The Best Bras for All Breast Sizes: How to Shop for Lingerie?

Best Bras for All Breast Sizes

Hey ladies, are you choked or exhausted from selecting lingerie from the abundance? Unable to find the right size and playful article to feel sassy yet comfy inside? Unaware of the different bra styles suited for different occasions? Please! Don’t fuss, we are here with all the answers, to your queries. Lets find out The Best Bras for All Breast Sizes and How to Shop for Lingerie?

Hope you all know about the importance of knowing your breast size and the right style for getting the desired style and comfort. But, those who are beginners, hunting for the first ever lingerie for their delicate drawer and a few who are unaware of how to shop for lingerie, we are also providing some tips for them.

Lingerie is not a new word, and from centuries women wear this clothing to enhance and hold their assets to get a perfect and sassy figure. Nowadays, the lingerie market is full of numerous lingerie styles with diverse designs, colors, fabric, and quality. Many trustworthy and leading brands are competing in the market to serve their customers with the best product, launching innovative and practical lingerie for every season, size, and event. Ah! But this has two sides one is positive, that we have a pool of choices to pick from, and the negative is this abundance of choices sometimes leads to confusion and wrong selection. We need to be extra careful while picking one. Fortunately, we have the Prima Donna Orlando, which has excellent functionalities that fit every woman, making it the best-selling bra.

We have to measure and know about the bust size before visiting any lingerie store or website. Let’s check how to measure the breast size personally at home in a few minutes:

  • Arrange a clothing measuring tape.
  • Always measure your size while braless or wearing a non-padded bra.
  • First, measure the band size by placing the measuring tape around the torso (the area just under your bust where bra band would sit). Make sure that the measuring tape is snug fit and leveled. Then, write down the nearest number and if the number is even, then add four extra inches but if it is odd then add five inches to the number. And you will get the exact band size. Like if you mark 33 inches, then add extra five to it, and your band size is 38.
  • Secondly, take your bust measurement to know the cup size. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of the chest nearly at the nipple level. Write down the number you measured.
  • At last to know the cup size subtract the band size from the bust measurement and check the cup chart. Like if the bust measurement is 41 and the band size is 38, then your cup size is C.
  • And the bra size is 38C.

After knowing your perfect bra size, now it’s time to get a pretty bra for yourself. Cutting out all the odds of finding, alluring and figure-hugging lingerie, after sifted from countless reader reviews we rounded up the best bras for all breast sizes making it easy to get the finest articles to hold your assets.

Perfect for beginners: A cute lace bralette

Bralette is cute, comfy, and a sassy version of a simple bra. It provides ample support for small to medium boobs and keeps you confident inside out.  This bra style is perfect for beginners and who are confused. You can pair a bralette with the sheer top while its colorful lace peeking out from the sides looks amazingly wow and make you feel trendy and chicer.

One for all:  A padded bra

Almost every bra style has its padded version. Now, you need not tofeel shy about your small boobies, and to worry about the erected nipples.Pick one stylish padded bra complementing with the dress and get a smoldering hot figure. Yes, you can easily get a padded plunge bra or a padded sports bras. And the best part is they are available for every bust size from small to large. Color choices are plenty.So, ladies,everything is there in the store you carefully need to pick the right article for your assets.

Full of support: Racerback style

When you need extra support and wants to avoid the straps slipping off the shoulders, opt for racerback style bras. This bra style has crisscross back straps forming an X. Racerback bras are highly beneficial for women with large breast. Mostly available in pullover and front-closure style, these bras are designed to sit firmly on the skin and never dig into and sores. A racerback bra also exterminates the issue of slipping off the straps from the shoulders due to their crisscross straps design. You can pick Trenta tall triangle underwire bra which features front closure and delicate floral lace silhouettes for a seamless effect.


Get a killer look: Plunge bra

Popular as special occasion bra, a plunge bra is highly recommended with deep neckline outfits or sometimes when you want to flaunt your sexy cleavage. This bra magically vanishes under the deep necklines. You can pair a beautiful and comfy plunge bra with your low-cut dresses, formal wears, wedding dress, and on date night when you want to look sexy. A plunge bra is available in different styles like the longline, strapless, lacy style, with a molded cup, and convertible style. Never say never plungie longline bralette can be the ideal pick if you want to support, amazing cleavage, and a pullover style

The knight in shining armor: Convertible Bra

Sugars, this is the must-have bra which every gal should have in her lingerie drawer. A convertible bra gives a solution to many wardrobe related challenges. This magical bra gives you the freedom to adjust the straps to practically any style. You can amend a convertible bra to full coverage to longline to plunge to even sports bra according to the support and style you need. They bring great versatility to your wardrobe so never forget to buy one to complete your lingerie collection. 

For an ultra-feminine look: Balconette bra

Balconette bra is a half cup bra which lifts the boobs to enhance their appearance and cleavage. This bra is also available in push-up, padded, and convertible styles. From lace to daily wear solid cotton type, balconette bras available for all women. 

Above given are the best bra styles for all breast sizes and now have a look at the tips on how to shop for lingerie.

Know your bust size:

The primary tip first determine your bust size because a wrong bra size can ruin your otherwise flawless attire.

What are you wearing?

Checkout for your outfit, what you are going to wear, then only according to the dress choose the right bra style.

What color do you need?

Color selection is also crucial as some are comfortable with showing off their lingerie colors peeking out while some feel embarrassed or shy. Choose according to your clothing, mood, and nail the look.


Quality of the intimate things is as important as of the upper clothing. Because if you buy poor quality lingerie, it may cause you trouble and ruin your moment. 

Choose a brand:

Before buyinglingerie from a brand store or website, do prior research about the brand and their comprehensive list of products. Don’t swift, as there are many brands available, choose wisely according to your choice and pocket. 

Hope, the above- given information make you buy the best bra in the best way.

Good luck!


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