Big and Tall Mens Clothing: Fashion Disasters to Avoid

Big and Tall Mens Clothing
Big and Tall Mens Clothing

Dressing smartly is one of the essentials of being a man. Sadly, most men do it wrong and end up making fun of themselves. This is where the importance of teaching mens fashion comes in. There are a few big and tall mens clothing rules when it comes to men’s dressing, and that’s all you need to follow to dress well and look better.

Let’s take a look at some common fashion disasters you should avoid looking better instantly.

Big and Tall Mens Clothing: Pairing a tie with a short-sleeved shirt

The butlers at the fast-food joint near your office may look cure wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a tie. But you are not him, and you shouldn’t try to be like him. Short-sleeved shirts are never recommended to wear in the office, but if you do, please give up on the tie. Restaurant workers wear a short-sleeved shirt because their sleeves are likely to get dirty, fixing tables and dishes.

If you want to wear a tie, always wear a long-sleeved shirt. You can fold your sleeves up to your elbow if you want, but let your short-sleeved shirt for the upcoming summer holiday.

Wearing suspenders and a belt together is Big and Tall Mens Clothing blunder

Suspenders and belts both do the same work: hold your pants up. While a belt is more stylish, you can use a suspender, too, if you want. But wearing them together is probably the biggest fashion disaster you can make. The belt and suspenders are not meant to be worn together, and doing so is an obvious fashion error. Not only will it make you look like a rectangle, but it’ll also cause discomfort.

That being said, suspenders can be stylish too, especially with white-collar wear. But make sure to follow the teaching mens fashion match the leather of your suspenders.

Big and Tall Mens Clothing: Popped and protruding collars

Both popped and protruding collars look awful. In fact, you should always pay special attention to your collar. Make sure the point of your collar is downward. In addition, your collar should be folded evenly. Another collar mistake men make is wearing double-collared shirts. That’s equally disastrous, and don’t do it unless you want to become popular for your twisted fashion sense.

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So, always opt for a one-collared shirt and fold the collars properly. When wearing a shirt with a jacket or blazer, make sure the collars are not overlapping with lapels. The points of your collar should not extend beyond your jacket lapel’s edge.

Suits that are too loose (or tight)

Suits are classic and timeless outfits for men. Wearing a well-tailored suit can instantly make you look better, provided they are well-fitted. Fitting is an essential element of clothing, but it becomes critical when you wear a suit. Suits are meant to make you look slick and sophisticated. But no matter how expensive or branded your suit is, it’ll look cheap and outdated if it’s not well-fitted.

Also, it’s quite understandable that everyone cannot afford a top-of-the-line suit. But buying an average quality suit and getting it well-fitted can make it look more appealing and expensive than other bespoke suits out there. You can solve this problem by buying tailor-made suits. They are inexpensive and will fit you perfectly. If you purchase a ready-made suit, make sure to take it to your tailor and get it fitted as per your body measurements.

Denim jackets

Don’t get us wrong; denim jackets are cool, but they’re not in the trend anymore. If you have a nice-looking denim jacket, you might wear it out for casual occasions. But don’t risk putting it on for work, weddings, parties, or other instances where you’re expecting to meet a lot of people.


Anime shirts, fedoras, dragged hoodies, and thick glasses – you won’t impress anyone with geekwear, so it’s best not to wear it. Clothes like these might look cute on kids or maybe a few girls, but putting them on as a man will be an eyesore.

And even if you want to go for the geekwear, at least avoid t-shirts with anime or comic book characters. Instead, go for plain or stripe t-shirts in bold colors.


Crocs were never in trend, but men still wear them. Not only do they look cheap, but they make you look hideous and unstylish. If you have a pair of crocs, wear them only at your home and not in public. You can wear them if you’re relaxing in your garden or watering your plants, but avoid them if you go out and meet people.

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Big and Tall Mens Clothing: Mismatching shoes and belt

Matching the shoes with the belt is one of the essential rules of formal dressing for men. Yet, so many men forget this simple color rule. If you’re one of them, always remember that your shoes should match the color of your belt. It’s okay if the quality of the leather or the shade differs slightly, but if you’re wearing a black belt, stick to black shoes only. Brown, blue, grey, and all other colors are a big no.

However, you can be a bit playful with less formal outfits. For example, if you are going out for clubbing, wearing a black belt with brows shoes is fine. But make sure to not go poles apart. For instance, you don’t want to wear a black belt and pair it with bright red sneakers. Another pro tip: always keep your shoes clean and free of dirt and scratches.

Being too colorful

Don’t wear too many colors unless you want to mimic a rainbow. Your attire should not have more than three shades or colors at maximum. Moreover, they also keep in mind the color rules when putting different shades together. Always stick to analogous and complementary colors. You can be creative and mix different shades, but remember that less is more.

Be it casual or formal, it’s better to mix shades and textures to add versatility. But this is where most men make mistakes. When choosing colors, make sure each item compliments the other. Don’t show up as if you dressed without turning the lights on.

Wearing the wrong socks

When wearing a suit or something formal, match the color of your socks to your color of pants. Many men make the mistake of matching their socks with their shoes. If you’re wearing a navy-blue suit and black shoes, your socks should be navy blue and not black. That being said, it’s okay to match your socks with shoes if you don’t have a pair that matches your pants.

The rules change when wearing a light-colored suit. For a light suit, wear socks that are a shade darker than your suit but lighter than your shoes. It gives a good transition look to your outfit.

Nowadays, invisible socks are in trend, which has made the socks game quite easy for men. Besides, invisible socks also give a cleaner look and make you look younger.


Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain rules that always persist. It’s fine if you’re someone who doesn’t like to pay a lot of attention to how you look. But the last thing you want to do is make people giggle when you enter a room. Follow the basic color and fitting rules discussed above to make sure you look at the best version of yourself no matter where you go.


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