Four Attractive Blazer You Can Pick For Work and Party

Attractive Blazer Work Party

Wearing a blazer, a few years ago was thick, formal, and a little boring. But nowadays, this scenario has changed dramatically. Here are the Four Attractive Blazer You Can Pick For Work and Party:-

In the past, when you think of wearing blazers, what instantly comes to your mind is either a professional look or winters. So does it mean we have no other way to wear blazers stylishly? The answer is a big no. One can look more stylish and comfortable as there are hundreds of ways to wear blazers. You can make your fashion game strong and on-point with blazers. 

So before searching through your wardrobe, give a read to the following style tips we’ve rounded up for you. 

Types of Blazers

Blazers come in all prints, fabrics, colors, and cuts, and you may not believe this, but you have endless options. Whatever it is that one chooses to go for, one must have the basic knowledge and know the styles. Different brands come with various options, but the basics remain the same. 

1. Buttoned Blazer or Single Breasted 

It is mentioned above that the blazers are now back in trend. And we look for the options that can make our fashion game on point. This is where buttoned blazers come forward. You can’t go wrong with this option. The buttoned blazer suit basically has a button that connects both sides of the blazer. This single-breasted blazer suits all occasions and body types. If you are not choosing this blazer for work, then go for the slightly informal. This styled blazer has been in trend for more than seventy years now. 

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2. Peplum Blazer

When you are searching for a dress to get ready for a party, go for your peplum blazer. This would be incredibly fancy and wouldn’t go wrong with your look. You can get both formal and elegant variants in this blazer. If you pick pencil pants and formal skirts, they look exceptionally good and stylish. 

3. Blazer Dress

You want people to adore your dress sense, so what option could be better than a blazer dress. Blazer dress for women is an option that wouldn’t go wrong. When you have a Friday night party, pick your blazer dress and complete your look with a pair of bold color pumps.

4. Double Breasted Blazer

Like the single-breasted blazer, two button blazers are also trendy and extremely formal. It is thicker than your other blazers and keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. Double-breasted blazers have more fabric and cover shirts, unlike the regular blazer. When you pick this option, try to choose the dark colors if you are picking it for a party and if you are going to dress up for your work, then go for the light colors. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned blazers’ options would help when you search through your wardrobe to pick an outfit for any party or work. And if you are short on a blazer collection, then be creative as you can use your single blazer in multiple ways. And, if you are not on a tight budget, then go shopping and bring some variety to your wardrobe. 


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