Car Tech — Upcoming Toyota Technology That Interesting To Know About

Toyota Technology

We all know how high the competition in the car world is. The need for research is higher than ever for one company to gain an advantage over the other. Sustainability is a key factor in this, with companies developing the most efficient engines. Other factors are safety and ease for the consumer. Toyota Technology

Naturally, Toyota is also working and spending hard at R & D. The company is making and patenting new technologies at a regular basis. It is making all the headlines in the automotive world. It is establishing many alliances as well as empowering its subsidiaries such as Lexus and Hino.

So, what kind of new Toyota technology can you see this year?

The New Toyota Technology Isn’t Cheap

There are billions of dollars being spent on research right now. The world’s biggest automakers are investing heavily on the development of new tech. This is due to the competition being at its absolute highest. There are relatively new car companies such as Tesla, Polestar and Rivian being called game changers.

There’s no surprise that even the world’s biggest carmakers want to retain and gain consumers. Toyota is one of those automakers and is spending hundreds of millions of dollars. They’ve got specific funds just for researching safety and infrastructure. Toyota is aiming to achieve complete carbon neutrality.

This is one of the reasons why Toyota is one of the world’s largest carmakers. It works on new technology plus it makes parts available easily. In fact, if you’re looking for spare parts, you can find a reliable genuine Toyota parts supplier here:

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New Toyota Technology You Must Know About

What is the result of those hundreds of millions being spent? The following is some of the cool tech you can expect:

Hydrogen Vehicles

Toyota has been a proponent of hydrogen power. While the company has plans for an all-electric lineup to be completed this decade, they still believe in hydrogen supremacy. Toyota’s CEO said in a recent statement that the company believes hydrogen is better for the long-term.

Toyota did reveal a hydrogen fuel cell powered car, aka the Mirai a couple of years ago. But now they’re working on making hydrogen combustion a norm. They are currently testing the Corolla Sport H2, putting thousands of hours on it at raceways. The results have proven to be progressive and very valuable.

Multi-Object Tracking

Putting the powertrain aside, we now look at a new safety technology from Toyota. It is working on a multi-object tracking setup that can detect obstacles from afar. It will use cognitive thinking to do this by utilizing object permanence found in human beings.

This will be quite the progressive step in object detection. Most vehicles today struggle with the problem of detecting far away objects. They also don’t work as well when there’s a problem with the outside visibility. This can hence cause crashes when the driver isn’t concentrating.

This new system will learn and get smarter over time as it is being developed.

Sim-To-Real Technology

Today’s carmakers are relying heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning for development. Toyota is no different and is trying to make their upcoming cars safer. An upcoming technology in this regard is the sim-to-real tech they’ve recently developed.

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This technology will help the Toyota cars become more independent. They’ll learn on their own and it can help bring autonomous driving to Toyota. The first step towards this will be that the cars should be able to drive with just minor supervision of the driver.


And we’re back to object detection with the pseudo-lidar. This is a system under development that will use the help of cameras to learn about its surroundings. The input from the cameras will be combined with geometrical methods to get the job done.

But what exactly will be the advantage of this system? Well, it is being developed to improve the safety of the occupants of a vehicle. This system will improve the working of the existing pre-collision systems in Toyota cars. All the credit for this will go to 3-dimensional deep learning.

Digital Owners’ Manual

We all know the importance of the owners’ manual. It is an important guide for the owner of the vehicle on how to operate and maintain it. Often however, the owner can lose this manual. Plus, many people don’t like swiping through books in this day and age.

This is why Toyota recently digitized the owners’ manual for the Sienna. The owner will get an app with an interactive 3D model of the vehicle. It comes with voice commands as well.


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