Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair, and Other Benefits

Coconut Oil for Skin

We all know the benefits of coconut oil for hair. But do you know dermatologists say that regular use of coconut oil for skin can improve the texture of your skin?

You might not know, but almost all beauty products use coconut oil while manufacturing it.

No matter if you are buying a lipstick, moisturizer, or day cream, all these beauty products have a little amount of coconut oil.

So, do you think coconut oil is the miracle beauty product that you are missing for ages?

If yes, you have good news!! You can use coconut oil every day to get the perfect skin you always wanted. If you are not yet satisfied with my views, let me explain to you and help you know about the fantastic benefits of pure oil.

Best benefits of coconut oil for skin

The following are the most important benefits of coconut oil for skin:

1. Cleanser

After reading the first paragraph of this article, you might have thought about slathering your skin with coconut oil for the entire day. But this is not the perfect way to use coconut oil for skin.

Dermatologists believe that regular use of coconut oil as a face cleanser can benefit your skin in the long term. Using coconut oil as a cleanser can be the most natural way to get rid of all makeup you applied in the day. Coconut oil is not too harsh, so that it won’t cause any pimple breakout or any other damage to your skin.

2. Makeup product

Yes, it’s just a myth that you can use coconut oil as a moisturizer. The use of coconut oil as a moisturizer can damage your skin. No fats are suitable for use a moisturizer. The use of oil as a moisturizer can make your skin dry and damage by blocking out the natural pores in your skin. Our skin secretes oil naturally that can be effective. But for people who have dry skin, they look out for more oily bases.

In all these cases, you can use coconut oil after using your regular moisturizer to block the excess fat from the moisturizer. For all those of you, who face the problem of dry and damaged skin, use coconut oil after you have applied your moisturizer to get the perfect skin you want.

3. Solving acne breakouts

The internet is a place where you should not believe everything that’s shown. Many people claim that coconut oil for skin is a reason that can lead to acne breakouts. Whereas many people believe that using coconut oil regularly can be a natural treatment to get away with acne and pimples. Well, the truth is that coconut oil comes with the ability to be hugely beneficial for the treatment of acne if used on dry skin.

If you use the coconut on already oily skin, you can do more damage than good. Coconut oil for skin contains high levels of soothing linoleic acid, which is deficient in the body of people with acne. Thus, using the oil of coconuts can be quite useful in the treatment of acne-prone skin.

4. Pore-blocking

With aging and overuse of makeup products, people often face the problem of open pores in the skin. Eventually, these pores accumulate dust and all other skin material, which ultimately leads to poor skin.

So, if you are facing the problem of open pores in your skin, regular use of oil from coconuts can be quite useful. Coconut oil is very comedogenic, which means it has the ability to block the pores. But keep in mind to use the virgin oil that has no added ingredients for maximum benefits.

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5. Face massages

Today everyone wants a contoured skin. To get better and distinct facial features, people use different highlighters and makeup products. But won’t it be great if you can get natural contoured skin?

Yes, to get the natural contouring, oil from coconuts can be used to massage your skin in an upward direction. There are numerous YouTube videos available on the internet about how to massage your skin to get natural contour. But not all oil can be helpful to massage your facial skin. Thus, use coconut oil for facial massage and get a naturally contoured face for your lifetime.

6. Coconut oil for hair

The use of coconut oil for our hair is the most apparent use of coconut oil we all know. But many people don’t know how to apply oil. For people applying oil on hair means, applying it on hair and its tips. But this is a wrong method; instead, apply coconut oil on your scalp and leave it overnight.

The use of coconut oil regularly will give nourished and healthy hair over time. Besides, being the natural source of hair oil, coconut oil is not too expensive. Thus, you get fit, shiny hair without using different hair care products.

7. Coconut oil as body lotion

Yes, it’s true, coconut oil is excellent for your skin. Coconut oil has the ability to give elasticity to your skin, and thus, it is the best body lotion you can get. Elders have always preferred coconut oil for the massage of babies so that the baby’s skin can be free of any blemishes.

Thus, the same formula gives a blemish-free skin to the adults too. Just apply coconut oil on your hands, feet, and entire body before you go for a shower, and the harmful soap won’t do much damage to your body.

8. Formulation of scrub:

Today people don’t use a natural facial scrub. Instead, they spend thousands of bucks on getting a small tube of scrub. But if you want to prepare natural and straightforward scrub at home, it is straightforward. Mix coffee powder, a teaspoonful of coconut oil, and sugar powder to develop the best scrub for all skin types.

Most scrubs are hard for the skin. Thus, the natural smoothness of coconut oil for skin serves as a protector when you scrub it. Besides, it also blocks the open pores. So, next time, don’t buy that small tube of scrub for thousand bucks, instead, prepare your scrub at home by mixing all the ingredients mentioned above.

