Gildan Shirts – The Masterpiece of a Powerful Fashion Brand

GILDAN shirts

If you’re fascinated by clothes, you might have heard of the well-known Gildan, one of the top manufacturers in the fashion industry. Besides the beloved Gildan shirts, the company also offers a remarkable selection of clothing items, such as hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, and sports apparel. But you might wonder, what makes this brand stand out from its competitors? 

First, many styles of comfortable T-shirts are available at low prices. Furthermore, you will receive an additional discount when purchasing bulk clothes such as jackets, pants, or tie dye shirts from a wholesaler. Finally, Gildan is a responsible company that follows the highest manufacturing standards. This brand values each person associated with it, from its employees to its trusty clients.

What’s The Story of Gildan Apparel?

Gildan is a Canadian company that has evolved throughout its many decades of activity. Nowadays, it is one of the leading suppliers of cotton shirts in the United States, and it continues its expansion in Europe. The company’s vast history and experience has perfectionated its products and manufacturing processes. Despite its size, the brand continues to be ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible and diligent in making its products. And many people love it for this.

The company manages several different fashion brands to satisfy the customers’ needs. Alstyle, American Apparel, Gildan, and Comfort Colors are unique brands that supply specific styles of clothes. Each product respects the highest quality standards, from classic blank T-shirts and other essential items to fabulous garment-dyed shirts. Depending on your size, preferences, and style, you can choose what to wear from a vast collection of clothes. 

You might want to purchase bulk shirts to print them with your logo or message. Or maybe you need them at work or for a special event. No matter what you need them for, Gildan shirts are available in any style and size. You will find comfortable garments made of soft materials suitable for any situation. You will look stylish and feel comfortable even in a basic blank T-shirt. When ordering wholesale shirts, it’s essential to consider the styles, sizes, quantity, and colors. Once you finish the purchase, you will enjoy the clothing items for a long time, as they are incredibly durable. The benefits come from the fact that each product must respect the highest manufacturing standards.

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How Are Gildan Shirts Made?


There is a long way from raw cotton to a well-made wearable T-shirt. Before it reaches the client, the garment goes through many manufacturing techniques. For Gildan shirts, it is worth mentioning the following processes:

  • Yarn Spinning

The raw cotton is purchased in the United States and then shipped to the yarn-spinning facilities in large bales. Automation plays a significant role in the efficiency of these facilities. The process begins with drawing thin layers of cotton from the bales, called cotton fibers, to be cleaned, blended, and aligned. Together, the fabrics form a carpet of cotton that will become yarn after twisting. The use of fibers from multiple bales guarantees consistently high-quality materials. After a spinning rotor delivers ring-spun cotton, the thread is moved to large cones and prepared for shipping. 

  • Creating Fabrics

The cones of yarns arrive at fabric processing facilities, where they will follow several steps. First, the fabric rolls are bleached, dyed, finished, and rinsed. Next, softeners and various treatments are applied to the dyed fabric to give it a fine texture. The finished material is now dried and compacted between 2 rollers to achieve the optimal shrinkage in the finished garment. Finally, the T-shirt fabric is cut into different parts and sent to sewing. Automated machines conduct each of these processes.

  • Sewing

The highest percentage of Gildan employees work in the sewing facilities. They are a precious resource for the company, as they directly influence garment quality. Highly-skilled sewing operators assemble the parts and turn them into shirts. They perform many operations, such as joining the shoulders, sewing the sleeves, attaching the collar, inserting the label, and inspecting the finished garment. After the production concludes, the product quality is monitored constantly through inspections, controls, and audits. 

  • Distribution System

After the garments pass the quality check, they are wrapped and prepared for transport. After that, the company sends the packages to top-notch distribution centers strategically located throughout the country. Lastly, they will reach the wholesalers, who will deliver them bulk to the wearers worldwide.  

How to Choose a Clothing Supplier?

When buying apparel, besides good material, low prices, and the right size, there are more things to think about:

  • You should research the company’s history and implement policies. Clothing manufacturers should respect the environment by reducing energy waste, pollution, and water consumption.
  • Companies must be ethical, meaning they treat their employees with care by respecting their rights and offering them fair wages.
  • A reputable fashion brand should leave its mark wherever it operates, supporting the local communities to grow stronger and develop at the same pace as the company. 
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However, when choosing a garment supplier, another important decision-maker is diversity. For example, you might have a preferred brand of shoes and another one of accessories, but it is best to find everything at the same supplier when it comes to wholesale shirts. This way, you know you will receive products of the same quality, be it hoodies or tank tops. Fortunately, well-known brands have a vast selection of clothing items available in any size, color, and style. Some trendy Gildan collections include:

  • Classic Styles

One of the most popular choices, blank shirts can be printed with any design. T-shirts made of ring-spun cotton are extra soft and lighter to wear.

  • Heavyweight T-shirts

Very durable and cheap, heavyweight shirts come preshrunk to keep their fit. Heavy cotton shirts are sturdy, come in classic fits, and are perfect for printing. 

  • Premium Garments

Only the softest fabrics are used in manufacturing premium shirts, making them superior in many ways. Moreover, premium shirts are a versatile clothing solution because they require extra care to detail when making, including pure soft cotton and a preshrinking process.

How to Make Tie Dye Shirts at Home?


In simple terms, tie dye shirts are garment pieces dyed using a different technique than classic T-shirts. The process usually involves wrapping the shirt and soaking it in dye to receive irregular coloring. Tie dye shirts are trendy this season, although fashion trends tend to change. However, if you want to bring a drop touch of color into your life, you can purchase tie dye shirts or make them yourself. There are many techniques to do it, and you can use white or light-colored Gildan shirts and items from your household. Creating unique designs and patterns can be fun with children, but be aware as things can quickly get messy.

Besides the classic jerseys, sports apparel, and the many T-shirt types, there are other stylish clothes you can print at your will. Sweatshirts, hoodies, pullovers, and zips are just some clothes you can buy in bulk for a discounted price. Everything is readily available to you, whether you need basic Gildan shirts or premium garments. In the end, the wearer makes the decision. Regardless if you choose to follow current trends or create your style, you should first and foremost feel comfortable in your clothes.


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