Design Ideas for Living Room to Change the Look of Your Hall

Design Ideas for Living Room

Your sitting area or living room defines the likes, dislikes, and characteristics you and your family members have. You end up spending most of the time in this setting. So, you must have a clear idea and consider the right options to design your living room. Putting together a proper and well-planned living room is quite a difficult task to do. But to put up an outlandish setting, we have got some easy home renovation design ideas for living room that will give you a perfect home. You can consult these ideas for setting up a new living room or update your old one. So, before you get out shopping or order something online, follow the tips and ideas below.

Design Ideas for Living Room

Before we give you some quick tips to decorate your living room, you must have a few basic design ideas. To do that, we have a list of ways you can decorate your living room.

So, let us check out what the design ideas for living room are:

Getting the Right Furniture

You must have a clear idea about the measurement of your living room. You’ll have to have this to get the right measured furniture to fit in the living space. It is essential because you would not want to buy furniture that is too big or small. If you go wrong with this measurement, your living area will have disproportionate interiors.

For instance, if you put a huge couch in a tiny area, your space will look even smaller. On the other hand, if you end up buying a small sofa for a big living space, it will look odd. So, getting a perfect size is essential and the basic design idea for the living room. Once you have the correct measurements, designing becomes very easy, and you’ll be able to give the living room a look you want to.

Design Ideas for Living Room

Select the Room Center Wisely

Once you have the correct measurements and sizes, the next essential thing you must concentrate on is the features. You must look around the living space. Check out every corner and only then start off designing. A room always has some pre-existing features. So, you need to monitor those carefully and set those places right. Like if you start developing a new house, it might have huge windows or central crown in the ceiling. In that case, you would have to set up the sitting area symmetrical to that space and make it the focal point.

Again, if you’re updating your living room, you might have a fireplace that may be the central point of the living space. Then you would have to set up the sitting space in front of the fire. But remember that since the fireplace is the center of attraction, the tables and rugs should have a minimalistic look. The more natural and more straightforward you keep your living room, the more appealing it looks.

Choose Rugs carefully

Rugs can be a handy tool to decorate simple living room designs to give the space a chic look. If you have a tiny sitting area, that you’re sharing with the kitchen or dining, rugs can be of great help. You can easily use mats and place them to define each space in the entire room. All you need to do is get a rug that can fit in the chairs and sofas in your living room.

If the rug is round, then the circumference should end about 12 inches after you settle the furniture. It goes the same for a square rug too; the four corners should extend for one foot after the furniture is placed. In this way, your simple small living room will create segments without using partitions. You can wisely use barriers in a big room, as using them in small spaces will make it look clumsy.

Creatively use the Walls

One of the most crucial design ideas for the living room is a wise use of the walls. It can be a mansion or small apartment; doing up your walls is incredibly critical. You can use the walls to create lovely storage using baskets, shelves, and other things. Moreover, mirrors and other minute elements can be critical tools to give a living room interior design a classy and chic look. If you place large mirrors and set up drapes that touch the ceiling, your living room will look spacious and tall. Vertical use of elements always gives a living area a pleasant look. So, you must utilize the walls and design them well to make full use of it. Please do not ignore the potentiality of the walls; they can make a huge difference!

Make use of the other surfaces

You cannot simply ignore the other elements your living room possesses. If you ignore that part, you’ll end up neglecting a significant factor in your living room. Try making your side tables, cabinets, coffee tables, shelves look attractive by adding small elements. You can use small pieces of artwork, statues, books, a patterned table runner, and lights to make your room look complete. Try setting them up in all odd numbers to keep it satisfying visually. You can even give some pop of colors to brighten the room.

Make it Personal

Another fundamental design ideas for living room is to give it a personal touch. As you already know, that the living space defines you and every one of the family. So, keeping that personal touch is essential. Since you and your family spend most of your time there, it must be designed so everyone feels comfortable at home. It would help if you made your house look beautiful, but a personal touch is essential for a dream home. Speak to every family member and design the living room, so that all of them love being there. You can add pictures, small handicrafts, or anything close to everyone. Only then all of you will make the living room homely.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

This brings us to the end of the list of design ideas for the living room. But now we have got you some simple living room interior design ideas. You can read through these decorating ideas and select the ones that will suit your home best. The living room is the most crucial part of your house and defines your personality. It would help if you did not compromise in decorating this room at all.

