Different Types of Jackets Every Woman Should Have In Their Closet

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Every lady needs a statement jacket to complete her appearance whenever she leaves her house. However, jackets come in handy during the cold seasons, as they help in keeping us warm. Today, we have a wide variety of jackets that every woman should have. Each of these jackets makes a difference in all the outfits that we wear.Different Types of Jackets Every Woman Should Have In Their Closet

With that said, most ladies have a challenge in choosing which jackets to invest in. The main challenge comes in choosing a jacket that will not go out of fashion any time soon. So, if this challenges you, below we list different types of jackets that you should have in your closet.

Leather jacket

In the earlier days, leather jackets were commonly associated with bikers only. However, this trend has changed, as ladies have started adopting these jackets too. Today, leather jackets allow ladies to have that edgy, casual appearance. Moreover, these jackets are naturally stylish, which makes them a classic trend among most ladies.

Whether you are going out with your friends or running errands, a leather jacket will definitely give you a unique appearance. If you’d like to add some pop to your closet, don’t buy the normal black leather jacket. Rather, go for a brown, white, or burgundy leather jacket.

Moreover, today’s leather jackets come in different styles. Some of these styles include zipped, belted, and buttoned. So, you can easily get a jacket that compliments your body shape.

Varsity jacket

Ladies love flaunting their style, and varsity jackets are good at making this happen. Whether it’s varsity jackets by Varsity Base, or any of the type of letterman jackets, these jackets come in different colors, designs, and hues. This is one of the major reasons why they’ve become a popular outfit among ladies. In fact, most ladies claim that their closets would be incomplete without this iconic piece of fashion.

The good thing with varsity jacket by clothoo is that they can complement your wardrobe. They are versatile and match with almost every outfit in your closet. Besides, varsity jackets can be worn on different occasions. So, if you want to maintain your cool and stylish appearance, get a varsity jacket.

Duster coat

Most ladies love duster coats since they can be worn throughout the year because they are not that heavy. If you have a duster coat, you can wear it under your faux-fur jacket in case you need some extra warmth during winter. Also, you can wear one on top of your blouse if you want to get that official look. A duster coat can give you a classy appearance when you pair it with denim jeans, a dress, or trousers. Consider having one in your closet if you want to get that nice, stylish appearance. 

Denim jacket

Some people believe that denim jackets are meant for young people who are into casual wear. However, this isn’t true at all. Denim outfit, especially jackets, should be an essential in your closet. This outfit offers unmatched comfort, as well as versatility.

Interestingly, you can match your denim jacket with any outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you love dresses or pants—a denim jacket will add a matching layer to your outfit. Besides, denim jackets come in a wide range of options, including sleeves, cropped, and acid-washed, among others.

Wool or cashmere jacket

If you live in an area with extremely cold weather, then you understand the importance of preparing a cold season that will last for a few months. Ladies have a challenge in getting the outfit for such seasons since they will want something stylish and fun to wear. If you are one of these people, don’t fret anymore, as there’s a better way to keep you warm, and remain stylish at the same time. Shrugs or woolen jackets can keep you warm while ensuring that you have an elegant appearance. So, why don’t you get one today?


This is a jacket that’s worn on top of a shirt. It resembles a suit coat, but it’s not a piece of a suit. Mostly, blazers are ladies’ favorite during fall. Moreover, they are very versatile, which shows the importance of having several in your closet. You can match your blazer with denim jeans and a pair of sneakers if you are looking for a dressed-down appearance. Also, you can match it with a short dress and ankle boots to get that classy look.

Faux-fur jacket

This outfit will make you stand out, regardless of wherever you are. A faux-fur jacket is a stylish piece of outfit, and you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. The common colors include pink, white, burgundy, and red.

The most interesting thing about faux-fur jackets is that you don’t need to worry about the size. So, you will always get that stylish appearance, whether you wear a cropped, medium length, or an oversized jacket. Moreover, these jackets will give you a lot of versatility. Therefore, you can choose to wear yours with a dress, trousers, or denim jeans.

Trench coat

No lady shouldn’t have a trench coat in their closet since this outfit has never gone out of fashion. Trench coats can make a statement in your outfit and will make you stand out among your peers. When the weather starts changing in the fall, a trench coat will keep you warm.

Moreover, you can also wear your trench coat daily during the winter season. In this period, a trench coat will make sure that you remain fashionable, while still staying warm. When buying a trench coat, go for a waterproof one, because you can still wear it during the rainy season. Lastly, consider investing in some pair of boots, to match with your trench coat if you want to achieve that unique appearance.

Puffy jacket

Puffy jackets come in different styles. From off-shoulders to oversized jackets, these jackets are a necessity during the winter season. Today, we have seen some designers taking puffy jackets into a completely new level.

A shiny-silver puffy jacket or a sleeveless red jacket is an outfit that every woman should have in their closet. Puffy jackets are ideal for people who live in cities with an extremely cold climate.


An overcoat is best worn during the winter season. This coat is long, elegant, and heavy enough to protect a person from extreme winter seasons. Ladies can wear a long overcoat, and match it with boots and leather gloves, or boots and stylish woolen scarves.

Quilted jacket

If you want to stay warm, while looking stylish and edgy at the same time, go for a quilted jacket. These jackets are essential during the fall, as well as the first few weeks of the winter season, where your leather jacket and puffy jacket are too heavy, and they don’t suffice. Most ladies love being fashionable during fall and spring. Wearing a quilted jacket will make these dreams come true!


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