Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush: Dentist suggested!

Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush: Dentist suggested!

The Texas-based oral healthcare company Bitvae has brought forth its collection of cost-effective and user-friendly options to beat the chunk of generalized electric brushes that have flooded the market. The newly released Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush adds to the galore of dental hygiene products that don’t just clean the teeth but also protect the gum from decaying in the long term. 

Are you wondering how ‘just another electric toothbrush’ will offer you a host of periodontal benefits? It is time to dive deeper into its set of positives – 

Let’s take a look at – 

What Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush offer? 

As a ‘user-centric’ brand that offers a wide variety of dental care products to the market, Bitvae is a healthcare company that specifically undergoes detailed research and development before creating any of its products. They have been a part of this oral healthcare industry for a fair share of a decade and know ‘what the current users’ demands are’ and wish to curate and improve products taking that into account. 

The Bitvae D2 toothbrush was created after taking into account the market demand for a superior quality electric toothbrush that removes dirt but does not hurt the gum line. In fact, close to 41% of people have used electric toothbrushes (a 2022 report states), and they have vouched for the fact that the experience was far better than a manual toothbrush. 

What makes it an immediate choice for dental care? 

There are a host of electric brushes available in the market, and yet the question remains what that ‘key’ aspect of Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush that other electric toothbrushes cannot match up to is? 

  • With a noted standard of 40,000 strokes per minute, this, compared to any electric toothbrush, offers a higher rate of plaque removal. The pulsations of the brush are set in a way that it categorically cleans between the gum line and teeth – so as to not exert pressure on the area. 
  • This toothbrush, unlike any of its contemporaries, is available in 5 modes – to be chosen as per requirement. So, if you are looking for complete daily cleaning of your teeth, use the clean mode. Apart from that, you can always opt for the polish mode to improve appearance, the white mode to effectively remove stains, or the soft and gum-care mode for sensitive teeth. 
  • How many electric toothbrushes will you find that is not only ADA certified but also use dentist-rated techniques for deep cleansing? This Bitvae D2 is a powerhouse of a toothbrush that follows this technique and protects your oral health for a long time. 
  • Also, this electric brush is specially designed to ensure comfort and cleaning in case you have any specific dental condition. 

Therefore, you can always pick up this Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush to ensure a comprehensive cleansing of your mouth and better your periodontal condition. 

What is its price range? 

The price of this product is $24.99. However, if you are buying it from any third-party source, then they will probably add a couple more charges to the original price.

What is the ‘X’ factor of this product? 

Compared to the other electric toothbrushes in the market, the Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush comes with a host of benefits. Some of its key features include – 

  • Available in 5 modes for varied ages

The most beneficial aspect of this product is – it covers a wide range of ages. This toothbrush is available in 5 modes – from daily cleaning and dirt removal to polished teeth, sensitive gums, and improved oral blood flow. So, whether a child or an adult uses this, one gets maximum benefit. 

  • ADA-backed ultrasonic toothbrush 

This electric toothbrush comes certified by ADA, and the W-shaped bristles not only remove the usual dirt but also categorically reach the ‘hard-to-clean’ spots. It has close to 8 replacement heads and can be used for a maximum of 2 years. 

  • Limited charging period – with maximum usage 

Whether you are traveling or lagging behind in time, this electric toothbrush works for a span of 30 days with a basic 4-hour charge. The USB port is particularly suitable for a 5V0.5A adapter or your power bank. 

  • IPX7 waterproof format with a set timer 

What makes this toothbrush a premium product versus the usual ones in the market is its – waterproof design: IPX7 that ensures one can use the same in the bath. Also, not every other electric brush follows the dentist-recommended practices that this Bitvae brush follows.

FAQ that you cannot miss! 

Here’s the answers that you might be looking for – 

Q1. Which website will provide details of this toothbrush?

In case you are wondering where to get the details of this electric toothbrush, you can always check out this website. This is a verified website in coordination with Bitvae and provides details about the concerned product. 

Q2. Is there a Bitvae affiliate program?

There is no affiliate program for Bitvae. However, the Amazon affiliate program includes Bitvae, and therefore, if you are part of their affiliate program, you can earn a commission.

Q3. Where to buy Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush? 

The easiest way to get this toothbrush here –

Q4. Where to put a review of the Bitvae D2 toothbrush? 

You can always put the review up on the website. Add some pictures to make this review more authentic. 

Q5. How do I return a defective toothbrush? 

Bitvae takes extreme precautions to deliver premium products to its customers. In case you still get a defective electric toothbrush from our end, you can always bring it to the notice of the website and register a complaint. After that, put it up for exchange, and the company will do the needful. 

Last thoughts 

Compared to traditional electric toothbrushes, this Bitvae D2 electric toothbrush comes with 5 modes that not only cleanse your teeth but also improve blood circulation and the gum-health. Backed by the ADA – this toothbrush is far more precise and can remove stains up to 7 times the standard brush. Thus, this electric toothbrush, compared to its immediate competitors, has become a mass favorite within a short time! 


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