You can display the aesthetical design each of you has and even give a personal touch too. After you master all the design ideas for the living room, these decorating ideas will help you select the best.

So, without wasting any more time, let us check out the living room decorating ideas:

Modern Pastoral

You can use this simple decorating idea to give the living space a rustic yet modern look. A perfect blend of vintage items and some sofa or chairs contemporarily designed will give your living room a lovely look.

Victorian Style

You will find a Victorian Styling living room, having neutral colors. But what gives it the perfect look is the use of indigo cushions, modern prints, and some geometrical rugs. These rooms are usually grey, light, and airy. But the wise pop of color makes the living room look so perfect.

Rich Velvety Look

For this type of luxurious look, you’ll have to go floral with the walls. The backdrop will look elegant and have a beautifully nude hue. Just in front of it, you can place a dark-colored, preferably dark blue velvet sofa. You can put some contrasting cushions with lovely trims to complete the look. It will be a great use of contrast, and your living room will look incredible.

Botanical Look

You can use the shades of green to give your living room a look of the garden. The wise use of moss, forest greens, and some fern shades will give your room a botanical look. You can even use some shades of black here and there to provide the living room depth and definition too.

Bold and Beautiful Backdrop

One of the best design ideas for living room is to go for the lovely bright floral backdrop. You can give your living space a dramatic look by hanging a metallic light from the ceiling, and some lamps on the side tables. For a contrasting sofa and a neutral colored rug, add a touch of green by placing an indoor plant. It will create an outlandish look, and you’ll probably spend all your time admiring the space!

The Natural Look

Sticking to a natural look is always one of the best living room interior design ideas. It is simple yet extremely classy. If you also want to give your home this look, you need simple white walls, some wooden furniture, and light grey upholstery. Try to get a center table that has a unique and antique look. You can finish the look with a geometrical rug and use some mixed colored cushions. It will keep your living room simple yet very elegant.

Pink Passion

Pink never goes out of trend. Keeping all the basic factors in mind, you can easily choose pink layers to give your living room a great look. If you’ve made up your mind to select pink, you need to get yourself a classic and unique sofa. That is going to be the central focus of the room. Then you can wisely use rugs and decorative cushions. Remember to contrast the pinks with a great lamp that hits the floor and a coffee table too.

Luxurious Tone Mix

If you love playing around with colors, then try out the milky white with the greyish palette. Use the shades of grey very efficiently to give your home a look that many homes lack. You can paint one wall dark grey and keep the other walls white. Select some solid colored sofas and a printed upholstered chair. This chair will turn out to be the focus in this living room. Your living room will look big and feel incredibly spacious. So, try out the luxurious tone mix, and do let us know!

Pop of color

Colors always give your house a bright and attractive look. But the challenge is to use the pop of color so well, that it doesn’t look too bright or hurt your eye. You must keep in mind that a living room looks different during the day and night. So, using colors and lighting wisely is the most important thing. You can use flower vases, cushions, lampshades, rugs, or even sofas to give the room a pop of color. Even small elevations and lovely textures that are colorful can give your home a unique look. But you must be very careful while using them.

Artistic Look

Apart from the solids, the wise use of prints can give your house a chic look too. You can try using bold pattern fabrics, soft and dark palettes, and turn your living room one of a kind. But choosing the right material can be challenging. However, you can start with selecting silks, linens, or finely woven cotton. Also, try selecting hand-carved furniture that is polished or has an antique look. You can even try buying gilding work on your hand-carved mirror frames. With the use of bright red here and there, carved wooden furniture, your house will look artistic. It will have a perfect look and balance too.

Final Thoughts

A beautiful and well-designed home is a dream everyone has. So, as you have plenty of design ideas for living room above, use all the tips wisely. And once you have made up your mind, start designing. So, try out all the ideas above, and do let us know what you think about them!


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