How to Make a Top Hat in 5 Easy Steps

Make a Top Hat

Who doesn’t love a towering glory placed atop their head? You definitely grab attention as you strut down streets wearing the famous top hat that has been iconic for centuries already. From the Victorian Era to Abraham Lincoln and up to the Mad Hatter in popular media, a top hat has been a timeless classic. We don’t see it going out of style anytime soon, as it has always had that expensive and elegant touch, especially those wool hats. 

But if you don’t have the luxury of time or money to get a legitimate top hat, you can make one yourself. Surprisingly, it’s extremely easy to DIY a cardboard top hat! Whether it’s for your child’s Willy Wonka costume or because you’re bored and want to style yourself up, you can refer to this guide. Make your top hat following these 5 easy steps!

1. Prepare the essentials 

Before you get on to making your top hats, you need to get the items required for its creation. Luckily for you, a sewing machine isn’t one of those essentials. You can easily get yourself one of these popular hat styles by handcrafting everything. Even beginners can quickly learn the process. 

Prepare the following materials:

  • A drawing compass
  • A pair of scissors
  • Two big pieces of felt
  • A pencil
  • A hot glue gun
  • Decorations
  • One firm poster board or cardboard
  • One flexible poster board or cardboard
  • Colored duct tape or masking tape

2. Color up! 

You may have gotten used to the traditional color of top hats, which is black. You can go crazy and choose any color you like, though! Just think, for what would you be using the top hat? 

Is it for a magic show? A costume party? An event? You might want to check out grey or black wool hat styles for a top hat needed for formal events. For more casual occasions like celebrations, you can go crazy with color like the Mad Hatter! Just make sure to have fun while in the process of detailing and customizing. 

3. Measuring is a must

Mark a dot in the center of your firm poster board (that can come in any color of your choosing) using a pencil.

From this dot, create a large circle with your drawing compass. Its diameter must reach 15 inches. Inside this, illustrate another circle measuring about 8 inches in diameter.

Cut out the center part and around the larger circle. This is now your brim – which should look like an oversized doughnut. The smaller circle you made is for the roof of your hat or the top cover.

4. Cylinder cuts

Now, time to get the flexible cardboard piece. You can even try recycling cardboard boxes from your household for it. Cut some rectangular pieces. Then, get two rectangles and mold them into a cylinder. Tape the pieces together so they are properly put in the brim hole. Using your duct tape or masking tape, secure the parts. The smaller circle you made should be taped to the top of the hat, serving as the cover. 

5. Felt is felt 

To give your hat a striking look, put felt on it. It also gives it a smoother, cleaner look. Usually, craft felt is the most useful type of felt to be used for these projects. Using hot glue, apply the pieces of felt to the hat’s cylinder, brim, and top

Now, you have the creative freedom to finish off your hat with any design and embellishments you want! Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Making it your own statement adds more sentimental value to it. Even if you feel like you can’t use it practically, always remember: you have Halloweens to go to. Go get your art on and make your own top hat! 


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