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CDN Servers
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The speed of a website and the loading time of its web pages play an important role in its success. Website owners need to ensure that their websites are easy to navigate and quick to load. One of the many reasons for the slow loading of web pages is the location of the host server at a place that is very far from the target audience.  This issue can be resolved by looking for a web hosting price plan that includes CDN boosting.

What is CDN?                

A CDN service is a distributed network of independent servers located in different geographic locations.  These servers work together to speed up content delivery. The servers in a CDN temporarily store or cache webpage content like the images, videos, HTML, and JavaScript. This cached content is sent out to the users who load the webpage.

The use of this service ensures that depending upon the geographic location of the visitor to your website, the content is served by the server node located at the nearest available data centre. This saves the round-trip-time or RTT and ensures faster loading of a web page.  Many web hosting service providers include a free CDN in your web hosting plan, usually in the form of a plugin in your cPanel control panel.

Benefits of Including CDN in Your Hosting Plan

When you buy WordPress hosting in India, look out for plans that include CDN boosting to optimise and speed up the performance of your website. The inclusion of a CDN helps in several ways:

  • Speed– The use of CDN speeds up content delivery by decreasing the distance between where content is stored and where it is required. Reduced load times enable a better user experience thereby resulting in increased traffic levels. The CDN also optimises the server infrastructure to respond to user requests quickly.
  • Reliability– The use of several servers helps a host in providing uninterrupted service. The use of CDNs helps in balancing the load of network traffic and ensures that no single server gets overwhelmed. The CDN responds to the failure of a server by quickly allowing another server to take over and load the pages.
  • Cost Savings-Hosting companies include CDN in their hosting plans to offer better services at reduced costs. The use of a CDN reduces the trip to and from the origin server. This is made possible by the caching of the website content and its usage to deliver the same content again and again. This means that fewer user requests go to the origin server which in turn means lower data transfer and reduced bandwidth costs.
  • Resilience to Cyber Attacks– The use of a CDN network and its many servers allows a website to better absorb the huge amounts of traffic directed by DDoS or Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks. This prevents the crashing of a website even when it is under attack.

But all these benefits of CDN do not mean that it can replace web hosting. Instead, it has to be used along with a web hosting service. Many WordPress hosting service providers in India include the cost of CDN in the web hosting price quoted by them but some offer it as an add-on service.

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