms, I’ve coupled below. But it’s moreover a terrific impartial.

That’s proper. It seems instead bizarre that any such dark coloration will feature an impartial, huh? However, it’s real. This nicely-appreciated blue paint color pairs properly with this kind of large quantity of absolutely one-of-a-kind hues – time of 12 months colors like reds & oranges look stunning towards this dark scenery and, consequently, light-weight grass and crisp whites and natural timber tones. And in view that it’s a balance of each warmth and cool undertones, it’ll combine nicely with nearly any trim color and flooring.

It moreover looks best all instructed lighting things.

For this reason, whether or no longer you’ve got a vibrant lit southern-facing solar parlor or a dark, windowless restroom, Benjamin Moore Hale army is the best pick out for you if you want to apply one of every of the best blue paint hues out there in the marketplace these days.

But don’t forget about, Hale military is an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for fabulous blue outside paint. Suitable opportunity on your outside door too! (be positive to scroll all the ways to the top of to submit for the most brilliant lakefront domestic painted in Hale military!)

If you want those Hale navy comes and rooms and desire extra statistics, absolutely click on the supply hyperlink below each photograph and provides these talented designers and bloggers with a go-to!

The first-class blue Paint color Benjamin Moore hale navy

HALE army UNDERTONES Benjamin Moore hale navy

Pretty, this military paint color could be very distinctive in contrast to opportunity blue paint colors, because it has entirely the faintest green undertone (and even that solely indicates once there’s a first-rate quantity of vegetation close to it). As a substitute, BM Hale military has gray undertones that you’ll see in almost any scenario but especially once paired with timber or lighter stained floors. The gray additionally will be titillated out if paired with gray roofing or brick.

Hale navy is hired in nearly any region due to its transition coloration, indicating each warm and cool undertones. The caveat is victimization it in a very place even as no longer a high-quality natural light-weight, anywhere the dark nature of its miles overwhelming. In this situation, victimization on AN accent wall can preserve it from being too dark.

Some paint shades modification notably in South or North going through rooms, but Hale army tends to vary entirely in the strength of the gray undertones that begin-up. If you would like that deep, wealthy blue coloration to return out, integrate it with white accents in a very area that receives rankings of herbal light-weight.

WHAT hues companion with Benjamin Moore hale navy?

Their square measure any such enormous quantity of colors that coordinate well with Benjamin Moore Hale navy. In reality, numerous would argue (myself covered) that navy is speedy developing its way into the neutral coloration elegance. That being aforesaid, their square degree some colors that significantly appearance nicely with Hale army.

A few favorites from Benjamin Moore hale navy encompass:

  • Spring grassland
  • Butterfield
  • Hidden very well
  • Piedmont Cream
  • White Dove
  • Cloud White
  • surely White
  • gray Wisp
  • Fawn
  • Revere metallic (in my residing room)
  • Withe Blue (in my feeding room)


Under rectangular degree some actual-existence samples of Hale army as every the most paint color AND as an accessory. If you’re approximate to apply Hale army in your house, verify to try and check a piece of material in every region as it will look exceptional in any location.


Allow’s start with the center of the home—the room. Yes, you higher trust that Benjamin Moore’s illustrious army color has created AN look in several kitchens. This room with Hale military cupboards indicates Hale navy as a prime accessory coloration during this attractive region from Country wrapping paper. The varied lightweight allows showing the intensity of the Hale navy, whereas the white countertops and white and gray backsplash assist hold the blue shining via.

This next room indicates however vivid and pleased this Hale navy room island designed using Studio McGee is. The white woodworking and mild-weight timber ground facilitate the very blue pop for a laugh accent.

Lavatories WITH Benjamin Moore hale navy

This relaxation room indicates Hale’s military’s darkest aspect. The look by using Christina’s Adventures alternatives dark flooring and grout. The one’s additives at the facet of the herbal light-weight adjoining carry out the wealthy, Turkish army color.

As a take, a look at in opposites, this relaxation room with Hale army from Studio McGee suggests light-weight however the color is. In this case, every of the great. And comfy and gray undertones square measure being forced out by way of the natural lightweight and therefore the white close the cupboards.

BEDROOMS WITH Benjamin Moore hale navy

This master suite with Hale navy walls from DIY ornamentation mother shows the color off as a cozy impartial contrasted via the cream curtains and carpet. The accent inexperienced issue tables blended with the herbal light-weight no longer shining without delay at the Hale navy pulls out honestly the slightest trace of deep green undertones—can you see it?

The gray undertones square measure showcased throughout this Hale military boys’ bedchamber. Introduced using the wooden floors and accents. Also, because the herbal lightweight shone immediately on the walls. Lehman Lane did a perfect activity showcasing this lovely military!

