Five Things You Should Buy When You’re On Vacation


Vacations are the best treat you can give yourself. You can finally tune out of everyday life and focus on rejuvenating, enjoying delicious cuisines, and enjoying breathtaking views. 

But, as you roam around and enjoy nature’s bounty, don’t forget to take a quick trip down the marketplace. The global souvenir industry is worth billions of dollars. 

There are various items for you to choose from and splurge on. So whether you’re picking out an item for a loved one or yourself, you can always find a suitable gift. 

From silky dresses, handcrafted jewelry, or locally made candles, pick anything that tickles your fancy and take it home. Ready to bring back a piece of heaven? Here are some items worth looking into:

1.Purchase Local Apothecary

Apothecary refers to drugs and medicines, but a broader definition also includes creams and candles extracted and made from natural herbs and plants. 

You may even find products made from organic milk with no GMOs or hormones tarnishing the medium turned into usable skin care. 

Who doesn’t like the best line of lotions or candles that have healing properties, allowing you to meditate and fill the room with pleasant scents? 

Back home, these items are a hard find, but luckily the smoky mountain general store has the appropriate stock for you. 

Candles, lotions, and herbs are covered no matter what you need. The Great Smoky Mountains, located in Tennessee, is famous for its ancient fog-covered mountains, but it is also home to more than 1,500 flowering plants. 

So whether you’re looking for a wax that has deep lavender, bergamot, smoky jasmine, and oak moss or want goat milk lotion, make sure you splurge with the local produce. 

Locally produced products always dominate generic market brands. They leave no lingering residue or smell and instead make you feel refreshed. So, while you are on vacation, why not choose to relax in more than one way. 

2.Splurge In Clothes

T-shirts and graphic tees with a famous landmark stamped across them are an easy buy, but they don’t make for quality souvenirs. 

You cannot capture the style, beauty, and attractiveness of these clothing by buying factory-produced garments. 

For instance, India is known for its Sarees. The Banarasi saree comes from the oldest city of Varanasi and is the most delicate and gorgeous type of formal attire you can own. 

Intricate designs of gold and silver grace the cloth made of Organza, Georgette, or pure Silk. Nothing comes close to this gorgeous south Asian attire. 

But, if you are low-key and want a luxury covering like a shawl instead of a complete suit. Turkey is your best bet in getting the coziest scarves. 

Made from the finest wool, these drapes capture Turkish culture by weaving famous landmarks and local designs into their shawls. No matter where you live, no item can compete with these handcrafted articles. 

3.Get Precious Jewelry 

Jewelry is a way to express yourself and is more than an accessory. It is a great way to showcase your creativity, and department store jewelry cannot compete. 

Different cultures have their unique take when it comes to jewelry. The designs, patterns, and precious stones are hard to replicate, so treat yourself to these beautiful treasures. 

Whether you go for handcrafted ornaments or those made from rare metals, each has a story that can help you learn about various heritages. 

For instance, in Santa Fe, you can purchase Native American and Hispanic jewelry blends. These dazzling turquoise trinkets represent the coming together of two traditions that need to go on your bucket list. 

Marrakech in Morocco has an entire street dedicated to local jewelry. If you’re in the mood for chunky and stylish designs, Marrakesh ornaments are the way to go. 

When you return, you can always share stories of how you came across these trinkets and add them to your collection.

4.Buy Yourself Kitchen Tools

Most travelers overlook kitchen tools, but you should try and explore these crafty utensils. Kitchen accessories capture the culinary essence of specific cuisines. 

While exploring food, your ceramic tools, and Teflon pans may not produce the authentic flavors you look for. 

But, by getting the necessary equipment, you both honor the culture and enjoy a tasty treat exactly how you pictured the flavor profile. 

Like the traditional clay, North African pottery is an essential utensil for Moroccan cuisine. The pot has a particular shape that allows steam to accumulate to the upper part of the lid, which turns into condensation and flows down, which continues cooking the food without the need for additional heat. 

East Asian countries like China and Japan have a traditional utensil called Chawan. This is made from various materials and comes in many shapes, and you can host your tea ceremony with your bowl. 

While cleaning this tea bowl, you must use a cloth chain to wipe the surface and avoid soap and water. Anywhere you will have a unique kitchen tool waiting for you. So dig a little deeper and bring back a piece of culture with you home. 

5.Invest In Local Crafts

Local crafts create a unique decoration and a great monument for your visit. Crafts made by hand are sturdy and highly robust. 

So your one purchase will last you at least a few years. As a souvenir, they make a wonderful gift. The local community also thrives when you invest in their handcraft and give back to the economy. 

Gatlinburg has a great collection of locally made crafts. Places like Buie Pottery have a stunning collection of pottery and stone pieces. 

These purchases can go into the dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your prized possessions. 

You can get mugs, vases, table lamps, and dinner plates to take back with you and use them to decorate your space. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re off enjoying your vacation, you can do more than relax and enjoy the delicious food your destination has to offer. 

Local marketplaces await your arrival with various items for you to indulge in. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect souvenir or purchasing a beautifully crafted item for your usage, there is always something in store for you. 

By diving into the apothecary, you can find lotions, candles, and skin care products free from GMOs and genuinely alleviate your physical and mental well-being. 

Clothing is another must-have. Specific dresses you cannot get back home since they’re far too culturally rich and are best found in their country of origin. 

Jewelry is next on your list. The design and stones that make up these trinkets are both unique and mesmerizing. 

By purchasing kitchen tools, you can bring home utensils that allow you to recreate some of your favorite meals authentically. 

Finally, local crafts such as pottery are excellent for daily use and decoration. These substantial items don’t break easily and will be your companion for a long time. 


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