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There are thousands of economists that claim that gold has no real value and that it’s a relic of the barbarous past. Of course, everyone can have their own opinion. They could be right in their claims. However, there are five billion people who believe that gold is the ultimate form of money. Just because someone screams louder doesn’t mean that their claims are true on Red Rock Secured. 

The simplest way to uncover that truth is to look at historical prices. We can all agree that regardless of the price of an ounce of gold in dollars, a single 30-gram coin could buy a suit two hundred years ago, a hundred years ago, and now. Visit this website to find more info. 

As time goes by, the number of things that you can buy with it increases. It’s the ultimate standard when it comes to money, and it’s been accepted as the universal form of wealth. Silver is the sister metal, and it’s common knowledge that this duo of precious metals is the only true measure of value. Cultures have written myths and legends about these metals, and they’ve given them godlike properties.  

Even though the world has changed a lot in a few thousand years, human emotions, biology and psychology have not. If you give a person a bag filled with gold coins, they’re going to smile, laugh, and be pretty happy. You can expect the same thing from a person that lived a thousand years ago. 

If you take the bag away from them, they’re going to be sad, depressed, and angry at you. No matter the time, the same rules apply. Most people understand and value this asset, but others see it as a symbol of human greed. There are groups that believe it’s the only instrument of freedom because there’s no one controlling it.  

At the moment, the dollar is a fiat currency, and it’s also the reserve currency of the entire world. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s worth as much as it says on the bill. It’s essentially just a piece of paper. Fifty years ago, the link between gold and the dollar was severed, which means that modern currencies are just concepts with no real value. 

As a voter, you need to choose whether you believe in intelligence or in the natural stability of a precious metal. Plenty of economists, writers, and investors believe that as long as a system constituted of people exists, it’s best to vote for gold. Every emotional storm can be handled safely if you have a little bit of gold as a backup. Go to this page to read more 

Retiring with precious metals with Red Rock Secured 

When you start working, the last thought on your mind is retirement. However, it’s wise to set up an IRA as soon as possible. Since gold is the ultimate store of value, bullion and coins are definitely the best assets for retirement.

 A lot of people tend to choose savings accounts, annuities, bonds, and stocks, but precious metals will always stand out as assets that don’t rely on another institution or individual. Bonds are dependent on the government. Stocks are tied to the companies that give them out. Savings accounts can be destroyed by inflation and currency depreciation. 

Gold and silver stand out from the crowd because they always are the top performers in any period of uncertainty. IRAs are easy to set up, as long as you find a reputable company. You’d have to choose a self-directed option and fund it with rollovers or contributions. 

Then, find a dealer that you’d like to work with and purchase the same amount of gold and silver each month. When you fund the account, all of the buy and sell transactions will be handled by a trusted company. Your assets will be kept safe in a depository facility that’s well guarded and secured. Make sure that you’re getting purity that’s 99.95 percent or more.  

Additionally, when you want to transfer a Roth IRA or a traditional one to a version that’s backed by gold, you’d be surprised by how simple it is. Rollovers are also relatively straightforward since they come from your 401k plans or some other retirement account. 

Choosing this option is a very good idea, but you definitely want to do business with a reputable company. You don’t want your life savings to be in the hands of a shady business that just wants to make a quick profit in times of uncertainty and inflation. 

Make sure to do your due diligence and research everything. Ask a couple of your friends or a coworker that’s doing the same thing. They’ll probably have info that you didn’t think of. Also, remember to check online whether other users are happy and satisfied. 

Your coworkers and friends might just be going for the option that’s presented by their companies, and they don’t know any better. For that reason, doing your own research is much better. You can read reviews, ratings, blogs, articles, or watch videos on the topic to help you understand it perfectly.  

How do you store precious metals with Red Rock Secured? 

As soon as you’ve done all of your homework, it’s time to go and buy some coins. Perfect. Now, when you have them in your hand, the first thing that you’ll be thinking about is where to store them. Most investors that possess the real deal tend to get a personal safe or a bank safety deposit box. 

Getting a personal safe is the best option if you’re a beginner since it gives you the opportunity to keep your assets close. You can go to to read more. In this case, make sure to get one that’s installed on your floor because it’s quite easy to hide and incredibly difficult to crack. 

Freestanding safes are good, but insurance companies tend to value the first option much more. Thieves can come and steal a freestanding safe, but getting one out of the floor will be much more problematic. While we’re on this topic, you might want to talk to a company that deals with safes to see what their available options are. It’s also wise to talk to an insurance agent before spending the money. Some policies cover gold, while others don’t, which is why you need to ask around.  

A deposit box in a bank is also a great option, and plenty of investors go for it. The downside here is that everything that’s inside the box is not insured against floods, fires, theft, or similar disasters. Another major problem is that you can’t go inside if it’s a bank holiday and get your items. 

In the case of an emergency, this could be a massive problem. The solution here is to keep a few coins or ounces at home and keep most of the bulk in the bank. This option is the easiest and best for the majority of owners and investors.  

Finally, there’s the option to bury the gold on your property. This might seem a bit archaic or rudimentary, but it’s also incredibly useful. No one would think to dig under your house or garage with the hopes of striking it big. Plus, there are massive canisters that don’t corrode and can be in peak shape for hundreds of years.  


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