How to get a good night’s sleep


As vital as sleep is for all people, children or adults, there are millions that have difficulty sleeping every single night and don’t particularly find sleeping all that easy. Indeed, most don’t get nearly the correct amount to be able to regenerate after a long day. 

With that in mind Children’s Bunk Bed specialist, Room to Grow would like to offer a little bit of advice on how to get a good night’s sleep that will hopefully help our readers who just don’t get enough of this valuable stuff. 

The first place to start is in the bedroom. Listed below are a number of things that you can easily and quickly do to change your bedroom and make it more sleep-ready and sleep-inducing. 

  • For most people, the darker the room the better they will sleep. Having dark curtains or wearing a sleeping mask are thus both excellent ideas. 
  • The best temperature for sleeping is approximately 16 – 18°C or about 60 – 65°F. ● An uncluttered bedroom is a bedroom that helps you sleep. 
  • While many people love watching TV in bed having one or a computer makes sleeping more difficult. 
  • Anything with an LED display should be turned off at night or taken out of your bedroom. ● Simply put, your bedroom should be used for sleeping. 
  • While TV and a computer are not a good idea in your bedroom hanging photographs of your family, artwork and other things on the wall as well as having soothing plants and flowers will make your room a better place to sleep. 
  • Muted colors on the walls are better for sleeping. 
  • Using essential oils to calm your nerves before sleeping is an excellent idea and there are many diffusers available to choose from. 

Next up is your bed, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Purchasing and using the correct mattress for your body type can mean the difference between getting the vital sleep that you need and many nights of tossing and turning in abject sleeplessness. An unsupportive mattress and poor sleeping posture can combine to make your mornings quite miserable. 

By the way, one easy way to know if it’s time to replace your mattress is that you sleep better when you’re away at a hotel or other family members home. 

There are many variables when it comes to purchasing the right mattress and a good bit of research is necessary to make sure that you purchase the best one for your needs. When shopping, make sure you take these next items into consideration.

  • A high quality bed, even though it might set you back a few extra pounds, is a much better choice than a cheaper, low-quality bed. Remember that you’ll be spending about a third of your life in this new piece of bedroom furniture so don’t scrimp. 
  • In most cases a durable, firm mattress is better than one that is too soft. Make sure that it’s not too hard or it will be uncomfortable and make sleep difficult. A mattress that conforms to your body’s natural contours is probably your best bet. 
  • Physically trying out a mattress while you are at the store may seem a little silly but it’s an excellent way to find out if the mattress you’re considering purchasing is going to be the right one for you, long-term. If you’re going to be sharing your new mattress with your spouse or your lover it would be even better if both of you could try it out at the same time. (Just don’t get carried away.) 

Simply put, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed or in a room that disturbs your slumber can rob you of the sleep your body vitally needs. If your mattress is causing you problems or your bedroom isn’t conducive to sleep you would be wise to make changes to one or both and get the sleep you need to be able to enjoy your waking hours to their fullest.


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