How to Properly Measure Your Hat


So you want to get the perfect summer hats, but still don’t know if it fits you? It’s high time to measure your head. Not only will you get to know your exact measurement, but it will also come in handy when buying hats online or when your friends want to give you a hat as a present. Listed below are some tips on how to properly measure your hat.

Measure the Head Circumference

The first step in getting the perfect hat is to measure your head circumference. Grab a measuring tape and wrap it around right above the ears and across the eyebrows. If you don’t have any sewing measuring tape, a string will suffice. Then stick your finger under the tape to leave room for your size.

Once you wrapped the tape or string, write down the measurement in centimeters for accuracy. If you fall between measurements, always go one size up.

Look at the Size Chart

Now that you measured your head circumference, it’s time to use the sizing charts provided by brands for the hat type. However, note that each measurement varies, so it is recommended to check which hat shop you would like to purchase and look up their size charts.

If you still aren’t sure about the hat sizes, you can always contact them for help. Their customer service will be more than willing to double-check the dimensions for you.

Compare Hat Sizes

If you don’t have a string or measuring tape, another way to determine your head circumference is to compare hat sizes by trying them on. Try on a random hat at department stores or hat shops. While hats may vary per maker, the sizes are usually universal.

Sizing also depends on the type of hat you want to have. For instance, summer hats havedifferent styles and how they are worn on your head. Consider the fit you want for your hat when you’re about to buy or order one.

Measure Twice

As mentioned earlier, always go one size up when you’re unsure of your hat size or the measurements in between. It can be risky to measure, especially if it’s your first time. Once you’ve written down the measurements, make sure to measure your head circumference again. Measuring it twice will help alleviate your problems, and you will be more assured that your order is the right fit for you.

Consider The Face Shape

Not all hats are suitable. Find the hat that will suit your face shape as well. The perfect hat for you if it looks good on your rounded, heart-shaped, or long face. But the most important part of rocking a hat is to have confidence! It is always the key to make any outfit look good on you.

Find the Perfect Hat

Now that you know how to measure your hat, it’s time to practice it! Doing this will lessen your hassle by finding different hats and trying them on one by one. Have fun, and we hope you can find the perfect hat for you.


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