9. Hair growth

Most people use coconut oil for hair growth. People have used coconut oil for ages as a natural hair growth enhancer. So, if you have dry skin, use coconut oil for massaging your scalp, which in turn will promote hair growth.

10. Bathwater addition

If you forgot to use coconut oil as a lotion, just adding a few drops of the oil into your bath water can do miracles to your skin. Yes, the use of the oil into your bath water won’t be as sticky and oily as you are thinking.

Instead, it will give you smooth and shiny skin if used regularly. Thus, before you go for a bath, just drop a few drops of the oil in the water and get ready to get the perfect skin you always wanted.

Looking at all these amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin, you might be surprised that how is it possible for a single oil source to be so beneficial?

If yes, look at the reasons why coconut oil is so beneficial:

Well, if you look at the composition of coconut oil, it is mainly composed of saturated fatty acids. Moreover, coconut oil having about 90% of saturated fatty acids, it also contains a small amount of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

There are several fatty acids that you can find in the oil that includes:

– Lauric acid- 49%

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– Stearic acid- 2%

– Myristic acid- 18%

– Linoleic acid- 2%

– Caprylic acid- 8%

– Oleic acid- 6%

– Capric acid- 7%

– Palmitic acid- 8%

All these fatty acids inside the coconut oil contain amazing benefits to your skin and body. The stearic acid helps to give your skin elasticity. Thus, coconut oil comes with the ability to remove signs of aging.

Most people have endless questions about the benefits as well as the usage of coconut oil. So, we will guide you by providing answers to different queries regarding coconut oil:

Can coconut oil kill harmful microorganisms?

Yes, you heard it right! Coconut oil is capable of killing harmful microorganisms that sprout up in your skin. There are medium-chain fatty acids and are present in coconut oil. They have amazing anti-microbial properties, and it can protect your skin against it.

It is very beneficial for skin as different skin problems like acne, cellulitis, folliculitis, and the growing rate of microorganisms causes athlete’s foot. The lauric acid present in oil from coconuts can be quite helpful in fighting all these microorganisms. Thus, if you are facing any of the skin problems mentioned above, use coconut oil regularly to get the advantage without spending much.

Can coconut oil reduce inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is a significant issue that many patients face. It is a vital component of different skin issues like eczema, dermatosis, and other skin related problems. But the best part is that coconut oil contains impressive anti-inflammatory qualities. Moreover, applying essential coconut oil can help in reducing pain. Coconut oil reduces the inflammation in the skin by enhancing the antioxidant status. Thus, if you want to increase the antioxidant radicals in your skin, use coconut oil regularly.

Can coconut oil be used for wound healing?

Several studies over the years have found that coconut oil contains wound healing properties. It has been found that coconut oil is capable of relieving any wounds by promoting growth in antioxidants and also by increasing the level of collagen. Both of these elements play a vital role in the healing of the injury and giving you blemish-free skin.

Which type of coconut oil is the best?

Well, the answer to this question takes us through the process by which coconut oil is produced. Well, the coconut oil is prepared by wet or dry processing. Under the dry processing method, the coconut meat is dried to create the kernel, and then it is pressed to extract coconut oil.

The coconut oil prepared by this method has an extra natural scent and has a higher smoking point. Whereas in the wet processing method, the coconut oil is derived from the raw coconut flesh in place of the dried ones. It gives us the virgin oil. While the coconut oil prepared from the dry processing method is ideal for cooking and use in food, the oil derived from wet processing is best to use on skin and hair.

Different studies and reports show that the virgin oil or the oil prepared by wet processing has more antioxidants, and can be quite useful in wound healing. Thus, you should always use natural oil on your skin and hair.

What are some of the ways to use coconut oil on your skin?

Well, there are different ways by which you can use coconut oil on your skin. Some of the ideas include:

– Using it as a face cleanser

– Using it as a moisturizer for dry and damaged skin

– Coconut oil as a body lotion

– You can add Coconut oil to different scrubs to obtain smooth and shiny skin.

How should you use coconut oil for your hair?

Using coconut oil regularly can help you get long, shiny, and smooth hair you have always wanted. You can use coconut oil for your hair in the following ways:

– Use it to massage your scalp

– Apply the oil in your hair and keep it overnight to promote hair growth.

– Apply a few drops of coconut in any kind of hair mask you apply to your hair.

The benefits of coconut oil on skin and hair have been well-researched, confirmed by several dermatologists. Still, if you face any problem after using any of the usages mentioned above of coconut oil, you must visit a dermatologist. If you are experiencing oily and acne-prone skin, try to use coconut oil slowly and don’t apply too much amount of coconut oil

If used correctly, and in a better way, coconut oil is one of the best beauty products you will get. So be beautiful and use coconut oil regularly.

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