This location from examining the manner shows however flexible the color is—it works with almost every trend. Right here, the rich blue comes via this Hale army master suite. The quality and ease undertones, square degree brought out by the curtains. And dark aspect desk segue from the white accents to the Hale navy.

HALE navy IN feeding ROOMS

This Hale army accent feeding region suggests but gray Hale navy is. Claire Gifford’s feeding vicinity nook looks nearly slate rather than navy.

The   is drawn out of Hale navy all through this feeding location from Saffron road with wood flooring and white accents. This creates a warm accessory wall that is bold at the same time as now not being overwhelming.

HALE navy in the lounge

While this daring color can be an excessive amount for a lounge. Hale navy works alternatively well in rooms with an exceptional deal of herbal light-weight and white trim.

My new domestic alternatives include an entire wall of home windows and a wall of white constitutional bookshelves, and a fireplace; therefore, this adorable blue color becomes the proper moody surroundings.

The pops of white from my trim and light-weight wood tones from my gallery wall very pop on the Danish, at ease history!

HALE navy outdoors

This adorable Hale army exterior indicates over again but versatile this color is. The white accents and gray bricks and roof pull out the gray undertones, making a compelling feeling. Isn’t it genuinely appropriate?!?

If you look carefully, you’ll see the one’s mild inexperienced undertones pressure out over again near the foliage of this Hale army outdoors by using Gordon James. The cream within the bricks helps stability the gray undertones via the propulsion of the army.

Pointers FOR portray an area Benjamin Moore hale navy

I’ve gathered a number of the only gear for painting a place yourself. 1st of all, you’ll wish to envision this post I wrote: portray an area in 5 straightforward steps. These tools square degree the very best tools I benefit from once painting my rooms. But they get painted 95th of the time!

Paint Brush – than paintbrushes square degree a hint costlier than your fundamental brush. However, they’re pricing it! I’ve used these brushes for pretty a decade. And if you wash them out properly when each uses them. They may be going to be remaining for years.

Painter’s Tape – a demand to have to tape off edges. But, of course, you’ll get to tape off all edges if you don’t have a sluggish hand.

Drop Cloths – a requirement to have if you don’t have any birth spherical the house already.

Paint cup – advantageous you will use an unspecified cup. However, I’ve come returned to swear by this one. The magnetic piece holds your brush cleanly in situ after you bought it to take a precise level. And it fits my hand lifeless, maintaining it from cramping.

Roller receptacle – I’ve found the only paint receptacle I’ll ever use yet again. The magnetic piece is high-quality for holding the roller in situ. And consequently, the liners square degree is a luxury. But I won’t paint while not them because it shuts down a breeze!

FAQ of Benjamin Moor hale navy

What color Benjamin goes with Benjamin Moore hale navy?

Benjamin Moore Hale military has a few diffused the darkest gray undertones; however, it is mainly a deep, rich blue. You will undoubtedly use dozens and dozens of assorted reminder white with this paint. And that they could all look satisfactory! It is brilliant with crisp white and creamy off-white.

Is Hale army too gray?

BM Hale army may be a color that accentuates your ornamentation; however, it isn’t always so loud that it does not coordinate well with the other fixtures of your own home. In opportunity words, it can be a particular blue color; however, it nonetheless performs well with completely distinct colors while not being a blueberry.

Do Benjamin Moore hale navy and blue go?

  1. gray and blue. Like every dark paint coloration. It is vital to balance it with giant neutral areas to save you it being too authoritarian in a total area. The rich navy mixes fantastically with faded gray and lighter blues to make a sensitive, natural coloration aggregate.

What paint goes with a Benjamin Moore hale navy ?

Coloration PAIRINGS

The military can be an amazingly flexible neutral that works properly paired with opportunity colors. For one issue, quiet shades like grey-veggies faded crimson and white look incredible. However, if you are extra daring, choose browns and oranges. Or possibly a warm purple– in reality, consider that a bit of quantity is going an extended way.

What color is going with blue paint?

Black-shaded colors like dirty red, hunter green, and maroon proportion army’s depth and rectangular measure feasible to vanish as soon as paired with the blueish hue. Fortunately, you will find many colors, collectively with mustard yellow, vibrant crimson, cherry purple, and even bimetal gold, that cross especially with blue.

What’s the most effective Benjamin Moore hale navy color?

The pleasant blue Paint coloring

Benjamin Moore Hale military: A dateless classic, this deeply saturated coloration of blue conjures rich maritime traditions and storied exploits. …

Benjamin Moore hale navy :

Formal and masculine, this blackened blue leans closer to the classic army, suggesting fantastically tailor-made suits and ancient pea coats.



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